31 January 2011

And The Love Story Continues...

Another lame post on a lame day here in Sandakan.
Taking off everything now.... huhu
Remember how I got so excited about buying a new gadget in preparation for the upcoming Borneo International Marathon last year? Of course I didn't get to join it and I already explained it thoroughly and defensively. He.
Oh well, my love story with that tiny little thing didn't last for long when I couldn't find it after coming back from a job trip to KL. Part of me wanted to cry, and another part was a juggle between hoping and opstimistically knowing that I actually still had it. This opstimistic part kept telling me that it was still there, hidden somehwere.
Or well, my instinct had been waiting for the right time to prove itself right. I was ransacking my room to the last bits when I found it tucked safely inside one of my so many degradable shopping bags.  

OK, I had to put it back to its original position to demonstrate how exactly I found it.
You see, I had to hold against my heart's gatalness to buy for a replacement when I was about to go for the double marathons late last year. After all, marathon was the reason why I bought it in the first place.

Thanks God I found it again. It was a sweet moment of two souls getting reunited again. Hehe.
Oh well, she did teach me one thing, that life without music sux BIG TIME. Sometimes things have their own way of teaching us a lesson. They'd disappear long enough to make us suffer. I love her now more then ever. XoXo

Ohh, and thanks God for finally loosening up on us by letting us see the sunrays for the first time after a havoc of heavy downpour in the last few days. It was so heavy I really thought the Mayan Gods had decided to bring forward the world’s Apocalyptic destruction less than 2 years earlier than the scheduled December 2012 . LOL.
Up to the last paragraph was all written in the morning. It is 3.30pm now and I've just come back from a little grocery shopping and this was taken on my way back not a moment ago.
Errkkk. May be I should take my thanks back.


Lizeewong said...

Hehehe..Phew! For a moment there, I thought you really lost it. Glad you found it Jipp. So another marathon huh? Rajin + fit oh kau.

JIPP said...

Thanks Liz. Seasonal ni. Hehe. WHere hv u been? Haven't seen ur update for quite awhile. :-)


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