26 February 2011

The Best Dinner Under the LRT


Excuse me. I’ve just returned from this newly found eatery and I’m so damn full. 

23 February 2011

My Stuff is HERE!

I don't understand why people would apologize for not updating their blogs. I've seen it a lot and it kinda gives me a big ? in my head considering their full ownership of the blog actually. 

I mean, it's your damn blog for Christ's sake! You may share the content but you don't share the ownership right? right???? It's really up to you whether you want to update or leave it to rot. So.. I wouldn't apologize for not updating Jipp's Blog, probably as regularly as I used to. It’s my damn blog.Kan?Kannn??? Kannnnnnn???????

Err, did I just hear somebody say ‘alasan’? :-P

So... My much awaited stuffs had finally arrived in the neighborhood yesterday. I've never been happier to see something that turn up right before my eyes for such a long time.

17 February 2011

Being Kanak Kanak Riang at The Nuang Waterfall

*I continued this from my previous post. 
I required a little bit of Smegal’s stone-hopping to get nearer to the waterfall.
The guys didn’t waste a minute. Before I knew they were already spreading out everything on the flat surface of a big stone.
I was so impressed by the smallness and lightness and carry-able-ness of this tiny little stove that Mr. Rambo had effortlessly brought along with him. I didn’t even remember I got impressed that much when I took hold of an iPhone for the first time a few months back. :-P

15 February 2011

Gunung Nuang Waterfall : To Begin WITH

Being a life enthusiast that I am (ehemm!), I jumped at the idea of going for a trekking on my very first weekend in KL last Sunday. My interest for it had only been intensified by the fact that I had gained at least a few kgs since I came to KL. :-(
WE were picked up by a Mr. Pang – another life enthusiast that Ulai had befriended back in the Uni years. He really is a very interesting person to be with. I've never seen anyone with so much interest and enthusiasm in travelling and described about those places that he's been to as ‘elaboratively’ as he does. He really knows how to make me feel like I'm already there. People like Mr Pang would never bore you.

09 February 2011

Surviving KL

SO…I officially bade farewell to my beloved home state last Sunday.
And welcoming myself with whatever lay ahead for me here in KL. There seem to be a lot of uncertainties but then, life is too boring to be sure of everything. I need surprises to keep my life exciting.


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