07 October 2010

Entering the World of The Wildlife in Sydney

SO, it’d be my very last day in Sydney. I silently packed up and walked out when my Scottish roommate was still snoring (jeez, his thick Scottish accent was giving me some problem. It didn’t sound anything like William Wallance in the Braveheart AT ALL).
I had Maggie noodles for breakfast, my very first taste of beef for Maggie noodles actually. Quite too sweet for my Dusunic tongue though. LOL
I was being generous to the hostel by skipping their free breakfast breads but taking only a spoonful of Milo from the kitchen.
Then my very last walk in Sydney began.
When I was in Halong Bay earlier this year, a young Aussie couple told me how the aboriginal people wasted much of their time doing nothing and getting involved in immoral activities such as drug addictions and all and how they reserved themselves from other communities. I think they were stereotyping.
Their version of vuvuzela sounded much better than the buzzing sound of the South African’s. In fact, the sound was kinda infectious and haunting it stayed in my head for many many weeks I almost thought I got cursed with some aborigine black magic or something.
This CD that I bought for only AUD10 has now become one of my most treasured properties.
I was actually walking towards the Darling Habour to do some ‘unfinished business’.
Oh well, my initial idea of doing my much awaited face-to-face encounter with the likes of Kangaroos and Wallabies and koalas was supposedly to take place here.
Taronga Zoo, Sydney
But since I already did too much walking ever since I started my trip to Australia in Melbourne, my legs were beginning to show me their limits. Besides, the idea of a zoo INSIDE a building was something that I might not experience of seeing anywhere else.
In fact, Sydney Wildlife World seems to field out Australia’s superiority in biotech and perhaps, zoological technology.
I’ve been to many zoos before and most of the animals seemed so dormant many times I’d think most of them were dead or on dope or something.
Here at Sydney Wildlife World, animals are physically active and looking so much alive that watching them was like watching the Animal Planet or Wild on the Discovery Channel – only in real.
Can you spot the snake?
I was actually having a goosebump as I watched this red-bellied black snake slithering its way against the wall.
Being the home country to 10 of the most venomous snakes in the world, the Sydney Wildlife Centre has every reason to allocate a big portion of the building to exhibit their ‘local’ snakes.
Sydney Wildlife World is probably the only place where you can play around with a giant python.
And exchanging breath with a cobra twice your size.
And stepping on a giant alligator whose mouth I believe can swallow the biggest contestant in the The Biggest Loser Asia in one single yank.
Hehe. Of course they were all replicas. Are you nuts? :-P Oh well, caged in the most special confinement for being the biggest croc in the world, it was surely one of the biggest attractions in Sydney Wildlife World.
Somehow my judgmental eyes did not approve of it though.
I thought the ageless Tako at The Crocodile Farm in Sandakan was bigger but of course, I couldn’t just go out there and tell everybody about it and spoil the fun right? :-P
Mr. Tako at the Sandakan Crocodile Farm
I was especially fascinated by the way they let you see the hatching of crocodile eggs FOR REAL. I really thought they were replicas at first but my close inspection had assured me that they were not.
As to how they hatch up a bunch of croc eggs, or well, presumably every day, I had no idea. Again, I’d say it is part of the Australian supremacy in biotechnology. It was almost unbelievable.The sound of the new-born crocodile babies was eerie to my ears though.
And of course, nothing could make me happier than finally getting to tick something off the list of ’10 Animals I Must See in Real before I Die’.
Koala gotta be the shyest animal on the planet. They wouldn’t look at my handsome face even when I tried to call out in the softest voice possible.
And when they did – my heart fell to the floor I had to pick it back up. 
They have the empowering soothing look that can melt your heart away with their extremely cute and adorable faces.
And they are just so cuddly I wished I could get a 1-minute hold of them! All I needed was a 1 minute. Sadly though, any contact with the animals was not allowed at the Sydney Wildlife World. :-(
And then, my very first encounter with the animal so much associated with Australia – the Kangaroos.
Unlike koalas, the kangaroos at the Sydney Wildlife World seemed to be more oblivious to any human figures moving closely around them.
Even this lazy spoilt brat here didn’t bother to look even when I said ‘Cheese!’ out loud a few times. Errrrkk.
I actually tried to bring one of them - apparently the biggest they had at the Sydney Wildlife World - but it was too heavy for me. Huhu. Maybe next time fella. :-D
IT really was amazing to see the existence so many animals in such a big number - all under one roof.
I got to see the cassowary which is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most dangerous bird in the world. It looks too beautiful for such an infamous title though. LOL
...and the king of all kingfishers - the laughing kookaburra!
I found her sarcastic and lingering laugh so irritating I actually asked her to stop and she obeyed. 
Good girl. LOL! All the animals seemed to be so well taken care of and even 'well-groomed' they actually looked much healthier than most animals at zoos that I’ve been to before.
Even their cockroaches looked clean, healthy and shiny I was sure they'd look good on a dish. Hehe.
One section of the building would allow you to get into a confinement with butterflies flying all around you.
Oh well, as usual, business strategy.
They’ll give a one last try in striking a deal with you buy forcing you to walk through the shop before you can reach the exit.
Sharing the gigantic building with the Sydney Wildlife World is another Australia’s major attraction – the Sydney Aquarium!
In the next post lehhh. For now, I need to find something to eat. So lapar already. ^_^


fufu said...

hohoho at least you gotto see kangaroos and koalas :) well i saw them when i was at singapore zoo though... just wanna get closer to them like my friends in brisbane... the kangaroos just jumping in front of them by the river.... lol

JIPP said...

hehe. gotta go deep into the countryside to see them in big number. Yeahh, a friend of mine rammed his car into a kangaroo and it died. :-(


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