27 September 2010

Sydney: The OMG Darling Habour

ALL I had for a help was a memory of the google map that I had IN MY MIND and I just kept walking putting my whole trust in my not-so-good sense of direction. 
My walk-trail
Somehow though, it wasn’t long before I arrived at the Darling Harbour and it was just so OHH EMMM GEEE.
I mean, it really is. Darling Harbour is like the city version of a fairytale. There are many restaurants that allow you to feed your stomach and your eyes at the same time.
Oh well, feeling a little hungry after all the walks since morning, I decided to look for some place to eat. I was actually quite disappointed to find out this floating restaurant was closed. My wallet was too heavy I needed to lighten it down a little. :-P
No lah. Of course I couldn’t have afforded even if it was open. I’ve always been a budget traveler. Instead, my heart actually leapt at the sight of this.
And before I knew I was already inside the Harbourside Shopping Centre and promptly ordered a Big Mac set for my late lunch. Nyum nyum.
Mind to tell you that McDonald’s in Sydney (and probably Australia) don’t provide chili sauce like they do here in Malaysia. I actually ventured asking and the girl at the counter gave me a baffled look before disappearing into the kitchen for one or two minutes before coming back with this. You see, there's no harm of asking. ALWAYS ASK. Always. :-P
Ohhh, and did I tell you that McDonald's is not categorically an expensive restaurant in Australia? One serving is around AUD7.00. Take a peek at the prices for standard meals at an Asian food restaurant here. The restaurant is located right at the right-side entrance to Harbourside Shopping Centre.
I took a very quick tour inside the Harbourside Shopping Centre. Oh well, whether the shopaholic devils had some mercy on my fast-thinning wallet or it was just another typical shopping mall in Australia, I didn't see anything so special about it.
In fact, the only shop that caught my attention was this. I've never seen so many lollipops being put in one single shop my stomach actually churned at the 'aura of sweetness' that surrounded them. LOL. 
Coming out of the Harbourside Shopping Centre, there was one place I wanted to go next.
Oh well, I would say, The Australian National Maritime Museum is the kind of places that you should go to when you’ve got plenty of time to kill but quite OK to skip if you’ve got too many places to go within a limited period of time.
To tell the truth, the only reason I went there was for the fact that the admission is free. You’ve only got to get the sticker from the counter and stick it on your cloth. Weird, but that’s just the way they do it.
Being so far apart from the rest of the world, navigation is so much significant to the history of Australia. It is how the venture in navigation that took James Cook to the land of down under all the way from England when he founded Australia back in 1770s.
And I gotta give my double thumb-ups to Australia’s bold action in banning whaling activities in its territorial waters and even close doors to any import of whale products to this country – an industry that it had once pioneered. *say boooooooo to the world's whale draculas Japan and Norway..
Hermm, I actually made a one quick round inside the museum before I decided to make it to the exit. Last time I would expect to see in a maritime museum is a space-dominating exhibition of characters from the Greek Myths.
I am too much of a realist for them. (Is realist the right word?LOL).
They even have a garuda hovering inside the museum.  
Oh well, at least you get to see the world's fastest boat being put on display at the Australian National Maritime Museum.
Back on the outside, I was putting my clip-on shades back on when I found out they were broken. Jeez. Whatever happened to my plan to buy Transition lenses??
I had to keep up with the intensity of the sun in Sydney. It was autumn so it wasn't really hot, but the sun was just so intense and blindingly bright I swear I could go blind if I stayed under the sun for too long.
Errr, the picture was taken as I continued my walk by crossing over the Darling Harbour on this beautiful bridge called Pyrmont Bridge. Sorry, I don’t know how to pronounce it. It doesn’t even sound an English word to me. LOL. But the Darling Harbour is probably best viewed from there.
Darling Harbour is actually quite too huge to cover on foot. You have the option of doing a quick tour by getting on this mini-train for AUD4.50. Unfortunately, I didn’t have that much time.
Not when I had this to cover next. o.O
It’s the Sydney Wildlife World and Sydney Aquarium ladies and gentlemen!
Dubbed as the biggest in-building wildlife sanctuary and aquarium IN THE WORLD, your visit to Sydney would be a complete joke if you didn’t visit these two tourist magnets. IT’s like skipping KLCC on your very first visit to KL or probably a visit to Patong in Phuket without visiting one of those Go Go Bars at the Bangla Road.
Sydney Wildlife World and Sydney Aquarium shared the same building so gigantic you might need at least half a day to experience everything that they have to offer there.

Started off at the Powerhouse Museum and later at the so so Australian Maritime Museum – all on foot – it was almost 3 pm when I got there. Considering how a single entry to the Sydney Wildlife World would cost me around AUD35 (RM115?) and another AUD35 for the Sydney Aquarium, I appeared to be too much of an investment for a less than 2 hours tour (unless I wanted to come back again the next day because the ticket would be valid til 12pm the next day).
The lady at the counter actually agreed that I should come another day. 2 hours is too short for Sydney Wildlife World and Sydney Aquarium. I decided to come back there again some other day but definitely not the next day. I already had someplace else in mind for the next day.  
I continued my walking tour by turning to St. George’s Street, a street that I believed would take me back to my hostel.  
I like St. George's Street for the fact that it is one of the most 'happening' streets in Sydney but it is also a street that can instantly strip you off the privillege of being an Asian in what is supposedly a 'mat salleh' country. Seriously, it is full of Asians.  
I had nothing more to catch up with for the day so I took my sweet time looking around and stopping to see anything that caught my attention.
Taken right across the road from the City Town Hall
It’d been a long walk for me and my legs were beginning to get tired I was so tempted to push this old lady out of that little mobile thingy of hers and sped away together with that little cute puppy. I mean, seriously, the thought was really there! *evil grin.
Ohhh, and I know where this guy should go to.
Here. I am sure he’d fit for the ‘age’ category and even be granted of a discount. LOL
I actually returned to Mountbatten Hotel and spent some money away over this for dinner.
One of the best meals that I've ever had in Sydney - and definitely one of the most expensive ones.LOL. I brought the good taste of it to my sleep that night.  
I am not gonna tell you where exactly I went to the next day, but here's a clue.
I know. I am as excited as you are. :-D


Ellen said...

Macam sedap oh itu steak! And phew, looking at the route you followed, then I'd say the chunk of meat is well deserved la!

Kelvin said...

Is the big mac bigger there? US's big mac is BIG!

fufu said...

ops i miss darling harbour!!!! wish malaysia would have such nice harbour soon... hihihi

JIPP said...

Ellen: yaa, just a perfect meal to end the day with. hehe.
Kelvin: No, I think it's about the same that we hv here in Msia, if not smaller. hehe. Yeah, my first impression was - smaller. Large to Large.
Fufu: No. WE don't have anything like it in Msia. NOt even close but we do have other things tho. :-)

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