26 March 2011

Go to the Light Baby..

I am such a failure. Just to put something with a soul in my oversize room, I bought a pair of fishes one week ago and put them inside this semi-round mini aquarium.

I woke up this morning to find out that one of them appears to be, sadly….

.. dying. :-(

I know it’ll be a matter of time before she says good bye to me and the whole world foreva.

She might be in pain so I wouldn’t hold her in such a poor state..

Just go to the light baby.. don’t be afraid.
Go to the light….


ken said...

RIP fishes :(

chegu carol said...

i guess that kind of fish needs extra oxygen in their water.

JIPP said...

Ken: RIP. Declared dead this afternoon.
CC: Yupp, I did think of that. I actually asked for the most tahan lasak fish and they handed me those. I've been looking for ikan karuk but they seem to be non-existent nowadays.

Murphy said...

Oh so sad. Did you use tap water? The Chlorine can kill it..

JIPP said...

No. I actually used the water that I took from a distilled water dispenser. But then, we can't really be sure right? may be I shud put in a chorine indicator or something. Never mind, I'll keep trying. This is only the beginning. :-)

Lizeewong said...

This happened to me 4 times. So I have come to the conclusion that I CANNOT jaga Goldfish or any kind of salt water fish. Karuk is better Jipp, tahan lasak :P

JIPP said...

That's why Liz. Lesson learned. The nicer the fish is, the easier it is to die. Nice things need higher maintaince. That's why karuk is still the best choice. :-D


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