26 December 2010

Suzuki Cup 2010: Malaysian Football is SHIT and Please Prove Me Wrong Tonight

Whoever watched the Malaysian team playing against Vietnam in Suzuki Cup  semi-final would have had tought that Vietnam would, in the end, win the match.
Let's face it. Vietnam was far better than Malaysia in every aspect of football technicality.

Let me tell you about Vietnam and football.
When I was in Vietnam, whenever I told any of the locals who bothered to ask where I was from that I was from Malaysia, they'd only say two things to me.

"Good football!"

"football good!"

With a thump-up of course. I'd usually thank and flash them with that famous sheepish but proud smile of mine. Ngeee!  
Thanks to Malaysia's win over Vietnam in the final of Sea Games, Malaysian football seemed to have gained a hard-earned reputation amongst Vietnamese people.
Hard-earned because they thought it was almost impossible for Malaysia to beat their team with the way they played. Hard-earned because Malaysian team played almost like shit.

I didn't watch the Sea Games final so I don't have anything to say about it but if it happened to be just like the way they played in the Suzuki Cup, I should have never ever come around Hanoi telling people that I was from Malaysia. I should have just as well told them that I was from Iraq or North Pole, a cousin of Santa Claus or something.
Vietnamese people take football very seriously, almost like how they took wars so seriously in the past.
Just like most other communist countries, their spirit of nationalisme is rocket high and one of the channels through which they could best convey this boiling nationalisme of theirs is football.
That even explains, perhaps, why their soccer field at Hanoi Stadium looked all set to host an English Premier League match while our soccer field in Bukit Jalil looked all set to host an inter-kampung leaque. Even buffaloes would enjoy playing dive and screech in a muddy field like that.
I wouldn't go into details of how Malaysian played in the Suzuki Cup against Vietnam since most of you might have watched it too but for those who didn't, you should be grateful. It was painful to watch especially when we are talking about a semi final in an international level. And I am talking about the Malaysian team.

And tonight, Malaysia is gonna play the first leg of the final against Indonesia. They better be good because if they continue to play like shit, I'm just as well giving up hope in seeing Malaysian football grows out of its dark shit hole that it has always been in since the era of Moktar Dahari.
Plisssssssssssss no repeat of the way they played in Hanoi, or I'll CONTINUE going all out telling everybody that Malaysian football is shit hopeless!


thomas said...

I didn't watch the game yesterday
,just hear the commentator talking away,goals seem to come so easily,will try peep on the away game.

Kelvin said...

Sg football is shit too :(

Anonymous said...

absolutely ur wrong!!!!! no doubt you're the SHITTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Malaysian team win LOL!!!!!! so, do u want to apply for Vietnamese national now????

Anonymous said...

there r few stupid Malaysian like u, fucking idiot!!!!! always look down to our own natinal team!!!

FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

what u want to shit?? they win after all with their all effort and they struggle their best to give draw result in away match. they prove they not laughing stock of asean already. urgghh you! why u not be thankful Malaysia win their semi final with vietnam and beat vietnam in last sea games final. if u not football fan and the final sea games 2009 match also u not watch how they gain victory of gold medal better u shut the fuck up then give unfair comment and pointless word!! it's bullshit u know. prove me you can play good in the field till represent as Malaysian football player and let we critic all ur performance. then if just give fail performance, u are the real shit and ignorant about Malaysian football. if u can't give any better contribution to Malaysian football. better u stfu than give an ignorant comment. noob!!


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