26 February 2011

The Best Dinner Under the LRT


Excuse me. I’ve just returned from this newly found eatery and I’m so damn full. 

If you happen to be in KL and you’ve run out of ideas on where to have dinner in a new place with refreshing ambience – I’d recommend you to hop into the LRT and head down to Wangsa Maju. Just a spit throw away from Wangsa Maju LRT Station is this vast eatery consisting of lots and lots of stalls that offer a vast variety of foods – both halal and non-halal alike. 
To tell the truth, there were so many stalls there I spent sooooooo long to decide which stalls to buy my meals from. I was wandering back and forth until I suddenly felt stupid and hastily went on an ordering spree. 
Luckily, they were all good. This tau fu bakar here didn’t disappoint me at all. In fact, I ordered them when I saw somebody gobbling ferociously over a dish of it at another table. His mouth was still overstuffed with it when he pointed out to where he ordered them from.
So was this noodles soup. The name was written in Chinese so I had no idea what or rather how it was called. In fact, my curiosity was mostly on the sliced bitter melon. I’ve eaten it so many times before but NEVER in noodles soup. Oh well, I can’t exactly remember how significant the bitter melon was to the noodles soup but one thing I am sure of is that I ‘slurped’ everything to the last bit so you know what that means.
The fish head curry was nothing like any fish head curry that I’ve eaten before. Although it was overstuffed with long bean and cabbage, I was having a good time fishing the fish out of them. LOL! 
OHhh, I was being more than creative not to order anything sweet for desert. Instead, I ordered grilled chicken in the form of satay. Urmmmm, I would say they were a bit disappointing. I mean, there were sweet but it was the sweetness of undercooked chicken. 
It was such a long stretch of food stall area I had actually covered only half of it. I had to stop half way through my food survey to avoid more stupidity by wandering further. You know how indecisiveness brings the fool out of a smart guy like me. He he he.
Ohhh, and I gotta tell you one thing about this food area. It is full of *gasping.... students. UNITAR is very much nearby and hence this place is such a favored place among the young… sweet…innocent-looking college girls. I once asked a friend what so special about college girls. His answer was plain and simple. 
“Dorang senang tipu mahhh”.

I couldn't believe I was nodding to that. o.O


ken said...

haha.. jangan pergi tipu young girls ah.. lol..

never been to wangsa maju area before.. too far lah :P

aud said...

wooiyoo! this is a novelty - dining under the LRT! literally 'makan pasir' kah? ;p

So cool!

aud said...

I forgot to add - that bitter gourd noodles gave me an idea for my next mihun soup recipe. Nice!

JIPP said...

Ken: you should try this area. it's like the little Penang. :-)
Aud: No pasir but have to learn to ignore the approaching sound of the train. Ohh, I sense your noodles soup is gonna be interesting with bitter gourd. :-)

Lizeewong said...

That's something new. Never seen that before. Why didnt you take some photos of the food??


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