28 January 2011

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2010

I haven’t blogged about Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon that I joined in a couple of months back.
To tell the truth, my humble mission of making it at least to the finishing line had almost been jeopardized when I did this stupid stunt in front of the continuously puking lion statue in Marina Bay.
And it was all done in the name of Star Jump – a jump that would konon-kononnya put me in the run for a travel voucher worth SGD600 by the Jet Star.
Not only didn’t I win anything, the muscle strain that I felt down my ankle had almost forced me to pull out of the race. By just thinking how I might’ve come to Singapore for nothing had put me in a mental torture the whole evening.
Oh well, to top that one off, we went to pick our running gear only to find out that the ticket counter for the wee-hour pick-up buses had entirely been deserted.
NOBODY was there to explain anything or at least advise us on other alternative transports to make it possible for us to be at the starting line in Sentosa Island at 6am the next morning.
OH well, we were left with no option but arranging for a cab to pick us up at our hostel in Geylang and sent us to the far-off Sentosa Island. The ride had made us instantly poorer by at least RM25 - each.
It appeared like the whole city of Singapore was shut down with so many access roads were closed for the marathon. Even the cabbie had almost run out of ideas on how to get us AT LEAST somewhere within a walking distance to the starting line. When he finally did, he dropped us off at the most unlikely place where even our strongest sense of direction was entirely wiped out.
Oh well, thanks to the kiasu teksi, we were forced to be on unintended warming up by walking at least one or two kilometers over to the starting line.
Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon draws thousands of participants from Singapore and many other countries including of course, Malaysia every year.
Being one of the most highly-reputed marathons in the region, the participation from both locals and international runners were so overwhelming they had to cut off the registration when the number of participants had reached 60,000. 60,000!!!! I thought I was gonna die from overcrowd suffocation at the Penang Bridge International Marathon and it wasn’t even half that number. o.O
Of course, the 60,000 people was the overall participation for all the three categories – Full, Half and 10KM. Apart from the fact that I wasn’t prepared to do the Full Marathon yet (ouchh!), I had some other reason to go for the Half Marathon.
Yupp, the Half Marathon would bring us right to the heart of the newly-opened Universal Studio.

Wohoooo! Isn’t it cool? We ran across the world renowned theme park with characters from the Universal Studio movies cheering us on along the street.
It really was amazing. Running into the Universal Studio was like running right into a movie set it felt almost surreal to my own realistic adult senses.
I took my sweetest time taking photos with some of my Universal's fav characters despite the fact that it might cost me dearly on my running time.
I kinda let myself be engrossed in my childhood fantasy until I realized what I was there for and that I still had a long way to go.
I wouldn’t lie to you but Singapore Marathon had actually surprised me with its tough and challenging route. HALF OF THE HALF Marathon would send you zig-zagging around the Sentosa Island which was unfortunately so hilly and uneven. I tell you, I lost count on how many times I actually muttered SHIT along the way.
As if that is not quite enough to make you suffer, the next course of the run would bring you to a series of long and grueling highway ramps and believe me, they are not muscle-friendly if that word even exists. LOL!
By the time I made it past the biggest mall in Singapore, my calves were straining painfully as if my Gastrocnemius muscles were torn and my tendons were concocted and probably displaced.
For the first time in the history of my participation in marathons, I wanted to pull out very very badly. Tell you again, Singapore Marathon is one hell of a tough game to play.
Oh well, you know how Singapore is famous for its heavy fines on littering charges. Singapore Marathon is probably the only time when you can take your sweet time throwing your rubbish around without getting fined.
After playing up several motivational quotes in my head over and over again and waving off the relenting idea of pulling out, I finally made it to the finishing line and bagged in another addition to my medal collection.
Surprisingly, the timing wasn't really that bad at least for me personally. I would even have made it in less than 3 hours if I didn’t take too much of my time at the Universal Studio. Erkkk.
The marathon in all three categories ended at the St. Andrew’s Road and there was a carnival at The Padang (it really is called The Padang).

I really wanted to stay on but I couldn’t think of anything else but a fluffy pillow and a comfy mattress.
All the physical agony didn’t really come to me until I wake up from my 5 straight hour’s post-marathon sleep. While the ladies were out celebrating the pre-Xmas mega sale with their shopaholic devils, I had my own idea of celebrating the day.
I did some fine dinner with a non-alcohol toss for another great personal accomplishment.
And I foresaw more marathons in years to come. ;-)


aud said...

Great timing for this post! I was just wondering the same thing - that you have not told your SCSM story yet. This year it's on my MUST DO list :)

I assume you'll be doing SCKLM in June? :D

JIPP said...

Hi Aud. Yeah, SCKLM is definitely on the list this year. :-)

Angelo said...

i plan to join the 2011 edition. How did you register for this event? :)


JIPP said...

It's very easy. Just go to its website http://www.marathonsingapore.com/

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