16 December 2010

Kundasang Vacation: The Pleasant Surprises

*This is a continuation to my previous two entries, Kundasang:Discovering Further and before that Kundasang:My Highland Vacation.
After what appeared to be such a long drive, I’d finally reached the end point and it was a place called Mesilau Nature Resort.
Mensilau Nature Resort that I found out is such a beautiful place it made me wonder why it is not really known at least among the locals. I'd blame it on the lack of promo.
The plants here are those you'd see when you're halfway through your climb at Mount Kinabalu. The difference is you don't have to do any climb since it is reachable by car.
One section of the resort has been allocated as the exhibition room.
It gives info about trails and wildlife and animals that are usually sighted in and around the area.
Just in case you didn’t know, you now have the choice of climbing Mount Kinabalu via two different trails. The first trail, and clearly the more popular one, is the one that starts off at the Timpohon Gate at Kinabalu National Park. The other one, which was founded much later then the other, starts off right here at the Mesilau Nature Resort.
I’m thinking of doing my next climb via Mensilau Nature Resort since all the climbs that I did before started off at the Timpohon Gate. I’m sure it’s gonna be fun experiencing a new trail.
The only problem is probably for the fact that the resort is so dead silent! I think it is such a perfect place for poets or composers or painters to summon their ideas up – you know, those persons whose inspirations and ideas have to come in through silence.
The silence itself was actually deafening to me. I really think they need at least a bar (a disco would be better har har har) just in case visitors get suffocated by the tremendous silence in the area.

Seriously, it is just so silent and the only voices I heard were coming from the growling creeks and chirping birds that sometimes intermingled with the lingering sounds of crickets and jungle insects.
Mensilau Nature Resort reminds me of horror stories in books I used to read when I was a kid where a group of teenagers would come on a trip during a summer holiday deep in the jungle and – dramatically get killed one by one.

Of course they’re trapped because the acess road has been blocked by something heavy or probably there was a bad weather that prohibits them from leaving the place. Ohhh, and the killer is usually turned out to be one of them. o.O
Mesilau Nature Resort fits perfectly well with my imaginary descriptions of the stories in the books. Hehe.

The resort is all about privacy. The chalets were built to be quite a distance from each other. The problem is you may need a pair of strong legs since getting to the chalets require you do a little bit of ascending adventure against the uphill walkways.
And probably a descending adventure too.  
I gotta tell you that you don’t have to lodge in at the Mesilau Nature Resort to experience what the nature has to offer here.
I mean, even though the resort belongs to Sutera Sanctuary Resort, the area is actually a declared a public park run by Sabah Parks (a government department) so you are free to come here any time no worries.
There’s even a restaurant if you feel like having a meal in the refreshing mountain air and a perfect ambiance surrounded by nature.
The idea of coming back to Mesilau Nature Resort was already in my head as I pulled out of the driveway and returned to Kundasang. Another personal discovery to be added on the list.
You know, I used to have an uncle working at a dairy farm. He used to bring me and my younger sister down to the field to see for ourselves how the milking and milk processing was being performed. He even let us do some milking and it was one of the happiest times in my life. Now that he's not working there anymore, that tremendous kind of privilege has become a thing of the past.
Luckily, there is Desa Dairy Farm.
People, don't kill yourself just because you can't afford to buy a flight ticket to New Zealand to see the world renowned beautiful spread of dairy farm there. Instead, head down to Desa Dairy Farm in Kundasang and you'd be suprised how beautiful it is. It fact, is the closest to being in New Zealand here in Malaysia.
A little bit of admission fees apply and my softened voice must have won the ticket seller’s heart she asked me to pay RM2 instead of RM3 (OK bah kalo kao!). You see, you wouldn’t know what kind of luck a big smile can bring you so remember – keep smiling. LOL!
Oh well, whether you believe it or not, it was actually my first time there. I did see pictures posted by some friends on facebook but it wasn’t the same as you being there yourself.
It was quite dark and cloudy when I got there and a bit colder but it didn’t spoil anything. I was welcome by the sound of cattle mooing and it was such a GREAAAAT feeling.
There was something about the sound of cattle mooing in the field that made me wanna raise my hands in the air and swirling myself around and taking in every beauty of the moment and the view and just let myself feeling lost in the freshness of the mountain air. He.
There is nothing much to see inside this building but of course I didn’t go there for the building.
The excitement intensified as I made my way across the building and on the end corner of the building is where the real thing was. *excited 
There they are! The herd of cattle, waiting for their turn to get into the feeding section where they’d be fed and ‘milked’ at the same time.
It was amazing to see how they really know how to take their turn. They looked impatient but they waited!  
Good cows. Hehe.
Ohh, they actually sell fresh milk at the diary mill. To tell the truth, my idea of fresh milk was quite different. o.O
I really thought FRESH MILK is the milk that has just been harvested from the cattle and served fresh and body-temperature hot. LOL! When I asked if they had something like that for me, they laughed in unison like I had just asked for a bottle of sulfuric acid or something.

