21 March 2011

Highlander-ing in Genting

So… My job had required me to spend most of my days in Genting Highland last week. I may surprise you but it was my only second time there with my first being, errr, 11 years ago? 12? Yes, 12 years ago. 12 years!
Are you laughing there?! Stop it! LOLz. One thing you gotta know about Genting Highland is the fact that it is quite close to KL. In fact, I could see the Genting Highland Resorts perching atop a mountain every time I drive along the fly-over in Jalan Kuching on my way back home from work. 

OK. It was supposed to be there had it not been cloudy when I took the picture. But it's there. Behind the cloud. Hey, it's true. It's there. :-P

While entry to Genting Highland itself is free, you’ll need to fork out at least RM10 to pass through the toll plaza to the Karak Highway – via which the only way of access to Genting from KL.  It’s RM5 on your way up and another RM5 on your way down so be sure of putting ‘em in your budget.

I stayed at Awana Golf & Country Club Resorts – which to me sounds more wow than its actual looks.
I was checked into a room on the 21st floor of the Tower section of the hotel and there was nothing much worth shouting about.
Except, may be, for the view that it offers from the veranda.
I could see the world renowned Resorts World of Genting right from there. Of course I did go there but I’ll get to that later.
And damn that stupid fan on the ceiling of the room that I stayed in. I couldn’t find the switch to stop it so I had to live with it for the whole 5 days. Brrrrr.
Oh well, food – I lived there off coupon-ed buffets which was good except for the fact that they don’t change the menu. They seem to have the same menu every day of the week so it only took me a couple of days before I got damn bored of the food.
And most of the healthier foods were quite too lousy for a 5-star hotel. I even smelled some expiry in the grilled fish. Yucks.
Even the not so healthy foods didn’t impress me that much. I could feel the sugar crunching and gritting in between my teeth as I munched over these slices of cakes. Erkkkk. It was so bad I actually left the other two uneaten.
Luckily the existence of Yong Tau Foo had saved my ass a little.
It suddenly became my main source of energy in most of my stay at the Awana Golf and Country Club Resorts.
When I got bored of it, I forked some money out of my pocket to go for something quite out of the ordinary.
To tell the truth, it was my first encounter of Kim Chi – which is what Korean food is most famously known for.
I took a liking to it almost instantly. The taste and smell might be foul to most Western tongues but it was just so ngam to my taste. Whoever suggested that we Sabahans had originated from Korea might be right. I should have been named Pak Jipp Sung. LOL!
Ohh, and this Tea that they serve here - it was one of the best teas that I've ever had in my entire life! I took my first sip and an image of beautiful mountainous surrounding - probably in the South Korean province of Gangwon or something - suddenly flickered on in my head. It was so good I actually went looking around for it when I returned to KL.
Morning view in Genting is something to behold. The mist puts in some majestic look to the green mountainous highland.
Too much of it (the mist) might not be cool though. It gets too thick it can engulf the whole Genting in white cloud you wouldn’t anything, even the palms of your hands.Ok, not to that extent. But the visibility could get very very bad.
I've made it a habit to run at least three times a week and I didn’t want that to stop even when I was in Genting.

Besides, the idea of running around the Golf fairway area and surrounded with the lush greenery was just too good to ignore.
Sadly though, I wasn’t allowed to get down to the fairway area. “There are a lot of flying balls down there. They can crush your handsome face to bits” the janitor reasoned out when I asked him why I was not allowed.
Of course he didn’t specifically say that ‘handsome’ lah but I know that was what he had meant to say. LOL! *don't puke. :-P
One of the good things about staying at Awana Golf and Country Club Resorts is the privilege of being transported up to the Genting Highland Resorts on a shuttle for free.
OH well, it really is a privilege considering the car-wrecking road up to the top of the mountain where the resort and the theme parks were perched on – and the fuss of looking for a parking space which was almost impossible especially when you were there on a school holiday.
Ohh, and just in case you wake up in the middle of the night with your head full of lucky numbers and suddenly  feel itchy to gamble, Awana Resorts wouldn't disappoint you. They know Genting is full of gamblers. The free shuttle operates round the clock. Happy!!?
I actually spared the Genting Resorts and all its theme parks for the last day of my stay in Genting. Presenting the pass-book upon entering the shuttle is necessary. I already handed my pass book back to them upon checking out so I was left with no choice but driving up.
If you’ve been driving all over Sabah like I used to, you’d have no problem playing with the wheel on your way up to the Resorts World. I’ve seen the worse in Sabah – even those with single or double lanes. This one that they have here in Genting is wide enough to let a Boeing do an emergency landing on it.
The only problem is probably the constant pressing on the accelerator, which was why the use of 4x4 is of great advantage. Your car tends to overheat and it’s a no joke. Every now and then I’d see a car stalling on the side of the road with the trunk lid hoisted up.
Oh well, I’ve never been really a big fan of theme parks – which explains why I skipped Disneyland on my visit to Paris not so long time ago.

I vividly remembered Genting Highland for one thing – the beautiful temple that we visited on our way down to KL after spending the whole day up at the theme park. It was the most beautiful temple that I’ve ever been to at that time.  
Back at the temple of Chee Swee after more than a decade, I couldn't believe how it amazed me more than it did back then. I'm too excited to tell you about it now so I'd better wait until the next post or I'll explode. :-P


ken said...

but ever since i reside in KL, i never went up before also :P

thomas said...

Wow!Nice job,can travel around,
look like you're here for good.

Jourmary said...

Pak Jipp Sung??.... Bagus juga tu... wakakaka... Like the tea thoug....


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