23 October 2010

Hitting Into The Surfers Paradise!

Oh well, as I said in the previcous entry, the epicenter of life in Golden Coast is located in a place called Surfers Paradise. Located some 20km from the hostel and Coolangatta Airport, we had to hop onto a coach to go there.

Surfers Paradise is actually a beautiful city with high-rise buildings consisted mostly of residential apartments and condos.
Looking at how most of the businesses there were tourism-related, it was quite easy to tell that most of the people there are vacationers that stay there for a few weeks or months (or even days) before going back to wherever they belong to.
Well, quite true to its name, the backbone of the city is definitely its long stretch of beach that is famously known for its large-crested waves.
Sadly though, I wasn't really in the right outfit to do any surfing.
The best I could do was to do a pole dancing that I had learnt from all the strippers at the go go bar that I went in Phuket to a couple of years back.
I know, I know. It was a stupid act. I really don't know why Mustapha kept saying it was wrong to take a picture with this thing here. He mumbled something like 'That's for the guards!'. So?
I would say, nothing really much to see in Surfers Paradise but shopping malls and entertainment centers.
I was there on an autumn day so there wasn’t much flesh to feed my eyes with.The only place that was probably worth going in was the Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum but since I already went to its world biggest in London, I decided to skip it.
It wasn’t long before I had to say good bye to Mustapha. He had to rush to the airport to catch a flight back to Adelaide and the ramblings continued for me.  
I was actually looking for something in particular. It was quite disappointed that YHA Coolingatta (hostel that I stayed in) wouldn't lend or at least rent out a universal adaptor for me (both hostels that I went to in Melbourne and Sydney did). While I was desperate to have the flattening batteries of my camera re-charged, I refused to succumb to their dirty business to sell one for me at AUD11 (RM36)! I mean, why would I when I could easily buy this at less than AUD3 in many of the convenience shops in Surfers Paradise?
Oh well, it's all about shopping malls. Even the Hard Rock Café was located on the upper floor of a shopping mall.
Of course, I wouldn't miss putting in another addition to my collection of camwhored photos in front of a Hard Rock Cafe. :-D
But Surfers Paradise is probably the only place where you can find the Condom Kingdom. Being a kingdom of condoms, I wondered how their king would look like. LOL 
Anyway, as night approaches, the whole city seems to come alive with a lot of shows, entertainments and street performances.
Ohh, and thanks to the Air Asia X's direct flights from KL to Gold Coast, I had come to realize how there were so many Malaysians at the Surfers Paradise. It was probably one of the reasons as to why restaurants with Malaysian foods are a thing of business there.  
Coming back to the hostel later, I stopped by at a lick-her shop to tapao a couple of Aussie very own beers.
At least I had something to sip over while catching up with my friends and family back in Malaysia later.
The next day would be my very last day in the land of the down under.. huhu


aud said...

Erm, from your pictures the beach looks not very inviting. Or maybe it wasn't a sunny day?

I thought the airport was very near to the coast, 20 km rupanya :)

Rahul Patel said...

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