13 April 2011

Malaysia International SHOE Festival 2011

So, I attended another festival at the PWTC last Sunday, this time it was called Malaysia International Shoe Festival, a festival organized by the Ministry of Tourism. It’s a festival that ‘takes visitors on a fascinating journey into the world of designer footwear ‘as described in its website.
And shit, just when I had completely forgotten the disappointment when Bruno Mars SOLD OUT on me in less than a week after tickets to his concert were opened for grab, I was given a last blow in the face when I saw this.
I simply stuck my middle finger up to that, held my head up and walked away and that was when the whole place turned into a pandemonium of people – mostly teenager girls of course - screaming hysterically and running towards somewhere where I could only assume was Bruno Mars who was probably making an entry to the concert hall. It was crazy.
SO, no, I didn’t see him although I really wish I did so that I could see if he had anything extra on him than us ordinary people, say, two pairs of eyes instead of one if in real :-P
But then, I didn’t go there for him so I continued walking towards where I should be heading to. Apparently, the festival took place at another separate building conjoined to the PWTC Building by a long walk bridge that spanned over the ever ewwww Klang River.
Oh well, I would say the festival was worth visiting. I’ve never seen shoes in such a big number or even in such a vast variety of designs, ranging from the simplest to the most peculiar.
Some of my favorite shoe brands were there too such as the ever-popular Dr. Cardin *I heart.

They fielded out some of their latest creations, some not even in the market yet. There were being sold in a discounted rate so my saliva was all over.
If you're into leather, like me, you will not be disappointed. There are lots and lots of them in store so you'll be spoilt for choice.

But then, here your wallet speaks louder than your feet so don't be overexcited. LOL!
I loike!

One of the good things about visiting the festival on its very last day is the probability of stock clearance at most of the stalls. They’d drag the prices down so that your shopaholic devil would immediately take charge and your mouth would say YES even before you brain could say NO.
I was smart. I only brought some twenty bucks in my wallet and left my credit card and debit card at home so that any intention of buying anything would be immediately forgotten. he. Real smart huh? :-D

SO – I would say the festival was mostly dominated by footwear brands for women and some of them were so ‘ridiculously designed’ I couldn’t even imagine how they would look on woman’s feet.
And there was something about these shoes and the ‘legs’ that was quite visually disturbing.
Aiya. Aiya. Aiya. Klem. Klem. Klem. Hehe. Don’t bother. You wouldn’t get it. There's some story by a friend. :-P

While the displaying of shoes in big bundles like this made them look like some el-cheapo China-made shoes that we probably see being sold in many of our pasar malams (open market), the prices of course wouldn't lie.
RM3000! I’d rather use that money to go for another trip to Vietnam or something. If you have a pisau cukur girlfriend, avoid coming to the shoe festival with her at all cost or you'll be a damn sorry broke fella for at least the next couple of months, if not years. LOL! or worse, she might even leave you after awhile.
And – I was expecting to see a collection of shoes by the famed shoe designer Datuk Jimmy Choo. Instead JIMMY CHIA came along WTH.
OK, don’t be a fool. Jimmy Chia is not really that bad for a footwear brand. In fact, Jimmy Chia’s shoes have been exported to countries in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, China, Middle-east, Australia, Canada, South Africa, USA, and the European Union. Not bad at all.

But then, who would want to miss seeing the collection of shoes by Jimmy Choo – the Malaysian shoe designer who is known to have designed the shoes for the late Princess Diana at her Wedding of the Century? *or so the British tabloids claimed it to be 
The price you asked? You wouldn’t want to know.
OR even if you know, you sure can't afford one. So stop dreaming. :-P

There were just so many shoes of different designs and brands and prices they all looked the same to me after awhile.
Of course, the highlight of the whole festival was this.
This giant shoe replica was made out of*gasping..... c.h.o.c.o.l.a.t.e! It gotta be the most yummilicious-looking shoe ever I was so tempted to take a bite.
I finished my session of window shopping visit by making a brief stop at the exhibited entry shoes for the much coveted Malaysia Footwear Design Competition 2011.
It was there that I really saw how brilliant could shoe designs be.
Just knowing that they were all designed by our local shoe designers was such a delight. It got me thinking, with pleasure, that there are some Jimmy Choos already in the making.
Cool huh? One of the winners. ^_^
But then, I can't imagine walking in the streets with a prickly tree branch sticking out of my leg. Or a jotting root or whatever that is. Imagine wearing it in a damn packed LRT. You'll take up at least a space for 4 people . Or more.

Ridiculous. Thanks God it didn't win.

So, my visit to the Malaysia International Shoe Festival 2011 had been a worthwhile one and I expect to see more of the brilliant footwear creations next year.
I just wish I've got plenty of $$$$ in my pocket when I come again this time. And of course, without a pisau cukur girlfriend with me. He. *run and hide 


aud said...

Some of those shoes only Gaga would wear, me thinks :)

I *love* shoes, but deep inside I think I can live with flip-flops any day.

* Did Bruno Mars catch a grenade? ;p

JIPP said...

haha. flip-flops are still the best. I don't think Bruno Mars had caught a grenade. Otherwise it would hv made the prime news instead of the marriage proposal by a man at his concert. :-D


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