22 March 2011

Chin Swee : The Floating Temple

*This is of course, my continuation to the previous entry: Highlander-ing in Genting. 
Back at the temple again after more than a decade, I of course expected to see a lot of changes. I don’t remember seeing this section of the temple when I was there last time.
If you are not an avid Buddhist practitioner, you may find Buddhism teachings quite so complicated.

Here at the Chin Swee temple, everything seems to be explained and portrayed in such a way that is quite easy to understand. Forgive my lack of knowledge in Buddhism but I didn’t know that there was hell and punishment after death in Buddhism teachings.
So it really is true that there are similarities in all religions.
Dalai Lama had once said that All religions of the world are good, therefore, one should also acquire good things from other religion.
OF course that didn’t register in the head of Mr. Hisham bin Muddin when he ordered that stupid stamping on all the imported bibles in Port Klang. I think it’s all about time before he orders putting a ‘Strictly For Non-Muslims Only’ signboard at all entrances to temples in Malaysia. That would complete his stupidity then. I don’t think Muslims in Malaysia are really that fragile.
For me, knowing a little bit about other religions would make you appreciate your own religion more. I mean, you gotta go to other countries to appreciate what you have here and what they don’t have there.
Chin Swee really is a beautiful temple. Set high on the hillside of a mountain, it is probably the closest to being in Bhutan here in Malaysia.*soon baby, soon..Hehe.
The misty (I wouldn’t sound good if I said fog har har har) surrounding makes the whole place look so magnificent and majestic.
I liked Kek Lok Si in Penang very much but it was so damn hot there so I had to get the hell outta there before I melted down in the Penang sweltering sun.
Here in Chin Swee temple, the weather was just so refreshingly cool. I wouldn’t have minded staying there the whole day if my time permitted me to.
The image that never left me ever since I went there 12 years ago was one with and sitting Buddha.
It was still there, and it amazed me as much as it had had when I first saw it.
I don’t remember seeing the unwanted growths on his head back then though. I felt so itchy to climb up to weed ‘em off.
Oh, and I remembered the presence of these beautiful statues that had been lined up along the walkway that leads up to the sitting Buddha.
You see, I had no slightest interest to know whom they were portraying back then but ever since I started traveling a few years ago, my curiosity had made me realize how worthy it is to read whatever there is to read  or at least to know a little bit about things that I come across.
The people that are portrayed by these statues are people of great significance to the history of Buddhism. Most of them had left their lavish and opulent life to become a monk and dedicated their whole life to Buddhism.
There was one section of the temple that stood out prominently for being on the very verge of the whole structure.
It turned out to be a viewing platform or something with a table set in the middle. It was such a perfect spot to play lap lap fu with a little bit of beer I guess.
I know I know. It was a bad idea to even think of that but I just couldn’t help it. He. 
Oh well, it is just so advisable that you avoid the particular section of the temple if you’re afraid of height. What do you call it? Acrophobia? Yuppp, acrophobia. I have a little bit of that but quite in most times I’d always challenge myself against it. Looking down at the bottom of the whole structure, I suddenly realized how strong I was holding onto the hand rail. LOL!
So - Don’t ask me why I didn’t get onto any of the cable cars despite my excited tweets about it. I was even gritting my teeth when I first got into a Monorail in KL. It really was scary to be moving off when I couldn’t see the railway.
But then, the whole temple of Chin Swee might be best viewed from there so it was worth the fear-challenge.
It was there that I realized there was a restaurant at one of the floors of what appeared to be a multi-storey complex.
I later found out that it only served vegetarian food.
Looking closely at the menu had suddenly make me hungry. Somehow the image of a burger came into my head and my stomach suddenly growled in response. I smiled and nodded at myself knowingly.

