23 October 2010

AUS: Pointing to The World Map and Says 'I'VE Been There..'

Waking up on my very last day in the land of the down under, I actually woke up in the wee hours of the morning to do what was recommended by this Italian gentleman I briefly met at the Bondi Beach. *Confession: I really thought all Italians were six-footer! LOL!

Looking so Italian with all the hand-gesture and expressive impressions (remember Eat.Pray.Love LOL), he reiterated “You gotta wake up very early in the morning to catch the sunrise in Gold Coast. It’s very very beautiful”.
Oh well, it was quite cloudy so it the sunrise wasn’t probably in its best look but still... 
The scenery was simply mesmerizing.
Guys, I might exaggerate at certain things but early morning in Gold Coast is just so damn beautiful! 
For a moment I just sat there watching the nature comes alight with the dawn breaking from behind the horizon.
Breath-taking they may say, but this is far beyond. Gold Coast is simply at its best look at the break of dawn.
I can never say enough to describe how beautiful it was. 
The subtropical climate in Gold Coast makes it look very much like Malaysia. Even the asphalted roads seem so similar to the ones that we have here.
I noticed how most of the plants that they have there are quite commonly seen in Malaysia.
OK. You might don't see it. What about zooming in a little.
Look familiar? LOL. You see, go walk around and you’ll surely find this flower somewhere in your neighborhood.
I was especially amused to see this. WE call it ‘Tutan’ in Sabah and it is one of my favorite vegetables I actually demand my mom to cook a dish out of it every time I go back to my hometown Keningau. Jeez, can’t believe I found it in Australia. Hehe.
Being nearer to the equator line makes Gold Coast a warmer place to live in compared to the much colder Melbourne or even Sydney. It is why Gold Coast is a place of choice for most retirees to spend the rest of their life in.
If you expect Gold Coast to be full of brunettes and blondies with skimpy outfits and hardening-on crevasses all year long, I’m afraid you’re in for a disappointment. IN fact, it is full of elderly who seem to do nothing but walking their dogs along the beach every hour of the day.
But then, already being the most relaxing place that I’ve ever been to in my entire life, I don’t mind spending the rest of my life here in Gold Coast upon retirement.
With all the relaxation it offers, I’m sure I’m gonna live to be a hundred years old here. Insya. Hehe.
Gold Coast is just so beautiful it doesn't even need a sunny day to look marvellous.
I could stay there the whole day staring at the sky and beach paralleling to each other all the way to the Surfers Paradise.
Being one of the top tourist destinations in Australia, prices of food in the Gold Coast can choke you up to death if you have a tight pocket. Just check out this menu here, the cheapest you can get for a meal is by being a herbivore and eat vegetables and you still need to fish out some AUD15 out of your pocket. Imagine, RM50 for a stack of grass. Erkkk. 
You have the choice of letting yourself starve to death or go for those far cheaper fast foods. 
I chose to do the later.
At least I only spent around AUD8 for a kebab burger and a can of pepsi and still continued to live. :-P
The sky was quite cloudy over Gold Coast and there was one time when it drizzled but the moment it stopped, I ran to the beach to give it my final kiss.
Just as it is at most beaches in Queensland, they have certain rules to be followed. You’re only allowed to swim within the area between two flags. These are the areas that have been identified as safe for swimming and surfing activities.
They have lifeguards taking shifts to watch the beach so it is pretty much safe for you to swim within the ‘flagged areas’. Feeling so much like beaching swimming, I waggled my way towards the guard on duty and asked if it was safe to swim and whether the water wouldn’t freeze me to death. Note: the sand was quite cold to my bare feet.
Going quite off the topic, he jokingly said “Oh well, this is a very SILENT season of the year, pretty silent, pretty silent, but it is safe to swim, just nice, just nice”. I don’t know if it was Aussie thingy but I found it quite funny how he repeated those words. “It’s 23 degrees, 23 degrees, it’s just nice, just nice” he continued while nodding eratically. Erkkk.
So, just nice it is, I found myself wriggling out of my shirt and hitting into the water. And the lifeguard was right. The water was warmer that I’d expected. Wohoooooo!
Don't mind my lovehandles u freakkk!! LOL. Walking back to the hostel with drenched underwear, the cold was beginning penetrate deep into my crotch. To make matters worse, I was beginning to get itchy all over especially around THAT area. 
In the desperation to get dry, I barged into the very first toilet that I bumped into.
And walked back out with a towel slung around my waist and prayed that the wind wouldn’t blow it off.
Somebody actually left these sandals in my car many months before and whoever the owner was had remained a mystery up until today. I DID ask around but nobody seemed to know who they belonged to. If they happen to be yours, please come up to me with all the proof that they WERE yours. After all, this pair of sandals has travelled all the way to Australia, Singapore and the Philippines so I wouldn’t give it up that easily. :-P
It really is easy to see why tourists keep flocking up to Gold Coast every year. In addition to the beautiful beaches, the city of Gold Coast provides just about every facility for everybody’s use and convenience.

Again, my double thumb-ups for the availability of drinking water to keep everybody hydrated. At least people are spared from having to bring their own water and succumbing to the probability of littering the bottles around.
Ohhh, and they really are fully-aware how disastrous it is to step on a fresh dog shit while walking bare-footed on the beach. Yucks. Can't even imagine. LOL  
And despite being a very safe country, they still remind you to lock your car all the time.
At least it looks far more friendlier than how they do it here in Malaysia. 
Taken around my neighbourhood in Telipok, Kota Kinabalu
And remember how I told you about their brilliant idea of keeping the beaches wide?
It really is amazing to see how they preserve their beaches. They put up the sand traps during the ‘SILENT’ season and only take them off during the ‘peak’ season which is summer. Something to learn again.
So………..it’d be my very last day in Gold Coast and Australia as a whole.I had come to the end of my journey.
Australia. Australia. Australia. It has been ringing in my head for many many years so coming to experience it for myself was something of a great achievement for somebody who wishes to travel all the seven continents before he dies.
Free Wallpaper for you (1500x850) :-)
It didn't feel good having to say good bye to this very gifted land. Uhuks.
But then at least, I can always look at the world map and say………..
I'VE BEEN THERE.... :-)))


fufu said...

the australia bag caught my attention!!!! well beautiful beaches and stunning sunsets

JIPP said...

hehe. Yeah, it suddenly became my travel fellow in Australia. And yeah, they've got beautiful beaches there. Don't mind going there again. :-)

aud said...

Where were all the beach babes and surfer dudes ? ;P

Australia on my list, one day. Hopefully the forex will be a little more favourable :)

JIPP said...

haha. it was autumn so people don't really go out on the beach. Try going there in summer. sure crowded one. I liked it when there were less ppl around tho. BTW, u play forex? wow. That's interesting. :-)

aud said...

eh, not forex (duh!) I meant currency exchange :) Yes, I think summer or spring would be better cos I don't feel like spending on buying autumn/winter clothings. Unless I strike the jackpot!! Haha.

JIPP said...

owhh. Hehe. I tot THAT forex. Kinda tried it one time and it sux. LOL. Yupp, really hv to consider winter clothes. Most ppl don't know how expensive they r. :-)

ken said...

i have NOT been there, yet! :(

nice breathtaking scenery views btw! :)

JIPP said...

yupp. Gold Coast is beautiful. SOmeday Ken. :-)

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