“HAHAHAHA. You mean you want to drink milk right from the breasts of the cows? NO NO NO. There’s no such thing. It is full of bacteria and they’ll eat you alive. HAHAHAHAHA”

I never pursued further and settled for their version of fresh milk. I didn’t see what the difference was if I bought it from any of the supermarkets but I was too thirsty WTF.
CATTLE can be cuties in your eyes but they are still animals. They shit whenever they like and they stink. Drinking CATTLE MILK right in front of a herd of cattle ain’t cool at all. First you’d smell the shit, and then the milk, and if you continue drinking they’d become one and that’s when you see a bunch of COWS and not cattle anymore. Hehe.
Driving out of the driveway, I pulled somewhere on the road to look a closer look at the cattle on the field. Ahh, and I had come to find out that they actually have face expressions if looked at closely. This one here was surely one of those angry ones. Or rather upset.
Finally saying good bye to the cattle, I drove back down to Kundasang Township and out of curiosity I stopped briefly at a nursery to see how they tended the flower plants.
Being a flower plant enthusiast, my mom would have gone crazy if she was with me.
But then, despite the availability of so many plants, the lady who was there to do the pruning only shrugged off when I asked whether I could grow them in a less cold area say – Keningau.
I shrugged back and left. I stopped somewhere to check out the farm. It was a view to remember.
Kundasang was getting colder as the evening dragged by and my tropical body was getting numb. I spent most of the evening reading and drinking hot coffee to keep me warm and gazing at the sun as it was diminishing behind the wall of mountain.
AND – when it was too hot to stay on the outside, I retreated to my room and wrapped myself up in the warmth of the comforter.
I woke up the next day feeling alive and fresh and I was ready to face the world again.
That is what a vacation does to me every time – I comes in down and wary and stressed and I come out fresh and alive and ready to rock the world again. GRRRRRRRR. LOL!
Kundasang really is a wonderful place to be. It is the kind of places that you have probably heard about over and over again but still blow you away with lots of surprises whenever you go there to lift up the lids. SO..? ;-)


chegu carol said...

Hahaha and I thought the same..that fresh milk is milk taken direct from the cow's breasts...adehhhhh...new thing learned today. thanks to you jipp. hehehe

since our last trip to kundasang two years back, we've been longing to come back especially when now there are desa cattle that resembles view in NZ and Kg Luanti for the friendly fishes to look out for.

JIPP said...

Hehe. That's why Carol. Fresh turned out to be not really fresh. Grrrr. hehe. Yeah, u should go back there. I've visited the ticklish fish in Kg. Luanti but I didn't take enough photos. :-D

KwOnG FeI said...

u from sandakan?
i just went to the desa dairy farm a month ago..
i also have the same thought of getting fresh milk from the cow
but i didn;t ask them for that la..
but i go diarrhea after drinking it.. haha

JIPP said...

yupp, I'm currently working in Sandakan. OH, you went there? I bought two boxes of the milk and I only drank 1 of them. the other went rotten because I left it in the car overnight. haha.

Kelvin said...

Man, this is life i always wanted. Silence!!!

JIPP said...

haha. It sure is a world different from the hustle and bustle of city life in Singapore. But I don't think I can stand a silence like that for too long. :-P

thomas said...

The resort looks real quiet and looks very cold somewhat like Cameron Highlands.

JIPP said...

yup, it is quite cold there coz it is part of Mount Kinabalu. It was so silent. Didn't even see the resort staff. I wonder where they were hiding. LOL

Nurul Aima Hj Kaim said...

hello jipp..
i used some of ur photos in my entry


hope u dunt mind wuwuwu

JIPP said...

Hi Nurul. No problem. I don't mind at all. Thanks for visiting. :-)

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