17 February 2011

Being Kanak Kanak Riang at The Nuang Waterfall

*I continued this from my previous post. 
I required a little bit of Smegal’s stone-hopping to get nearer to the waterfall.
The guys didn’t waste a minute. Before I knew they were already spreading out everything on the flat surface of a big stone.
I was so impressed by the smallness and lightness and carry-able-ness of this tiny little stove that Mr. Rambo had effortlessly brought along with him. I didn’t even remember I got impressed that much when I took hold of an iPhone for the first time a few months back. :-P

They stole the Winged Beans from the farm. o.O
And yesss, take my words for this – whatever you eat in the middle of a jungle would be extra-delicious. I can’t offer you any scientific explanation for this but that is just the way it is.
Ulai’s last minute idea of bringing Maggie noodles had proved to be a brilliant one. It was so delicious I would have licked the whole cup to the very last stain if I had the length of a pontianak’s tongue.

A friend of mine had once told me that Maggie noodles is like a wife to him. You crave for it every now and then. Other foods are like mistresses. You’d get bored of them before long.
After every stomach was fulfilled, it was time to brave the water of Nuang River. The sprinkles of water alone were cold enough to send the chills down my spines.
Hitting into the water was such a pain in the ass. I had to bark like a dog to distract myself from the chills that sent me instantly into a spasm the moment I stepped into it.
It really took a lot of courage to submerge myself entirely into the river. Oh well, one thing you gotta know about mandi-ing at a waterfall in the middle of a rainforest is that it’s always freezing cold. You can’t escape it.
But then, you gotta know that the spasm.. the electric shock… or whatever it feels like to you.. it would only last for the first 5 seconds or so before it goes away and leave you to enjoy your kanak-kanak riang time for as long as you want.
I was having one of my best moments. If there was such thing as intercourse with nature, that would have been it. Heh.
But of course you can’t stay in the water for too long or you’ll be sucked cold and dry and that’s when HYPOTHERMIA begins to sip in. You don’t want that to happen to your poor body. Too much sex with nature ain’t good too. LOL!
So………. After playing kanak-kanak riang for about half an hour or so, it was time to say good bye to the beautiful waterfall of Nuang.
We started to pack up everything – leaving nothing behind but footprints (as they say) and I was involuntarily appointed the DBKL of the whole mission. Poor me. :-(
Out of sense of obligation towards nature, I'd pick up whatever un-nature thingy that I came across along the way. You see, I am a good world's inhabitant. :-P 

And one thing I'd become so sure of is that - stupid people are everywhere, be it in the West of East Malaysia. They really thought this was funny when it was no good at all.  

There was no reason for us to rush on our returning trip. In fact I stopped every now and then to catch my breath and enjoy the view more – something that I didn’t get to do on our way up to the waterfall.
There was just too much worry that the sun would suddenly disappear and stormy rain took over. I didn’t even bring a rain coat.
Gosh, by just looking at a leech moving its way across the trail was giving me goosebumps. I'd already had too much of them in Mulu when I adulterated the white mattress cover of their hostel with stains of my blood.   
Apparently the sun didn’t go away. It was still there and its bright streaks of rays hit instantly on us the moment we came out into the open again.
And now I know why some hunters tend to accidentally shoot their own friends. o.O
ulai deer2

Back at the vegetation area, I took the time to flirt with my camera and enjoyed the panoramic view of the mountainous surrounding. Again, I reminded myself that I was in the Peninsular and not in Kundasang or Keningau or Mensilau and the realization would bring a smile on my face again. My trekking adventure is finally going borderless. Chehh! LOL!
The farmers were doing their round of harvesting when we walked by and I was actually being more polite than necessary when I asked for permission to take a photo of them.
“Kami bukan Orang Utan lahh!” one of them yelled out. I was so tempted to yell back and said “Really? But you look like one to me!”. LOL! Of course I wouldn’t say that. But they started it kann..?
Oh well, being born into a farming family, getting back to a vegetation area actually brought back my childhood memories as a kid.
It was amazing how after so many years, the familiarity was still there. The feel, the smell, the excitement of seeing the dangling eggplants, okras and string beans – all waiting to be plucked down – it was such an amazing feeling.
So, it really is true that if you're nice to people, they'll be nice back to you. Mr. Pang offered a drink to one of the farmers, and he was given this. At least, a few bucks were saved from his pocket for dinner.

All these years I’ve been cursing the lack of spiciness of chilies here in the Peninsular. Here in Nuang I had come to find out that they also had this kind of cili padi. So, to all Sabahan people, they also have this here OK?
So.. Mr. Pang had long arrived when we returned to the river. 

While it took them quite awhile to clean the dirt off their expensive shoes, all I needed was a little bit of dip in-dip out and the dirt was already gone. Yippie. Talking about smart choice. LOL!
Whoever owned these shoes must have been a damn sorry fella.
In fact, I had to stop the owner from tossing them into the bush. The shoes had been giving her a hard time. BAAAAD choice I tell you...
It was 3pm when we returned to the car – wayyyyy earlier than then schedule. One of the uncles who had made his way back down earlier than the others – was comfortably seated at his make-shift chair and sipping beer. He later introduced himself as some Dato and he was a retired air-force officer. He told us how he had flown a helicopter all over Sabah when he was still in the service.
Oh well, he was so nice to offer me some but I just didn’t think it was such a good time to get high – or not high enough. Otherwise, I would have come into a state of what we call in Sabah as 'gantung'. It wasn't just the right time. 
I was too late to stop Ulai though. In the blink of an eye, she was already helping herself with the beer and gulped it down almost in one go.
The consequence? She talked non-stop all the way back to KL. Erkkkk! It was her radio time and the worse thing is, I couldn’t even find the volume. LOL!
SO…. We stopped to have our last meal together at a mamak restaurant in Sentul.  

It really was such a privilege to meet a bunch of people who inspired me with the way they celebrate life. It's a shame that some people that I know are already 'dead' or probably 'dying' at the age of 35. 

Being with these people has shown to me how wonderful can life be - if only you intend to make it [wonderful]..


thomas said...

Nice trip,look like another good trip with a nice bunch of friends.

aud said...

waaaa, what a wonderful experience! Though the trekking part sounds strenous. Can I join if there is any day-activity on a weekend I am there?

The uncles are so nice to you guys.

JIPP said...

Thomas: Yupp yuppp. They really are so nice. :-)
Aud: It was quite tiring but it was worth the experience. WE'll be more than happy to hv u joining us. The more the merrier. :-)

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Daisy Parker said...

Just in love with that place and such greenery.
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