30 April 2011

Attended: MLTR Live Tour in Kuala Lumpur

SO, I attended the KL-part of Michael Learns to Rock low-profile series of concerts in Malaysia at the Plenary Hall in KLCC recently. 

It was amazing how after more than a decade I still get connected to their songs - VERY VERY much actually.

22 April 2011

Mobile Locksmith

Call me 'jakun' or 'ketinggalan' or 'kampungan' or 'ulu' or whatever you like but I'd never seen this when I was in Sabah.
I remember how I was cursing furiously when I had to drive all over Sandakan (my former residence) just to look for a locksmith. Here in KL, all you need to do is pick up the phone and call the number and they'll come to you in no time. If you are in Sabah, take the idea and do it there. I'm sure it will be laku one.

P/S: He didn't pay me to write this, unfortunately. :-P

20 April 2011

Thumps UP!

A teacher of mine had once told me and the whole class how the people in the West would pull their cars over to give a hand whenever somebody's car breaks down on the road.

Here in Malaysia, people would rather be onlookers, some give symphatetic looks but do nothing to be of any help. They would even blast their honks in protest of the delayed time whenever your car suddenly stopped working at a traffic light or something.
What he said kinda stuck in me, not because it was not true but (rather) I'd never encountered anything to prove that he was wrong - or at least partially wrong. WHICH was why, whey I saw these two guys stop their motorbike and rush towards the car and helped push it out of the traffic, I was kinda relieved.
Malaysians are not really that bad after all. WE do help people. I was about to pull over myself but the guys came to the rescue first so - I didn't want to overact. I mean, two people were enough mahh hoh? Hey, seriously, I wanted to help! I really did! :-P

15 April 2011

5 Months

I bought this when I was about to board my flight back to KL at the Stansted Airport in London about 2 years ago. The sales lady told me I'd get married in 5 months after I started using it. 

Somehow I never opened it and kinda put it aside and it was almost entirely forgotten until...

TODAY. I opened it today. 

5 months. We'll see.And shit. Why am I nervous? :-D

13 April 2011

Malaysia International SHOE Festival 2011

So, I attended another festival at the PWTC last Sunday, this time it was called Malaysia International Shoe Festival, a festival organized by the Ministry of Tourism. It’s a festival that ‘takes visitors on a fascinating journey into the world of designer footwear ‘as described in its website.
And shit, just when I had completely forgotten the disappointment when Bruno Mars SOLD OUT on me in less than a week after tickets to his concert were opened for grab, I was given a last blow in the face when I saw this.

10 April 2011

A Little Beaching at Batu Ferringhi

It wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t finish blogging about my trip to Penang. I know, it’s been awhile, but I really want to highlight how worthy it is to visit Penang – our very own UNESCO site. 

So, after visiting the beautiful Paranakan Mansion and the magnificent Kek Lok Si temple all in one day, there was at least one place that we wanted to visit before calling it a day.

08 April 2011

Tupperware: Starting Small

Being a self-declared environmentalist, I tried to incorporate as much of environmental-friendly habits in my everyday life as possible. Oh well, last time when I forgot to bring my shopping bag to a supermarket (I’ve got plenty), I chose not to spend my 20 cents away over a plastic bag. Instead, I catered all my stuff in my folded up shirt and had them strewn in the trunk of my car. At least, I saved the world from another plastic bag.


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