23 February 2011

My Stuff is HERE!

I don't understand why people would apologize for not updating their blogs. I've seen it a lot and it kinda gives me a big ? in my head considering their full ownership of the blog actually. 

I mean, it's your damn blog for Christ's sake! You may share the content but you don't share the ownership right? right???? It's really up to you whether you want to update or leave it to rot. So.. I wouldn't apologize for not updating Jipp's Blog, probably as regularly as I used to. It’s my damn blog.Kan?Kannn??? Kannnnnnn???????

Err, did I just hear somebody say ‘alasan’? :-P

So... My much awaited stuffs had finally arrived in the neighborhood yesterday. I've never been happier to see something that turn up right before my eyes for such a long time.

It was a long journey for this cute tiny little crawling thingy here. She was transported all the way from Sandakan, together with my TV set. It was unfortunate for her though that her life here had to be so short-lived. I love Sabah, oh yes, I do, but not to the extent that I’d want to breed a Sabah-bred cockroach here in KL. No no.They've already got more than enough of their own here.
Oh well, everything was basically there but there were certain things to be done before the house could be totally habitable. It would be days before I could move in I guess- like the langsir were not up yet so I wouldn't want to sleep in and staring at the naked windows and expecting something to take a peek in. Scary. 
Ohhh, and my 'ferrari' has finally arrived yesterday. I was so happy to see her again and I couldn’t contend my feeling I actually smooched  all over the exhaust pipe. Kidding. 

It came to me on the very same day that I had my license back. It magically disappeared from my wallet so just like that that I had to forge something at the police station so that I wouldn't sound so stupid in front of the officers. 

So……… the intended destination was PJ. I wasn’t prepared to cut across KL so I turned on my eagle’s eyes and yet I missed the exit highway that was supposed to lead me right to PJ. One thing about roads in and about KL that you should know is that once you missed the intended exit, it would be so difficult to turn back to where you’d get to go to the exit again. You’d better forget it and trust your sense of direction to take you to where you should be going.
OH well, driving across KL came quite too soon. Before I knew, I was already looking up at the iconic Petronas Twin Towers. 
And later at the KL Tower. It was so close I had to duck down to visualize the whole structure. 
And I drove past the infamous Petaling Samseng Street. 
And I knew I was heading towards PJ when I saw the Mid Valley Megamall looming up as if gesturing in a way that says something like “hey, are you going to just drive past me? Don’t you have money to spend away on me today?” 
..and when I ignored and continued driving I heard it say “you bitch!”.

Lalalalalala *continued driving.


Audrey said...

(*Lipas from SDK?)

I also don't think one should apologise for non-updates. Maybe some bloggers feel they OWE it to their readers? Write whenever you feel like it and when inspired!

Good luck with the house-warming (eh?) =)

Ellen said...

Jipp do you secretly have a wife and like 3 kids? Kenapa begitu banyak kotak?!

thomas said...

Wow!A lorry load of bachelor's stuff.


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