29 January 2011

Recycling at Sim Sim Seafood Restaurant

Just a quick blogpost on a rainy and messy and wet Saturday here in Sandakan.
I’ve just returned home from a weekend dash-away to a place called Sim Sim.
It is probably the only place where you get to see a floating village inhabited by Chinese locals and not the unwanted foreigners like most other floating villages that we see in many coastal areas of Sabah.
I actually went there for this.
Ladies and gentlemen...Welcome to Sim Sim Seafood Restaurant - A seaside restaurant that overlooks the beautiful Sulu Sea.
Thanks to the cloudy and heavy sky over Sandakan, it was refreshingly windy there and I was more than happy to take my shirts off and scare all the visitors away but I didn't. 
The restaurant appeared to have been extended out since the last time I went there – probably to accommodate more visitors. Good progress. My thumps up.
Oh well, despite its popularity, it is most advisable to go there on a lazy weekend when you’ve got too much time to kill. Do not go there with a groaning stomach or you’ll end up yelling your hunger out at any of the waitresses. It took like forever for them to prepare this.
Well.. it wasn’t bad alright. Being one of the seafood havens in the country, Sandakan can always assure you of fresh seafood. Anything not fresh is considered ODD here in this part of the world. LOL!
The restaurant basically admits the fish first-handedly from the fishermen.
And they’ll put them into containers not for display purposes but to make sure that you are sure that you are assured of fresh fishes to make for your fresh seafood dishes. Heh.
Oh well, do not get worried of overeating. They’ve got a toilet for your emergency use.
Rest assured again, your disposal would not go to waste. NOT AT ALL.   
Instead they’d go down to the deserving marine community.
And of course you know where exactly they are going to later. Literally.
You see. We are actually contributing to the recycling efforts by visiting these restaurants.
So... if you don't want your things to go to waste, you know where to go to recycle them. :-D


thomas said...

I thought that was some other recycling.How come the sea looks so muddy?

JIPP said...

Hi Thomas. It's been raining heavily for the past few days here in Sandakan and all the debris and mud seem to be washed away into the sea. Some areas are even flooded.

aud said...

Errrr, I don't think I'll be visiting Sim Sim restaurant then.


JIPP said...

Haha. Unfortunately there are just so many seaside restaurants that use this easy kind of sanitary system in Sabah (probably Msia as a whole). Not to mention seaside houses. :-D

Dumpster Dude said...

Uhh why don't they maintain hygiene & proper drainage system in sea side areas.

JIPP said...

yupp, that's my point. that's what this whole blogpost is about.

Rahul Patel said...

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