07 October 2010

The Largest Aquarium in The World

If you think the number one attraction in Sydney is the Opera House, think again. Bearing the reputation as one of the largest aquariums in the world, Sydney Aquarium is actually Sydney’s #1 attraction.
Displaying 650 species that comprise 6000 individual fish and other sea and water creatures from most of Australia’s water Habitat, it is highly favored by both local and tourists alike.
Again, this is the kind of places that take so much time to see everything in details.
I got to see more animals that I’ve never seen than the ones that I’ve already seen so you know how my AUD35 didn’t go to waste at all.
Although it would have been better to see them in their real habitats, all the see-through display and the back-dropping set-up would tend to make you forget that you’re actually inside a building.
Oh well, despite the massive number of aquatic life at the Sydney Aquarium, there was something that I really wanted to see IN PARTICULAR.
You might don’t see much if you go to the upper ‘deck’ of the aquarium. All you can see is shark fins that move around that disappear occasionally and the shadowy movements of fishes beneath the surface of the clear crystal water.
Getting to the lower ‘deck’ is a better idea although you have to cope up with the zig zag entrance ramp before you can even reach underwater walkway.
It really was surreal – the aquarium, the variety of aquatic life, the vastness of number of fishes inside it, even the whole experience was surreal.
They even play instrumental music to bring a magical vibe into the atmosphere. It really makes you feel like you’re actually swimming amongst the fishes.
I was still trying to let the moment sink in when I saw IT.
Swaying its way graciously off among the fishes, the ever-smiling Dugong gotta be one of the most beautiful living things that I’ve ever seen in my entire life.
And then, entering the Open Ocean Oceanarium, there were those sharks.
Guys, sharks! Glowing and glistening under the sun, they really were so amazing to watch.
Never in my entire life before would I ever imagine myself walking UNDER a bunch of swimming sharks.
Even getting so close to them I could almost see the ferocious meat-ravaging teeth in their mouths.
Btw, this week is the Shark Week. Being somebody who has seen them in real, celebrating the Shark Week seems to be much more meaningful to me this year. :-) They really are a beautiful creature. It’s saddening that they are now being threatened by shark-hunting activities spear-headed by China which is driven by a growing market for their fins.
I can’t never understand why would they pay such a high price for something that is so tasteless and merely an add texture. The number of sharks is deteriorating and it gives a significant impact on the food chain.
You see, we may be too small to put up a fight that is significant enough to stop shark-fishing (or rather shark-finning) activities in China or anywhere else, but a contribution is still a contribution no matter how small it is. The least we can do is to say no to shark fin and we never know where or what this little contribution of ours can lead to. Remember, every big thing always started small.
You should never leave the Sydney Aquarium without checking out what is known as the recreation of the Great Barrier Reef environment.
It really is crazy. I don’t know how they did it but entering the recreation of Great Barrier Reef was like an instant access to some beautiful seaside coastal area.
It looked so real I could almost see the sun rays touching upon the surface of the sea.
Oh well, if you think everything that comes under the name of 'egg' is round or oval, wait until you see a shark egg. Touching it is not allowed but my hand was too itchy not to do a quick job.
And I really thought this was another one of their dummies because he kept scraping at the same spot for a good ten minutes that I was there UNTIl – OK, I know this is crazy but I saw the bulge down his crotch. You know, verification could come from the most unlikely thing sometimes. LOL
So……… Sydney Aquarium gotta be in anyone’s list of must-go places in Sydney.
Out in the open later, I knew where exactly I was going to next.
And walking off towards the Sydney Tower, how I wished I had this for a car. If everybody uses it, the world be a healthier place to live.
And this building was too beautiful to ignore. 
The Queen Victoria Building, Sydney
And it wasn’t long before I was under the tower. I tried to find the basement of it but I couldn’t. I later found out that Sydney Tower actually sticks out from atop a building.
