30 August 2010

There Goes My Buka Puasa

This place is crazy.
They’ll let you pay RM18 to eat all of these...
It is a steamboat and you’re free to pick your own choices of food. Nine (9) of them altogether.
And it is not just an ordinary steamboat. The specialty lies in its broth. It’s porridge!
And always come with complimentary drink. ALWAYS.
Upon loaded into the broth, it has to be constantly stirred up to avoid the broth from ‘solidifying’ and crusting.
Oh well..
There goes my buka puasa.. Burppppp! Syukur...


chegu carol said...

di mana ni jipp? sandakan?

aud said...

Er, the claypot looks huge. One person's portion, kah? Very interesting this steamboat porridge; gave me an idea to cook like that! :)

JIPP said...

Carol: Ya, Sandakan. :-)
Aud: Hehe. It is huge. I managed to finish it and almost died of overeating. LOL

armouris said...

info tentang puasa Ramadhan di SIHAT SELALU - Puasa Baik Untuk Kesihatan

Murphy said...

oh boy, oh boy, that golden needle mushroom is my favourite :-P~

Kelvin said...

Very worth it. I am full just by seeing the porridge~

JIPP said...

Murpy: Me too!!! LOL.
Kelvin: Yupp, worth it. I actually surprised myself by finishing it all. Hehe.


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