31 December 2010

Discovering George Town (A UNESCO World Heritage Site) on Foot

*A continuation to my previous entry: The Most Beautiful Town in Malaysia
Queensbay Mall is the biggest shopping mall in Penang.

I was glad the crowds had abated when I got there so I managed to get hold of my running gear in less than 5 minutes.

30 December 2010

George Town: The Most Beautiful Town in Malaysia

I haven’t really blogged about Penang. Oh well, I did, in a single entry but Penang is too much of great place to detail out in just one single entry.
I actually woke up in the wee hour of my very first day in Penang just to see how the local in George Town come about their daily life in the morning.

26 December 2010

Suzuki Cup 2010: Malaysian Football is SHIT and Please Prove Me Wrong Tonight

Whoever watched the Malaysian team playing against Vietnam in Suzuki Cup  semi-final would have had tought that Vietnam would, in the end, win the match.
Let's face it. Vietnam was far better than Malaysia in every aspect of football technicality.

Let me tell you about Vietnam and football.
When I was in Vietnam, whenever I told any of the locals who bothered to ask where I was from that I was from Malaysia, they'd only say two things to me.

16 December 2010

Kundasang Vacation: The Pleasant Surprises

*This is a continuation to my previous two entries, Kundasang:Discovering Further and before that Kundasang:My Highland Vacation.
After what appeared to be such a long drive, I’d finally reached the end point and it was a place called Mesilau Nature Resort.
Mensilau Nature Resort that I found out is such a beautiful place it made me wonder why it is not really known at least among the locals. I'd blame it on the lack of promo.

14 December 2010

Kundasang: Discovering Further

*This is a continuation to my previous entry: Kundasang: My Highland Vacation
I started my second day in Kundasang by driving over to the adjacent Kinabalu National Park. I had come here a few times before but I’d never really explored any further that what was offered along the main road. It has changed a lot now.

13 December 2010

Kundasang: My Highland Vacation

Singapore trip wasn't really a vacation for me. In fact it was one of the most tiresome trips that I've ever been onto so far. Craving for a real vacation, I decided to extend my holiday and this time I knew where to spend my days to get one. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Kundasang, Sabah.

10 December 2010

The Rainy Penang Bridge International Marathon

It all started when I joined a bunch of friends to the Borneo International Marathon back in 2009.
Then I pushed my butt off to join the Sepilok Nature Marathon a few months later.
The rest, as they say, is history.

02 December 2010

George Town and Penang The Pearl Island

My latest trip to a UNESCO World Heritage Site happened just a week ago when I flew all the way to Penang for the Penang Bridge International Marathon.
Known as the Pearl Island, I actually took my very glimpse of Penang Island when I was heading back to Kuala Lumpur from Phuket sometime last year. I knew somehow that I was gonna be heading there – sooner or later and I was right. :-D


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