05 November 2010

The Little India of Singapore

If you have a list of places that you can’t miss going to in Singapore, you gotta make sure you’ve got Little India in the list.

Worries aside, Little India is easily reachable by train. It would actually take you right to the centre of it.  
And of course, you can’t miss going to the Little India Arts Belt. And yes, Little India Arts Belt refers to an area located along a road called, with respect, Kerbau.
Oh well, KERBAU if pronounced BUFFALO may sounds alright but calling somebody Kerbau in Malaysia is like inviting him or her to smack you in the face. It’s almost outrageous. Here, they've even got a Kerbau Hotel 
Little India in Singapore is just so colorful you might mistaken this public toilet for a kindergarten.
And who would have thought that this beautifully painted building is actually a medical and health shop?
Surrounded by rows of tables, this building almost look like a art centerpiece to get amazed at while spending your evening lepaking around while sipping over teh tarik ordered from a mamak restaurant nearby.
You should never leave the Little India of Singapore without taking a walk into the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple.
Of course, coming inside the temple would require you to take your footwear off.
Remember how they describe Singapore in the TLC? A small country that gives a big impact. Oh well, I would say the same about Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple. It is actually quite small in size but it serves an enormous lot of things to see in details.
Right in the middle of the temple is this beautiful metal ornate pillar.
The intricate decorations inside the temple are simply artistically mesmerizing. The Hinduism elements depicted on its walls and ceiling might be strange if you’re not a Hindu but you really don’t have to understand them all to see the ‘beauty’.
You just have to bear in mind that it is a religious place and I do believe that every religious place can give a peace of mind if you know how to loosen up a little and let it come in. :-) I believe it was what these mat salleh were doing here.
Coming out into the other side of the temple, there’d be more to see.
Growing up in a Catholic family my entire life, I used to look at temples as something I should stay away from. I always believed that temples have some kind of dark aura that would go against the cross that I carried on my forehead ever since I was christened.
My travel trips had taught me how the perception was something that I was made to believe. It was inflicted in me as a kid. Of course, it has all changed now. Coming into a temple wouldn’t change a thing in you. Not by faith, not by anything.
I have now become a big fan of temples. The images, , the sculptures, the inscriptions and the carvings can all be puzzling in their complexity at times but just look at them as some kind of arts and you’ll be amazed. (Oh well, they are arts anyway).
And I had my hand on my mouth when I saw what these two guys were doing.
You enlarged it, didn't you?? LOL! Nahhh, the guy was trying to capture a close-up picture of the other guy's flies. *still weird.

I would say, Little India is one of the most photogenic areas in Singapore. Note: Photogenic doesn't neccessarily refer to mugshots OK?
I couldn’t stop capturing pictures when I was there.
It was like every corner of the whole area has a story to tell when captured in a picture.
My curiosities have always brought me to the streets in the back alley in many cities that I went to. I always find them ‘mysteriously inviting’ and covering them is like getting out of the norms which makes my trips even more interesting. Back alley streets in Little India of Singapore are some of the most 'inviting' ones.  
Little India has that enchantingly relaxing atmosphere that would make you wanna sit down and relax to take in the moment. 
And that is what the community there seems to do to spend their late hours in the afternoon.
So, people.. If you happen to head down to Singapore anytime soon, do not forget to put Little India in your itinerary. You might don’t know what you’re missing if you don’t..


thomas said...

Is it that nice a place to visit?

JIPP said...

yupp. It is. It is more relaxing than our Little India in Brickfield. I believe there were still a big part of the area that I didn't cover but I'm thinking of going there again on my next visit to Spore. :-)

fufu said...

got japanese ya, the signboard!!

Eve said...

Hi there, came across your blog while searching for some info on Manila. Love your detailed holiday adventures. =)

JIPP said...

Fufu: Yuppp, I don't know how it got there. Hehe.
Eva: Thanks Eva. Yeah, we gotta do it our own way when it comes to travelling. :-)

docgelo said...

i stumbled upon your blog in my search of must-visit sites in singapore as i will take my family there for our holiday (hari raya in penang where i work) next week.

thanks for very informative post!
thank you for sharing generously.


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