15 April 2011

5 Months

I bought this when I was about to board my flight back to KL at the Stansted Airport in London about 2 years ago. The sales lady told me I'd get married in 5 months after I started using it. 

Somehow I never opened it and kinda put it aside and it was almost entirely forgotten until...

TODAY. I opened it today. 

5 months. We'll see.And shit. Why am I nervous? :-D


ken said...

5 months are not even enough to know and get along with a lady :P

chegu carol said...

ada minyak zam2 kali tu perfume tu jipp...terus amoi jatuh sinta kalau terhidu tu wangi dia :)
bah, we'll see lah in 5 months time.

JIPP said...

Ken: good thought. A friend of mine got married to a girl he'd only known for 2 months but that is a very case of course. I'm not that crazy. :-D
Carol: hehe. Ada pugai kali. 5 months. I hope it wasn't misheard for 5 years. telampau lama. :-D

Audrey said...

Wooiyoo! This sounds too good to be true, but if it works who cares ? :)

Counting down the 5 months from now - all the best!

Lizeewong said...

Hahaha!! Bah..fingers crossed, you'll get a girl in no time!! :))


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