03 November 2010

Pursuing for A New Place

I have come to realize how I get quite easily stressed out since recently. I might blame it on my age or probably there are just a lot of things that bother me. Then there is this issue within my family that I need to be a part of. Uhuks.

I've been stuck here in Sandakan for quite too long. Sticking to one place (and even a job) for too long is something that I'm so not used to and I probably can never be. I am the kind of persons who move out to another place when I smell an air of boredom even if it is still so remotely distant

There are these rumors swirling around among my colleagues that I'm going to be one of those who are getting transferred. I actually look at it a good news since the intention of starting anew in a new place has been in the back of mind for quite some time now. But it's been awhile now and there's still no news and I'm actually getting quite impatience. I know, I'm gonna have to pursue it myself.

Oh well, Sandakan has been nice to me. I love just about everything of it accept for its irregularities in electricity. But the need of experiencing new things in a new place has been tugging behind me for quite awhile and it seems to be getting stronger and stronger. At least if I can't move to another country, then I can still move to another town. In fact, I'm planning to move beyond the boundaries of Sabah since all the inhabitable towns in Sabah don't seem to give me the 'thrill' that I am hoping of getting. :-P

So....New beginning. New people. New experiences. New expectations. New atmosphere. New surroundings.

It all begins with something. A new place.

That's what I'm going to pursue for. Wish me luck. ^_^


thomas said...

Wah! Wishing to be transfered out,
sometimes a new place might be good.As for me i am one who moves here and there and that's not very good for my family.

JIPP said...

hehe. Yeah, I know. Some people are 'dying' not to be transferred due to commitments and all but I think I'm still quite free now. I think I'm not old enough to stick to one place. Time to move on. :-)

chegu carol said...

the only time i wish hard to be transferred was when im stil far away from the hubby. now that im settled and comfortable, i dont know how im gonna react if im transferred somewhere out of my comfort zone.

aud said...

All the best Jipp and I hope you get posted to a 'happening' place!

carpe diem!

JIPP said...

thank U Aud. yeah, I have my fingers crossed. :-) Carol, yaa, commitment is the limit. Your first posting in Nabawan surely the hardest one. :-)

fufu said...

all the best =p

JIPP said...

Thanks Fufu. :-D

Ellen said...

Jipp, still waiting for you to get transfered to our shores! Tapi mana-mana pun oklah, yang penting the prospects are good and is a move forward! Best of luck!

JIPP said...

thanks Ellen. Yeah, giving a serious thought over that. :-)


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