02 April 2011

Welcoming New Fishes

To make up for what had happened to my little fish a few days ago, I decided to invest some more bucks to buy these.

Oh yeah, after using RHO (the idea just came about. May be I was worried too much. LOL!) Since I bought the mini aquarium two weeks ago, I just thought that may be it was OK to use tab water after all – provided I put in some anti-chlorine to neutralize it. I consulted the girl at the aquarium shop on the right measurement. If my fishes die, I’m gonna kill her. *kidding.
Then, I thought may be I should put in some accessory. There came the underwater plant – something that I picked mostly for its natural looks. The fishes seem to enjoy slipping and wiggling and chasing after each other through and under it. I wonder if they know it is actually made of plastic. LOL!
Although I hate the idea of putting something electronic inside my aquarium but I’ve come to find out that fishes are quite poo-productive. The water gets murky quite too fast. Hence, the filter.  After all, it had only cost me RM18. That is cheaper than a jug of It is stated in its label that it also sprays oxygen into the water. Of course I have no way of telling whether it really does. Let's just say - time will tell. heh.
OH well, I was so stupid. I bought the first two fishes about one week ago and I forgot to buy their food. For the first time since I came to KL, I saw the need to cook rice. It wasn’t for me but for the fishes. At least until I got around to buying the right food for them. I was too ashamed to mention it when I blogged about the dying (now RIP) a couple of entries before. 
Just realizing that you’ve got something with a soul in the house (in this case, things with souls and I stay alone) is something that is quite 'bizarrely comforting'.
In fact, there’s this strange urge of going to check out on them every now and then. It’s like the first thing that I wanna do every time I come home and the last thing I (wanna do) before I leave for work. There is this continuous worry about whether they’ve still got any more food to feed themselves with or not. 
It really is strange. Staring at them has suddenly become one of my favorite things to do around the house.^_^
There are times when I suddenly feel like stopping to look at them when I am already in the urgency of answering the nature’s call or even when I'm washing my face! To that extent I KID NOT! :-D

The sound of the streaming water has become a constant call of excitement.
It really is fun to look at them being playful and ‘poking’ and teasing on each other. I usually try to figure what it is behind their facial expressions and that seem almost readable. It really is therapeutic. No wonder some people would spend thousands of $$$ on aquariums and fish and its accessories. It really is worth it. 
But then, I can’t help but thinking at times – where the hell has all this come from? These new hobbies and all. Then I’d go : OMIGOD! Am I really getting that lonely? o.O


YeinJee said...

I hope your fishes are of the same sex, or else you'll be getting another headache when they reproduce (which they are dang good at).

JIPP said...

Jeez, I forgot to consider that. haha.

aud said...

Hahahahhahahhahahaha! Your last sentence just killed me! ROTFL.

Hope they'll live happily ever after.

If I were to have a pet, it'd be fishes too. They mind their own business as long as you feed them and clean up once in a while. And I agree 150% with them being therapeutic. The last fish I had was a flowerhorn I named Brabus, I cried when it died :-(

JIPP said...

I wanted to keep a flowerhorn but it needs a high maintenance. I'm just a beginner. Needs to learn a lot only then I'll consider having 'high-profile' fishes. :-)

chegu carol said...

bah gud luck on the new fish jipp...ok tu :)

JIPP said...

Thanks Carol. I hope they won't die on me too soon. :-)

Lizeewong said...

Yeah.. I believe you ARE lonely! HAHAHA..Anyway, best of luck with your new pets. :)

JIPP said...

Thanks Liz. Am trying my best here. :-)

ken said...

you fish stalker! :P

JIPP said...

Haha. I think they like it. :-P

Jourmary said...

Nice Hobby... tried to do this kind of stuff but thise wishesnvr came through... wakakaka... good for u jipp..

JIPP said...

Thanks JM. At least I've got something to check out on when things get too lonely for me at home. :-)


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