31 March 2011

The Story of A Japanese Girl

The recent tsunami in Japan had somehow reminded me of a Japanese girl that I met in the most dramatic way in Sydney last year.

It was nearing 9pm and a sudden hunger had led me to coming down to the kitchen to cook a pack of instant noodles for supper.

26 March 2011

Go to the Light Baby..

I am such a failure. Just to put something with a soul in my oversize room, I bought a pair of fishes one week ago and put them inside this semi-round mini aquarium.

I woke up this morning to find out that one of them appears to be, sadly….

22 March 2011

Chin Swee : The Floating Temple

*This is of course, my continuation to the previous entry: Highlander-ing in Genting. 
Back at the temple again after more than a decade, I of course expected to see a lot of changes. I don’t remember seeing this section of the temple when I was there last time.
If you are not an avid Buddhist practitioner, you may find Buddhism teachings quite so complicated.

21 March 2011

Highlander-ing in Genting

So… My job had required me to spend most of my days in Genting Highland last week. I may surprise you but it was my only second time there with my first being, errr, 11 years ago? 12? Yes, 12 years ago. 12 years!
Are you laughing there?! Stop it! LOLz. One thing you gotta know about Genting Highland is the fact that it is quite close to KL. In fact, I could see the Genting Highland Resorts perching atop a mountain every time I drive along the fly-over in Jalan Kuching on my way back home from work. 

OK. It was supposed to be there had it not been cloudy when I took the picture. But it's there. Behind the cloud. Hey, it's true. It's there. :-P

While entry to Genting Highland itself is free, you’ll need to fork out at least RM10 to pass through the toll plaza to the Karak Highway – via which the only way of access to Genting from KL.  It’s RM5 on your way up and another RM5 on your way down so be sure of putting ‘em in your budget.

12 March 2011

MATTA Fair 2011

I believe that Japan can take care of itself so put aside all the things about the tsunami for now and head down to PWTC for the ongoing MATTA Travel Fair 2011. Or you’ll miss this. 

Opps. I mean, this. LOL.

11 March 2011

The Magnificent KEK LOK SI

So…. Where were we? Ohhh, the stairs up to Kok Lek Si temple. Me and Sylvia marched our way up till we reached the point where the stairs diverged to circle around a pond that was full of…

Tortoises? Yes. Tortoises. Green tortoises. I think it was exactly the same kind of tortoise that my little nephew had released to a little creek off the Tambunan-Ranau road when I offered him a big KFC meal for lunch [in exchange].

05 March 2011

One Mansion, One Temple, One Beach: One Penang!

IF I WERE TO BE REBORN AGAIN, I’d want to be a baba. A very rich baba.
With a big mansion with a sweeping interior fanciful enough to impress an emperor. 
There would be a big dining table spacious enough to accommodate a big spread of dishes to feed the hungry stomachs of at least a dozen my boastful friends once at a time.


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