31 January 2011

And The Love Story Continues...

Another lame post on a lame day here in Sandakan.
Taking off everything now.... huhu
Remember how I got so excited about buying a new gadget in preparation for the upcoming Borneo International Marathon last year? Of course I didn't get to join it and I already explained it thoroughly and defensively. He.

30 January 2011

The Adrenaline Rush

It's hard not to miss a moment like this..

I'm sniffing around for more marathons to join this year...

29 January 2011

Recycling at Sim Sim Seafood Restaurant

Just a quick blogpost on a rainy and messy and wet Saturday here in Sandakan.
I’ve just returned home from a weekend dash-away to a place called Sim Sim.

28 January 2011

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2010

I haven’t blogged about Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon that I joined in a couple of months back.

22 January 2011

The Amazing Thaipusam

I joined thousands of people to celebrate the Thaipusam Festival at the Batu Caves last Thursday. I first saw and learned about it when I watched a CD called ‘Amazing Asia’ and I remember how I was so surprised that something so ‘fleshy’ for a celebration actually took place here in my own country. I had always wanted to attend it ever since but I never got to do it until recently when I received an envelope with a letter of transfer in it.
I was required to report for work in KL on the date that coincides the week of Thaipusam. Of course, I wouldn’t let it slip by just like that this time.

19 January 2011

Goodbye Sandakan, Hello KL!

3years, 10 months and 12 days ago, I came to Sandakan to report for work for the first time.

I had no idea that my job would bring me all over the Divisional district of Sandakan, which I'd come to find out was sooooooo big it was even bigger then both Johor and Pahang combined. It's been such an exciting part of my life where I got to visit some of the remotest parts of the state whose existence I'd never had known of.

10 January 2011

My Eventful Post-Marathon Days in Penang

[I was doing this entry when I suddenly couldn't post in anymore pictures. The pop-up notified that I've used up all of the 1GB free space that was allocated for this blog - hence I had to pay if I wanted extra space. I chose blogspot because it was free so there is no way I'm gonna pay for an extra space now. Luckily solution came in the form of flickr.com's photobucket. I'm still very much in the learning process but I've come to find out that it actually works well]

Oh well, my 3rd day in Penang was of course to run at 3am in the morning, get drenched in the stormy rain when I was in the middle of Penang Bridge and risked some of my most precious belongings which I stupidly brought along without the thinnest layer of protection and finished the marathon in a not-so-bad timing of 2 hours and 55 minutes.
Returning to the hostel after the marathon, I submerged myself entirely in a deep baby-like sleep for a good 3 hours. *This was when I 'donated' my empty wallet to some stupid thief.

06 January 2011

Emergency Dept: Stop Dawdling!

One of the best things about travelling is the opportunity of meeting new people and if you are lucky making friends with some of them. I met Ellen via a friend when I visited Melbourne in May last year and thanks to the latest means of communication such as Twitter and now facebook, we have remained in contact ever since.
It was so good to see her again last night (or rather the day before yesterday's night), this time in our own kaki lima. Errrr, I mean Kota Kinabalu. He.


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