12 May 2011

Perdana Park: The Latest Landmark of Kota Kinabalu

Somebody HAD been dying to bring me to a place called Perdana Park

Just in case you didn't know, Perdana Park is the latest landmark in Kota Kinabalu, bringing the city yet another notch higher in the run for the title of, with permission, the most beautiful city in Malaysia.
Oh well, I had heard about the beautiful fountain there. People would flock up in hordes just to watch the 'dancing' fountain. When I first saw it, I went like 'so, this is it?!'. I was totally unimpressed and a little bit disappointed. 
That was before an instrumental masterpiece by the legendary musician Mozart came ‘on air’ and the lake suddenly went 'ablaze' in a colorful display of fountain shooting into the air in a rhythmic pattern, and yes, it appeared to be very much dancing to the music!
I've never seen anything like that EVER before. I actually overheard somebody say 'woahhh, it's like we're not in Malaysia lah. It's like we're in London'.
Oh well, I don't think they even have anything like it in London. They do have Piccadilly though, with a very little fountain on top of it and I couldn't even see what was so special about it when I went there. 
The only fountain that is worth whoa-ing about is probably the one at the Versailles Garden in France. People would stay back long enough at the garden just to see the fountain display.
And yet, I don't remember being impressed more that I had been when I saw for myself the one here at Perdana Park. It is the kind of things that you’d leap at when you see ‘em.
They play quite a variety of songs, ranging from classical orchestras by the likes of Mozart to popular local folksy songs such as Jambatan Tamparuli and Sayang Kinabalu. 
Before you go there, try to drink as much teh-O-pink (iced-tea) as possible so that by the time you get there, your bladder will be in need of breaking free. The toilet is the kind that you’ll see only at 5-star hotels.
50 cents might be too expensive for a public toilet but you’ll see how worthy it is when you go inside. 
Oh, and people don’t come here just for the fountain. Perdana Park probably has the best jogging track in the state right now. It has that rubbery elasticity that provides a comfortable running that made me wish they had built Perdana Park in KL instead of KK. :-P
As it that is not quite enough, they also provide public gym of some sort for visitors.
Something that is probably worth mentioning about is the free purified drinking water! I mean, how much does it cost you to buy a bottle of mineral water nowadays?
Help yourself to it and have it served cold.
Ahhh! H.E.A.V.E.N. :-P

And if you feel like doing a little bit of foot-massaging, go walk on the reflexology footpath. Now that I remember how good it felt when I was walking on it that evening, my feet are itching even as I am writing this. *rubbing my feet on the floor. 
And what I like most about Perdana Park is the eco-friendly approach in managing the park. It really is a good sign that KK is catching up with the rest of world (amen!) in making the world a more eco-friendly planet to live in. 
So people, if you happen to be in KK – head down to Perdana Park, it’s very much adjacent to Tanjung Aru Beach and you’ll see it on your left when if you’re heading towards the city centre from the Terminal 2 (Air Asia) of Kota Kinabalu International Airport. 
The fountain show plays every 30 minutes beginning 7pm EVERY DAY until – oh well, I don’t know until when. You’ll have to find that out for yourself. :-D
30 mintues is not that long especially when you can even surf while waiting for the next fountain display. Perdana Park provides free wi-fi for those who would die if they didn't log into their facebook or twitter for even a single hour. *blushing
Entry is free – at least for now. All you have to pay for is the parking but it can’t be that expensive.

TiMatch Sdn. Bhd. – the managing and sponsor company has been raking in too much money from their lucrative contract with the government they wouldn’t dare to ask you pay any more than RM1 per entry.

So.... I shall say, enjoy your evening at the Perdana Park!


Julie Lim said...

Thanks for telling the world about Perdana Park. I'll make it a point to visit it when I'm in KK next :-)

aud said...

Erm, I have not been to this park. Heheh.

JIPP said...

Haha. Shame on you Audrey. I mean, you should go there one of these times. :-D

Ellen said...

I saw this park from the 'outside' when I was back over Easter and I think it's probably one of the most generous public gesture the state of Sabah has ever seen, experienced or received. Kudos on the recycling efforts too. I just hope the people, nationals, expats and even those pendatang harams cherish this place and respect and preserve it and not turn it into some degraded piece of public park like most of our beaches has become. Sabah is a nature state, let's keep it that way.

JIPP said...

Haha. well-said Ellen. It's too early to say actually. Wait till a few years if we even get to wait that long. Sabah doesn't really have a good record in keeping places in order for long.

thomas said...

Looks very nice but i hope they can maintain it as you know our people have the third world mentality.

JIPP said...

Haha! Very true Thomas. I keep saying that all the time coz it always proves right.

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Meitzeu said...

Never been here although living in KK for a long time. :P

CtZ said...

hi, i really enjoy ur post. I will visit KK next week and cant wait to go to Perdana Park..

fufu said...

nice pic!


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