I was making my way back to the car when I saw something interestingly steamy.
Somehow the disgusting image of eggs boiled in boys pee came into mind and I had to put that image away before I changed my mind. (about buying it). I shouldn't have read about it in the first place. Ekkk.
Downing over it while it was still hot and steamy, it actually felt so good to my tongue I wanted to buy another one.
It was beginning to drizzle a little so I didn’t want to go back to the stall only to be trapped in the rain – or worse getting wrenched and suffering the cold in Genting. It wouldn’t be fun.

Driving up to Genting Resorts World (or Resorts World Genting it doesn't matter) I had no recollection of that place at all. I kinda kept driving and trusting my instincts to decide where I should being going or rather not going to.
Coming to Genting on a Holiday break has proved to be a mistake for somebody who is kids-free like me. There seemed to be more people in Genting Highland than in KL.It was almost impossible to get a parking space. I spent at least 15 minutes driving around just to look for a parking space. 15 minutes!

In the end, I had to be a little bit creative by (illegally) fitting my car into one corner and dashing away before any of the parking officers saw me.
Even getting into the elevator was not easy. I actually got bored of seeing the lift opening up in front of me only to find out it was packed with humans every time. In the end I forced myself to squeeze in, ignoring the frowns of people that were already suffocating inside it.
The inside of the theme park building was one hell of a pandemonium. There were so many people I could choke myself to death by just looking at them.
There was a long queue at each of the counter that sells tickets to the theme park so I had to kill any plan of trying any of the games. I’ve never liked the idea of queuing up just to get to something that I might not really be interested in.

Hey, did you know that I skipped going up the south tower of the Notre Dame in Paris to see the famous Emmanuel because I couldn't stand being in the long queue that was there? Ask me to run for 21KM and I'll be more than ready but queuing up for a 21M - a big NO. I have the legs of a diva. He. 
SO – Genting Highland was not really a place for me although I have to give it a lot of credits for all the things that it has to offer to those who are there to seek for a little bit of human-made adventures, both indoor and outdoor. 

Funny it was that despite all the excitement that swirls around in a place which is highly regarded as Malaysia’s top tourist destination, I only ended up doing something so not out of the ordinary.
Eating! He he he. Burger King’s was my choice simply because I saw long queues at other fast food restaurants. I actually ordered the biggest burger they had in the menu and promptly took it to the only unoccupied table in the section, right under this big tree here.
I actually spent less just a little bit over one hour at the Genting Highland amusement park – or rather building. Genting Highland has been designed to siphon money out of your pocket so I had to get out of there before I started making holes in the pocket of my trouser.
I had come to find out that there was actually quite a lot of parking space in the lower grounds of the building but judging at the scarcity of the car there, I believe there was some issue about the safety of vehicles down there. There were security warnings everywhere, asking visitors to be more cautious with the way they should handle their cars so, one has to be really careful.
Driving down to KL from Genting had been easy peasy BUT it you gotta remember that it is one of the roads with the highest accident rate in the country. And I could see why.
The zig-zagging downhill road requires a constant use of the brake so you really need to know how to ‘play’ with it. You know how you might lose the braking system if the brake gets too hot. Losing the braking power when you’re galloping down a hill is the last thing you would want to happen. The use of clutch is said to be helpful although I’m still trying to figure out how.
So, that was how my trip to Genting Highland turned out to be. It is always mistaken for Cameroon Highland or vise versa. They'd come to Genting expecting to see a wide expanse of tea garden or may be flowers blossoming up in the sun or strawberries in their redness so ready for the plucking. Nahhh, you wouldn't see those in Genting. 

Genting is probably one of the most commercialized places in Malaysia. I don't even want to mention about what it is most asscociated with. It begins with G, which unfortunately I am not really into.I mean, not into AT ALL.

I wouldn't say Genting Highland is not a cool place to be. It's only that places like Genting are not really for me. Places like this are...
And sure enough - that is exactly where I'm heading to next. In the meantime, you can wish me luck people. ^_^


ken said...

for me, genting is a place to chill.. love the weather there :)

JIPP said...

yupp. the weather is nice. not really cold. just nice. :-)


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