15 September 2010

Malaysia Day: Finally A Birthday Celebration

So, Malaysia has finally gathered some senses and declared 16 September whose significance to the formation of Malaysia as something to be celebrated by the whole country. 47 years had passed by, 6 Prime Ministers took turn, at least half a dozen of CMs - it is baffling to see what took THEM so long to notice how Malaysia wouldn't be as it is today if not for something that had happened exactly 47 years ago today.
Thanks to the interesting upset that had taken the Malaysian political map by storm, sparked mostly by the recent outcome in the latest General Election, Sabahan leaders seemed to have the federal noses on the other end of the rope – at least for the time being. They finally managed to push, amongst others, 16 September a nationwide public holiday - something that had come quite too late but still better than never.
For all these years, Sabahan people together with Sarawakian were forced to celebrate 31 August to commemorate the Independence Day when they were not even in the picture back in 1957.
Oh well, maybe we can say that we celebrate it for our friends in the Peninsular - in a truly 1 Malaysia spirit.

But then when we celebrate the birthday of a friend more than we celebrate ours and the friend doesn't even celebrate our birthday, there's definitely something wrong somewhere. I mean, it's not fair. They've got a big birthday party; we don't even get a picnic and don’t tell me you don’t get what I mean.
But then, I'd say, 31 August is a day to celebrate by the whole country including Sabah and Sarawak. It is the day when the then Malaya got its hard-earned Independence from the British. Only then the idea of the formation of Malaysia had come about. If they didn't get the independence, the idea of the formation might never come about in the heads of our leaders. Sabah might still be trying to mend all the pieces together and struggling to stand alone in the post-war era. May be.
So, we celebrate 31 August, we celebrate 16 September. 31 August is the birthday of the idea, 16 September is the birthday of formation. Sabah DID NOT JOIN Malaysia, it FORMED Malaysia together with Sarawak & Peninsular and Singapore. We didn't come into the house as an in-law; we built the house together to have equal rights to it. We have every right to use the kitchen, the bathroom, the toilet, the storage room, the fridge, etc. We deserve to have our own room with comfortable bed and mattresses and pillows and comforters and not just a couch to sleep on.
We even deserve the rights to what were agreed upon when we first built the house.  
We call them the basics of the formation.
Let us all celebrate the true birthday of our beloved Malaysia, the day when the country took the shape into how it is today.
Happy Malaysia Day everyone!


Kelvin said...

Geez, can't see singapore in the map haha XD

Happy Malaysia Day ^_^

JIPP said...

haha. oh well, it doesn't really matter now right? :-D Thanks Kelvin.

Rahul Patel said...

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