19 January 2011

Goodbye Sandakan, Hello KL!

3years, 10 months and 12 days ago, I came to Sandakan to report for work for the first time.

I had no idea that my job would bring me all over the Divisional district of Sandakan, which I'd come to find out was sooooooo big it was even bigger then both Johor and Pahang combined. It's been such an exciting part of my life where I got to visit some of the remotest parts of the state whose existence I'd never had known of.

Working in Sandakan has been such a tremendously life-changing experience. Staying on the brink of some of the most exciting wildlife conservation areas in the world, I had the privilege of having an easy access to most of them. I even turned some of them into my destinations for weekend getaway.
It was such a rare privilege that I might not get to experience anywhere else.
You see, some people spend thousands of ringgit just to come all the way to Sepilok to see these.
I can go there anytime with an empty pocket. Oh well, I might need five bucks for the entry fee but that's all about it. 5 bucks.
Sandakan has taught me to be more appreciative of what we still have and what the rest of the world doesn’t.
IT has been nice to me and I've actually grown quite fond of this little town which is by fact older than KK the capital city of Sabah. Sandakan for one is such a mysterious little city, really. I've been here for almost four years now and I'm sure there are still a lot of things that I haven't discovered yet.
Sadly though, after spending the last 4 years here, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to say good bye to this wonderful town so soon from now. It is a price that I have to pay for working under the biggest company in Malaysia. For those who are following me on twitter, you should have known by now where I am heading to.
Yes. Kuala Lumpur or fondly called KL amongst the Malaysians. If you don't already know, it is the capital city of Malaysia. :-D 
Oh well, having had stayed in KL for more than 7 years right from my days at the university through my post-grad job in Putrajaya, KL is not really an alien city to me. Of course it has changed a lot since I left for good to Sabah some 6 years ago but the familiarities are still there. Some people might wince at the idea of moving to KL but I'm glad I'm not really one of them.
Oh well, I've had my struggling years in KL as a student back then but I'm sure it's gonna be different when I come back this time. I'll be there to earn money and not to deplete my parents saving as I used to. There's a difference there. :-P
Of course, having spent the last four years here, it's gonna involve a lot of emotions to finally having to say good bye to this wonderful town of Sandakan.
And this little crib of mine where I spent a lot of time shitting my blogging ideas out.
my little crib
I'm gonna miss the neighborhood. We don't really talk much among each other but there seems to be a mutual understanding among us. There is an 'I'm OK with you' written on every forehead.
I’m gonna miss my 5-minutes drive to work. It know, it’s not gonna be easy for me to get adjusted to the infamous traffic jam in KL.:-(
I’m gonna miss my driving range sessions. I know they can never get any cheaper in KL or anywhere else perhaps. Golfing in Sandakan is highly affordable it’s not even considered a rich-people-only thingy.
All in all, I'm gonna miss everything about Sandakan: the people, the neighborhood, the seafood, the vibrancy of Mile 4, the 5-minute's drive to work, and above all - the cheap and readily available beers! :-( *Now thinking of how expensive beers are in KL. Uhuks!
Oh well, despite being high on emotions, a big part of me is actually excited to welcome a new chapter of my life. I’ve said it before and I’m gonna say it again, people like me don’t stay in a place for too long. (and don't be stupid. It has nothing to do with my not sticking to a girlfriend to the isle. I believe in better choices :-P) 

Life is too short to get stuck in one place for too long so moving into a new place with totally a different atmosphere is something I should be excited about. And I am.
Retrospectively, staying in KL is gonna be a great advantage for me who is very much into travelling and you guys know how much I hate transits (and who doesn’t?). Flying from KL is gonna save my ass from most of those ass-burning transits and the money that goes with them.
In fact……….. oh no, I really don’t want to say this because I already smell jealousy even before I say it, but my weekend getaways are gonna take in a much bigger scale from now on. Let’s just say, to begin with, a weekend Thai massage in Phuket. *clapping
And a weekend shopping spree at the Chatuchak Market in Bangkok..*clapping
A weekend sunbathing in Bali perhaps? *clapping
Ohh. It's gonna be fun to plan a weekend trip at the tips of my fingers. Even in KL itself, you can’t run out of ideas on what to do to occupy time. I’m glad to be a part of the metro vibrancy.
Now............ how should I begin? Or... rather, WHERE? :-D


YeinJee said...

Welcome back to KL, though I'm not sure if it's a good news to be frank lol.

You already mentioned a few reasons... KL is a place with opportunities, but not really a good place to stay.

JIPP said...

thank U YJ. Yupp, I know what you mean. City life sux at times. I'm just trying to think positively now. :-D

chegu carol said...

ya sa jeles sebab tida paya beli tikit kk-kl kalau mau pi travel tempat yg have to depart from kl

anyways, congrats again Jipp on your transfer. im sure we'll be hearing more great stories from u..in a different note this time, right?

JIPP said...

hehe. thanks Carol. I'm not sure what u mean by 'different note' but I'm hoping to experience more and more new things. Hopefully more eventful life ahead. And in a good way. :-)

aud said...

Aiyaaaa, I am sooooo envious because you get to save on the BKI-KUL leg. And the weekend trips you can make!

But home will always be Sabah, bah kan? :) Yes, you will miss the food, and 10-3 etc etc.

Have a great start to a new chapter in your life!

JIPP said...

Thank U Audrey. Yeah, we hv to sacrifice something in order to get something(better?). :-)

ken said...

"I'll be there to earn money and not to deplete my parents saving as I used to."

Haha nice one!
so you're here in KL to work already! welcome! :D

JIPP said...

Thanks Ken. Hopefully KL will be nice to me. :-)

Lizeewong said...

Very exciting indeed! I'm curious to know how you're settling down in KL :)


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