22 November 2010

The Body Health Centre in Penang

Yeah yeah yeah yeah.. How can I not agree. 
If you want a healthy body, drink Carlsberg. Sure sihat (healthy) one.

17 November 2010

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

You know a place is every inch worth to visit if it is a declared UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is a list that is highly regarded as a spotlight in the tourism industry for each of the countries in which the site is located. With the selection criteria being so exhaustively comprehensive, a site or property has to be very very outstanding to even get the chance of being nominated before getting inscribed on the list.

I’ve always believed that a visit to World Heritage site is a privilege. Out of thousands of sites that have applied to be declared UNESCO World Heritage Site, only 911 properties have made it to the list so far and I’ve been so lucky because my travel trips to some parts of the world had brought me to some of them.  Check out my list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

12 November 2010

Multi-Level Marketing: The Friendship Crusher

I was on my way from work on a one fine evening when I received a phone call from a friend with whom I had not been in contact for such a long time. His voice was jubilant and enthusiastic. 
‘Hello my friend! How are you? It’s been awhile huh? I’m sorry I’ve never contacted you ever since I started dating again. I’ve been busy you know? I really wanna make it work this time. But here I am, calling you! I’ve never forgotten you my friend. What about a cup of coffee tonight?’

I okeyed, thinking how long we had not seen each other. Deep down below, I was glad that he still remembered me.

05 November 2010

The Little India of Singapore

If you have a list of places that you can’t miss going to in Singapore, you gotta make sure you’ve got Little India in the list.

03 November 2010

Pursuing for A New Place

I have come to realize how I get quite easily stressed out since recently. I might blame it on my age or probably there are just a lot of things that bother me. Then there is this issue within my family that I need to be a part of. Uhuks.

I've been stuck here in Sandakan for quite too long. Sticking to one place (and even a job) for too long is something that I'm so not used to and I probably can never be. I am the kind of persons who move out to another place when I smell an air of boredom even if it is still so remotely distant

01 November 2010

My Relative Has AIDS

I recently paid an ailing woman a visit. Already joining the little chosen group of people that has made it past 100 years old, she already has seen the world longer than most people did. She particularly mentioned my name to my sister who had visited her earlier so it wouldn't feel good not to visit her at least while she was still alive.


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