30 April 2011

Attended: MLTR Live Tour in Kuala Lumpur

SO, I attended the KL-part of Michael Learns to Rock low-profile series of concerts in Malaysia at the Plenary Hall in KLCC recently. 

It was amazing how after more than a decade I still get connected to their songs - VERY VERY much actually.

To tell you the truth, I don’t really know much about this group whose songs I had grown up listening to. I don’t even remember the name of the singer.

But then, I’ve always been and still are haunted by their songs. You know, their songs are the kind that you'd still turn the volume up to whenever they come out on the radio.
Oh well, just like most other concerts that I’ve been to before (not that many though), some local singer came onstage to do the opening act by singing some Cantonese song while playing a guitar. Thanks God he didn’t go anymore than one song or I would have gone crazy.
Kidding. He was actually good. I had come to find out that drinks are not allowed into Plenary Hall so be prepared to watch the concert with a dry throat for at least a couple of hours or so.
They probably wanted to protect the carpet. I had to brace against the idea of silently peeing under my chair as my little mark of protest. GRRRR.
People can't really scream with a dry throat but still some people seemed unabated.When MLTR had finally come on stage, the audience suddenly went roaring in applause and screaming frenzy.
The singer began by saying ‘I guess we're going down to memory lane now, right from the very beginning' and that was when I started having goosebumps on the back of my neck because it really was true - I was going down memory lane just by listening to their songs.
The image of me performing 'Paint My Love' in the closing ceremony of the orientation week back in my first year at the university played in my mind.
Then me lying on my bed at the dormitory of my boarding school with a piece of paper containing '25 Minutes' lyric that I was trying to store in my memory.
Their more familiar songs intermingled with newer ones that were least known but entertaining nevertheless. In fact, they seemed to have evolved into more contemporary beats and rhythms. I couldn’t help but banging my head  in unison with the music that they were playing.
Ohh, and did you know that they've been to Kota Kinabalu once and fell in love and even composed a song about it? Oh well, the singer didn't really say 'Kota Kinabalu' but 'Borneo'. SO you guys in Sarawak actually have your share of the pride. :-D
MLTR didn’t disappoint me at all. They sang almost all of their greatest hits and it was worth every penny that I’d spent over the concert and I didn’t mind to spend away another 25 bucks to buy their CD of Special Malaysia Tour Limited Edition.
And I wasn't alone. In fact, people were scrambling to get a copy or two so that they've got something to be brought back home and reminds them of the fact that - they've been to MLTR's Live Tour.

So, if you may ask me, I would go to their concert a hundred times than going to a single of Justina Bieber's. Enough said. :-P.
One thing that bothers me a lot about Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC), which was once under the spotlight for being the tallest buildings in the world and still is one of the tallest structures that humans have ever built - is the massive parking lot.
I thought I was smart when I took a picture of the parking lot number only to find myself totally dumbfounded when my hand phone ran out of power. Things got even worse when I couldn't recall where exactly I parked my car at even the number was a blur. I can't call anybody for help and the whole place was almost deserted.
To make things even worse, I only had like less than ten bucks in my wallet, just enough to pay for the parking - or so I hoped. It was half hour past midnight when all ATM machines could be temporarily out of service. LRT has stopped operating for the day and taxi fares could have doubled-up (mid-night rate). I was in for a disaster.

I spent at least half-hour rambling aimlessly in the massive parking lot, going from floor to floor and hoping for the slightest ray of hope to finally bump into my car which I finally did and learned a lesson - be very very sure of where you parked your car at.

I phew-ed my way back home.


Ellen said...

Man, MLTR is one band that I never hear outside of Malaysia! I don't know what is it about them...kinda neither here nor there but then there's something about their music that has a certain staying power! I'm glad you enjoyed it, can't say the same about the parking though!

Oh btw, did you attend JustinA Bieber? I can't wait till 5 years from now. I want to see where he is as an artist. Or where he isn't, I suspect.

JIPP said...

Hehe. They are past their heydays now but yeah, I still get sentimental whenever I listen to their songs.I really enjoyed it although we don't really get as much of international artists as you do in Australia. "-P

And no, I didn't go to JustinA Bieber's concert. I wouldn't go even with a free ticket. Hehe. He's gonna grow out of its current publicity I guess.

ken said...

nice experience.. till today i havent been to any live concerts!.. but i like MLTR's songs, sentimental songs :)

JIPP said...

you should try to attend at least one concert Ken, just to begin with. Then I'm sure you'll go for more. :-)


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