08 April 2011

Tupperware: Starting Small

Being a self-declared environmentalist, I tried to incorporate as much of environmental-friendly habits in my everyday life as possible. Oh well, last time when I forgot to bring my shopping bag to a supermarket (I’ve got plenty), I chose not to spend my 20 cents away over a plastic bag. Instead, I catered all my stuff in my folded up shirt and had them strewn in the trunk of my car. At least, I saved the world from another plastic bag.
The world has had enough of plastic bags and they have become one of the biggest threats to the world environment nowadays. If you don’t already know, a proven fact says that plastic bags don’t degrade even after hundreds of years – meaning that – if they are left buried in the soil, they’d still be there even after hundreds of years. Imagine how much of them that we have tucked beneath the surface of the earth now and they are actually piling up – casting their toxics and chemicals into our ecological system.

Oh, and imagine how much of them that we have buried or just laying on the sea or riverbed. People keep throwing rubbish into the river or sources of river every day. Remember, they are not going anywhere. Since they are petrochemical products and not organic, there are no corresponding microorganisms to break them down back to nature and hence, they’ll stay there like forever.

My concern for all of this has prompted me to start using a Tupperware whenever I feel like tapau-ing my food back to my office.
Brand: Tupperware , Price: RM65.50 discounted to Rm15, Lifelong warranty?

At least I don’t have to bring back any of those disposable non-biodegradable polymer Tupper wares – which usually comes with a plastic bag and of course we all know where they will be going to.
When I first started bringing my own Tupperware to the cafeteria, I could see many people raised their brows when they see me doing something that is so rarely done here in my workplace. Even the lady at the counter was both amused and confused as if what I was doing was totally wrong and against the office norms. She told me she’s never seen anyone doing what I was doing.
Clue: Friday, Lent

Of course I was more than ready to explain to her and she seems to be taking in the idea – although with some big ? still pasted on her forehead. Never mind. At least she got the idea.

Carrying a Tupperware seems to be such a big deal to most people here probably for the fact that:

1) People don’t do really that here

2) I am a bachelor – bachelors carrying a Tupper ware is so … rare? Different? Unique? Wrong? Gay?

I even traced some sympathy on some people’s looks which is pretty much understandable. “Whoaa! You masak ke?? Tak pe. Tak lama lagi gaji”, some of them would say sympathetically.

Some would say “Hahh. Tu la you. Suruh kawin cepat tak nak. Kalo tak, ader gak orang masak untuk you”. Grrrrr.

I’d like to highlight to you though that I do command some admiration from some people for doing something so rare like carrying a Tupperware. Only this afternoon a group of young ladies – probably from offices next door – were looking at me while whispering to each other. One of them managed to muster up enough courage to come up to me and say “I suka orang bawa Tupperware”. Heh. There you go.

You see, many people still don’t get the idea which is so sad considering how people in KL should be (and expected to be) more knowledgeable and environmentally-concerned. But the good news is, for the first time since I started working here a few months, I saw a Tupperware at the pantry this morning!
You see, every big thing begins with a small thing. I’m just doing my little part. Hope to see more Tupperwares at the pantry soon. :-)


aud said...

Yeay for tupperware!! (or any other container for that matter)

Well done Jipp - baby steps, one at a time :)

JIPP said...

Thanks Audrey. Something for the environment. :-D

chegu carol said...

way to go jipp!

JIPP said...

Thanks Carol :-)

ken said...

KL ppl think they can spend spend spend! 20 cents plastic is small thing to them only :/

JIPP said...

You are very right Ken. That's the thought that we need to change. Let's play our part. :-)

Beverley said...

WOAAAAHHHH!! n i tot i wuz d only 1 getting weird luks wen tapau wit tupperware, phew! rupanya ada juga urg same² boat, hehe.. great job jipp!


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