28 October 2010

Things About Karaokeing

I AM A KARAOKE PERSON. Ever since I was involuntarily granted the privilege of joining the glamorous MO30 club (ehem!), I have given up MOST of my not-so-frequent visits to the likes of disco and techno ‘bang-bang’ nighclubs, leaving my mean of entertainment to karaokeing and probably night bars with live band performances. I have even stopped visiting strip shows of which I sometimes took a part in. 

23 October 2010

AUS: Pointing to The World Map and Says 'I'VE Been There..'

Waking up on my very last day in the land of the down under, I actually woke up in the wee hours of the morning to do what was recommended by this Italian gentleman I briefly met at the Bondi Beach. *Confession: I really thought all Italians were six-footer! LOL!

Hitting Into The Surfers Paradise!

Oh well, as I said in the previcous entry, the epicenter of life in Golden Coast is located in a place called Surfers Paradise. Located some 20km from the hostel and Coolangatta Airport, we had to hop onto a coach to go there.

20 October 2010

The Shimmering Gold Coast!

IT wasn’t a good first hello from the Virgin Blue for me. The flight appeared to have come right across a hazardous weather that even the lady who sat next to me verified that ‘It was not normal’. Just to have that coming from the mouth of somebody who had been constantly taking flight to Sydney to visit her daughter over the years, it was just so damn scary.

15 October 2010

Rungus Traditional Long House

This is gonna be a very badly-worded entry. I've been running here and there for the last few days so my head was too occupied with a lot of thinking so this entry was more like prepared in between those runs.

Anyway... Just in case you go up north, and you are not stupid enough to think that Kudat is all about Simpang Mangayau, you should at least make some effort to drop by the famous Kudat Traditional Rungus Longhouse.

07 October 2010

The Largest Aquarium in The World

If you think the number one attraction in Sydney is the Opera House, think again. Bearing the reputation as one of the largest aquariums in the world, Sydney Aquarium is actually Sydney’s #1 attraction.
Displaying 650 species that comprise 6000 individual fish and other sea and water creatures from most of Australia’s water Habitat, it is highly favored by both local and tourists alike.

Entering the World of The Wildlife in Sydney

SO, it’d be my very last day in Sydney. I silently packed up and walked out when my Scottish roommate was still snoring (jeez, his thick Scottish accent was giving me some problem. It didn’t sound anything like William Wallance in the Braveheart AT ALL).
I had Maggie noodles for breakfast, my very first taste of beef for Maggie noodles actually. Quite too sweet for my Dusunic tongue though. LOL

03 October 2010

BONDI BEACH: I Was There...

If you don’t already know, this is actually the second part of my back-to-back entries on my lonely evening to Bondi Beach. The first part was here when I covered the other end of the walk way. Now, it I was heading towards the other end.
I couldn’t help but getting amazed by this beautiful painting on the wall that stretched along the beach of Bondi Beach and upon a closer inspection, they didn’t do it for nothing.


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