In fact, getting to the ticket counter alone would require you to go up to the 5th floor of the building and walked through a hallway with a scavenged ceiling.
I still had at least 23 minutes before the next ‘departure’. The problem was my stomach. It was beginning to groan for food. It wasn’t long before my body was beginning to tremble in protest of unfed mouth and stomach.
I ran down to the street to look for something to eat. The street happened to one of the most happening streets in Sydney and it wasn’t the best time to check out things. What a shame.
I barged into the first food court that I bumped into.
You know, I have this problem of buying things when I was in the middle of an urgency. It has always been my problem – almost a curse actually. It already happened to me when I was in the Oxford Street in London last year. 
Oxford Street, London
Despite being a shopping heaven in London, I ended up buying nothing because I was more worried about missing my flight than thinking of buying anything. It happened again in Sydney this time. There were so many foods around and yet I ended up buying none.
Running back to the departure hall, I had to get something to eat before I fainted. You know how I can be so ‘thick-faced’ at times. What an unlucky day for a girl who was sitting next to me. Before I knew, I already had this to crave over.
In fact, I even helped her in finishing out a big plump of grapes so that she didn’t need to carry anything into our next adventure – the OzTrek. Lalalalalala. *muka tebal
OzTrek combines surround-sound, 3D imagery and real-motion seating to provide an exciting magic carpet ride across Australia's cultural history and geography.
Visitors are secured into their seats and invited to hold on tight as they fly over some of Australia's most breathtaking landscapes (whoooooo, no thanks to the wallet-burning Harbour Bridge Climb, I flew over the bridge at the OzTrek ride!), confront the jaws of a crocodile and shoot some whitewater rapids.
It really was amazing to explore Australia without really going to those places. By the time I finished the 15 minutes ride, I could feel myself pale all over. The adrenaline rush was more intense that I had expected.
And having done with the OzTrek, it was time to get elevated to the top deck of the tower and take a 360-degree view of the sprawling metro city of Sydney.
OF course, being on a tower is always about locating iconic buildings and structures. 
I was there...
It was on the Sydney Tower that I realized how green Sydney is. I really hope KL too can maintain its greenery as it is now.
This beautiful ah moi from Shanghai (hello Sophia!) had run out of battery she had to beg me to take her photos using my camera. It wasn’t long before she became my impromptu photographer. In fact, she began to complain after awhile. “Aiyooooo, I never met anyone who takes so many photos like you do”. :-P
And every time in those several times that I asked her to take a photo for me, she always began with “Aiyoooo….”. Hehe. Poor her.
After being at the viewing deck of Sydney Tower for a good half-hour, we returned to the basement and out on the street later.
It was time to offer her a goodbye. What a short-lived companionship. We promised each other to keep in contact. You see, the beauty of travelling alone is the bigger chances of making new friends.

I walked back to the hostel to get my stuff out.
And later pushed my carry-on bag towards the Central Station from where I took a train to the Sydney DOMESTIC Airport. *be sure of the airport you’re going to – international or domestic. Even the fares are different.
I actually went to the airport quite too early just to avoid any problems that usually strike at the very last-minute.
HOW I FORGOT I was in a first-world country where everything was supposedly oily smooth. I had to wait for at least 2 hours before getting on my flight to my next and the last destination in Australia.
The shimmering.........
....Gold Coast! Wohooooooo!


ken said...

i wanna go there so badly! =/

JIPP said...

you shud ken. It's beautiful there. :-)

Ellen said...

Oooh I must check back for the next post! Queensland! I've never been there :)

Kelvin said...

Olden china ppl are stupid, tats why they eat shark fins. They ate it coz its hard to get and its expensive at their time. Shows their status. Same as ppl nowadays, its all about face.

JIPP said...

Kelvin: very true Kelvin. It's all about face. Showing off n all. Very sad. :-(
Elen: Yeah, sure. See how i hit into queensland. :-)

Rahul Patel said...

Nice one. I would love to visit this place. Check out hotel booking pench also.You will get exclusive places.


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