03 October 2010

BONDI BEACH: I Was There...

If you don’t already know, this is actually the second part of my back-to-back entries on my lonely evening to Bondi Beach. The first part was here when I covered the other end of the walk way. Now, it I was heading towards the other end.
I couldn’t help but getting amazed by this beautiful painting on the wall that stretched along the beach of Bondi Beach and upon a closer inspection, they didn’t do it for nothing.
The painting is actually dedicated to those who were killed in the 2002 Bali Bombings that killed 202 victims in which 88 of them were Australians. It was amazing to see how they reflect their mourns and miseries through the poetic words that comes with the reflective painting itself. I FELT for them. Really.
You have every reason to come to Australia for the fact that it is not stingy when it comes to drinking water. You might have probably heard by now how a bottle of drinking water in most European countries is sold at almost the same price as a bottle of wine.  
I bought a small bottle of mineral water for EUR2.50 in Paris
Budget travelers like me survive their days in Paris by drinking from toilet water taps and you know how it pays to come inside a toilet there. (London has free toilets everywhere though). REST ASSURED for you in Australia, free drinking water is everywhere.
So, Bondi Iceberg (a restaurant or something) is the name and it gotta be one of the scariest buildings I’ve ever seen. It’s not the building that scares me but the surroundings. It just looks so……. threatening. I could already hear the sound of shattering glass by just looking at those panels of glass that make up most of the walls. Scary really.
Walking further on, the waves seemed to be intensifying as the dusk was nearing.
But the scenery was getting more and more scenic. I was beginning to see more and more of the reason as to why Bondi Beach is so famous worldwide.
The scenery along the seashore of Bondi Beach is something to behold for a lifetime.
It is simply breath-taking, almost unbelievable.
I felt lonely, oh well, A BIT, but I found it quiet therapeutic.
What a beautiful day, beautiful evening, beautiful moment.
If back in Sabah, I'd force myself to do my thrice-a-week runs in preparation of a marathon or something, I really don’t mind doing my run every day 7 days a week in Bondi Beach.
Not when I have a view like this to feed my eyes and mind with.
I watched as the sun slowly diminished down the horizon.
And almost fell asleep in the 'deliciousness' of the wind that breezed up from the Tasman Sea towards the Australian land.
OH CRAP! The wind was actually giving me a shiver. It was too windy my tripod got blown off a few feet away immediately after my camera snapped on the picture above. The aftermath?
I only returned to the beach when it was already too dark to stay around and the cold was beginning to penetrate DEEP to my bones.
Bondi Beach would remain in the picture of my mind FOREVER.  
I returned to central Sydney in a bus loaded with city-bound passengers. 
While pick-pockets are a common issue in most big cities in the world, Sydney seems to take an extra precaution by facilitating its buses with CCTV. It was weird to see myself LIVE on TV. LOL.
I jumped off the bus only to find out I was… wait! Oxford Street?! How did I get from Bondi Beach all the way to London??  
OK, I was still in Sydney then. Many streets in Sydney are named after the names of streets in London. What a good brotherhood between those two cities. After all most the early settlers in Sydney and even Australia have originated from England.
Even the Red District of Sydney takes after the name of the Red District of London and that was where I was headed to later. 
Oh well, I’m not gonna go details about my sleazy encounters in King Cross’s as I’m going to write about it in another entry. But it is one of those places where Liquor Shop is named Lick Her Shop so you know how sleazy this place can be. LOL.
I actually returned to the Hyde Park (yupp, they have Hyde Park in Sydney as well WTF) to see how beautiful the ANZAC War Memorial was at night.
And the Archibald Fountain – They didn’t dub it The Most Beautiful Fountain in Australia for nothing. o.O
Ohhh, and the St. Mary’s Cathedral really is a picture postcard at night.
Walking towards the Sydney Opera House, I wondered if any muslim would ever come to Sydney Hospital when it has this to welcome you at the entrance. LOL.  
I really thought what I saw moving in the park while I was on my way to the Sydney Opera House was a cat because it really looked like one UNTIL it ran its way straight up the tree almost effortlessly.  
My first encounter of a possum at the Royal Botanical Garden 
It was long before I took a very first glimpse of the Sydney Opera House – AT NIGHT!
The wide seaside walkway that leads up to the Opera House can be scarce with people as nobody is stupid enough to bask under the intense sun of Sydney during the day. But when night comes..Phew! It turns into a party venue.  
Judging at how most of them donned beautiful dresses and fancy (looking) suits, I assumed they had probably just come out from a theater show or something at the Opera House. 
By then, hunger was beginning to pinch from inside my stomach. Oh well, just in case you wondered if I managed to finish the Ultimate Double Burger that I bought from the Hungry Jack's at Bondi Beach, I actually didn't. The unfinished chunk had become my dinner. LOL! What a miskin traveller. :-P
Oh well, Sydney Opera House has one of those looks that can bring about the air of romance into the atmosphere for those who are there with somebody.  
Sadly though, I had nobody but myself. Uhuks.  
Looking at so many couples walking hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder, loneliness struck almost light a lightning. It was painful. Really. :-P
I knew I had to get the hell out of there before I acted weird so I took a train from Circular Quay station back to Central Station.
It is nearest station from the hostel.
It’d be my last day in Sydney the next day. Talking about saving the best for the last.... ^_^


Pu3 said...

Beautiful beach and beautiful paintings on the wall!

Ouch, hope nothing really bad happened to your camera from then on T_T

JIPP said...

Yupp, the painting is beautiful. Whoever painted it must be a very talented person. The camera - ya, it was a silly accident. It was very windy but I still wanted to put up the tripod. Huhu. Lesson learnt. Poor camera.

Kelvin said...

The nightview is beautiful too. I just love those lights ^_^

JIPP said...

Yupp. Night view around Sydney Harbour is fantastic. I got lost in its beauty. :-D

fufu said...

wow definitely gotta go back to sdyney for bondi beach :) lol and also opera house and darling harbour...so what the the best of the best?

JIPP said...

yupp, I can spend many many days there and still can't get enough of it. I'd love to go there during summer. There's more to see than just the view.:-D

Gallivanter said...

Photo galore! Reminds me of my visit to Australia ages ago!

JIPP said...

yupp. It's more like a photo galore actually. Hehe.


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