28 October 2010

Things About Karaokeing

I AM A KARAOKE PERSON. Ever since I was involuntarily granted the privilege of joining the glamorous MO30 club (ehem!), I have given up MOST of my not-so-frequent visits to the likes of disco and techno ‘bang-bang’ nighclubs, leaving my mean of entertainment to karaokeing and probably night bars with live band performances. I have even stopped visiting strip shows of which I sometimes took a part in. 
OK, that was a joke. I have only visited one of those ONCE in my entire life as part of my get-adventurous indulgences in Thailand. Or was it twice? Hehe. But I didn't take the slightest part in OK. I just watched. Nothing more. :-P
So, having been into karaokeing for as long as I could remember, I have grown so familiar with things at karaokes. This is very much based on my own experiences so if you’re into karaokeing, you’d be assured of some familiarities. ;-)

Well, I can’t blog about karaokeing without not coming up with my own list of do’s and don’ts.

My Do's:

1. Keep Nodding.
There are certain situations such as the table setting that might prevent you from talking close enough to your friends. Or maybe you’ve got one of those inner voices that are not loud enough to be heard with the booming sound of music inside an enclaved karaoke room. You might don’t get a word that’s uttered by your friend but hey, it is absolutely OK to keep nodding, as if you understand whatever he is saying. It’s better than try to make him repeat everything. Spare your face from further sprinkled with sprays of saliva.LOL!
2. Keep Clapping.
Errr, people were born with different talents. A good vocal might not be in the bag for them/us. But hey, coming to a karaoke is all about having fun and getting entertained. BE NICE and keep clapping your hands no matter how croaky and froggy his/her/my voice is. This is especially recommended if it is your boss who is singing. :-D *mcm tak biasa.. LOL
3. Keep Flipping Your Fingers.
Keep your shoulder moving, as if you're REALLY entertained and having fun. Alternatively, banging your head a little or finger-flipping or doing a rhythmic tapping on your thigh would do the trick. Cheering things up to keep the night hilarious is something you should be a part of. Com'on guys. Don't spoil the night with your frowning face. LOL
4. Keep Looking at Your Wristwatch.
I know there are times when you get so bored somehow that staying another hour would make your ash burning. When you’re stuck in a situation when you can’t really tell directly that you want to go home, they keep looking at your wristwatch is probably the best way of signaling out about it. *Note: This one wouldn't work on me. I'll ignore and continue singing. Lalalalalala :-P

5. Yawn.
Alternatively, you can act up a yawn. Ohh, I don’t have to tell you how to do it. *yawning now. Or... you can just pretend to be dozzing of. Why not? Doesn't it send a stronger message that you are so done listening to your friend singing quack quack quack? LOL
6. Use The Help of A Handphone.
You have no idea how useful a hand phone can be when you are stuck in a karaoke session. Pretend as if you're texting or something just to occupy your time so that the boredom wouldn’t make you pee in your pants.
AND… if you really wanna get the hell out of there so badly, you can play the ringtone as if somebody SOOOO important is calling. Pretend to answer the phone as hastily as possible and run for the exit. You can walk right to your car, start the engine and pull out of there. You can call any of the boring karaoke buddies later to explain why you had to go – even if it has to be made up. LOL

7. Know Your Vocal Range.
Unless you’ve got Adam Lambert’s vocal range, it really is OK to get a low key song, but bring the best out of it. High-pitch doesn't make you a good singer to the ears of people. I’ve been to karaoke sessions that ended up turning into a shouting war. They don’t sing but they SHOUT. Errrr, you're right. I got it from Simon Cowell. Haha.
8. If You Were The Deejay.
Deejays, especially in Sabah, have this bad tendency of doing table-skipping. It might be quite of an advantage if you know the deejay because they might give you more than one song in a single round but seriously, it wouldn’t make most people happy. I’ve seen a group of people that turn their table upside down in protest against the deejay who seems to give more songs to his friends than other tables. Oh hell, I’d do the same.
9. Be Good if You’re In Sabah.
Be careful if you're singing in Sabah. Sabah is full of parties with music band and karaoke set to always come with them.
Partying without music in Sabah is like, I don’t know. Eating a sardine sandwich without the sardine? LoLz. But my point is, all these parties seem to be the training grounds to the people of Sabah there come so many talents out of them and … they can be a little bit 'intimidating' when they are at a karaoke. But of course, you can always BEG to differ. Ahaks!

My Don'ts:

1. Just Sing.
Karaoke by meaning already says it all. Hell, don’t make a speech over the microphone. People don’t come to Karaoke to hear you make some stupid speech of you this-song-is-dedicated-to-bla-bla-bla-zzzzzzz. Just get the microphone and start singing.
2. Talk Closely. Do Not Shout.
Bringing you mouth a little closer to your friend so that he’d hear what you say wouldn’t make you any gay. Hell, seriously, despite the loud music, you really don’t have to talk to an ear-breaking loud. Some people were born to have a loudspeaker inside their throat so take it as a curse and learn to control your volume! Some people would talk out so loud and even go HAHAHAHAHAAHA so booming that you can’t even hear your own voice even when it is you who is singing. Erkkk, erkkkk and erkkkk.  
3. Go Easy on The Glass.
Unless you’re drinking Tequila Pop, there really is no need of thumping your glass down to the table. Some people would do it to challenge their friends to drink more but hell, the sound of a thumping glass can send the wrong message to some people and your head might end up getting thumped to the table instead. Believe me, I’ve seen it happened. o.O 
4. Do Not Sing A Mariah Carey if You’ve Got A Dick.
It's easy to make me go crazy. Just put me inside an empty room and play Mariah Carey songs and believe me, I’ll go crazy in less than 10 minutes. So, what I am trying to get across to you is that, please please and please... Don't sing a Mariah Carey song if you've got a dick.
5. Don't kill over a microphone.
Seriously, it happened. A guy got angry because the mic never made its way to his grasp. He killed the guy who refused to hand the mic over to him. I can never understand what kind of hellish demon that got into this guy.
Oh well, to conclude this post, I would say, karaoke-ing doesn’t make you a bad person. So, to hell to those who think that Karaoke is a stairway to hell. IT is another way of chilling out or getting together with friends and family (which I REGULARLY do) and most importantly - it is just another way of entertainment. Unless you have you own 'secret agenda', karaokeing is completely a normal activity for a normal person. Awwwww, can't wait for my next karaoke session this weekend. :-P


aud said...

Hahaha! I can't 'karaoke' to save my life! Those days are long long gone. Here we are generally very polite, no matter how torturous the song we still give them an applause, right?

Based on your extensive experience, what are the Top 10 Karaoke songs in Sabah? 'My Way' is one of it for sure :)

JIPP said...

haha. THat makes karaoke always entertaining coz nobody would come to tell you how bad a singer you are. We don't really hv Simon Cowell around. LOL. Yeahh, My Way is definitely in the list. Others are Hotel California,You Were Always On My Mind and Hey Jude. Hehe.

Beverley said...

oh hell no! but then agen, AHA!
u gonna lend ur voice in DJ & Ret's party? *snigger*

JIPP said...

Hehe. We'll see about that. See u there Bev!

ken said...

haha nice tips.. i love singing K! but not always tho, need to find time and friends to do so :)

JIPP said...

hehe. Yupp, it's always about having fun. I'm sure a lot of people share the same passion for singing. Wouldn't be hard to find a companion. BUt time is usually the limit.

Lizeewong said...

Hehehe..I love Karaoke...And I believe the most useful tip is "knowing your range" :)

JIPP said...

hehe. Yupp. We should always know our range. :-)


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