12 March 2011

MATTA Fair 2011

I believe that Japan can take care of itself so put aside all the things about the tsunami for now and head down to PWTC for the ongoing MATTA Travel Fair 2011. Or you’ll miss this. 

Opps. I mean, this. LOL.
I had to get on a long queue to get it you knowwww... I don’t know whether it was the taste OR the Arabian charms of the dispensing guy that attracted the people to be in such a long queue.
To tell the truth, I traced nothing so special about the taste. 
I actually took this photo almost on an impulse. 1 hour later, tsunami struck Japan.
God bless them and all the affected countries. Of course it should not stop you from visiting Japan. NO countries in the whole world can 100% guarantee your safety. If fate has it for you, you might get drown in the backyard drain of your very own house. I'd still proceed with my plan to visit NZ. Quake or not quake.
Air Asia’s counter, as expected, stood out prominently. There was a long queue all throughout my visit there. 
Oh well, I’m not really a big fan of tour packages so MATTA Fair is not really for me.
I ended up buying nothing. At least I was there to be part of the excitement lahh. What do they call it here? Cuci mata? :-P
So all the travelers out there– MATTA Fair is waiting for you right now. It’s such a brief fair and quite so unlikely that it’s gonna be prolonged just like they did for the 50%-OFF-Summonses-Pay-Days that ended yesterday.Who knows if you might strike a deal and find yourself heading out to some exotic outback in your next vacation.
What are you waiting for? Get your ass off now. :-D


chegu carol said...

masih pakai baju kerja lagi bah kan Jipp hehe...

YeinJee said...

They don't have so many 'cuci mata' attractions when I used to frequent the fair lol.

Last time they have lots of cultural shows though, which I liked.

ken said...

PC Fair can cuci mata more.. hehe :P

thomas said...

Oh!Those two are nice.

JIPP said...

I know.. :-P


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