06 July 2010

The Sunset Music Fest 2010

Having missed this event last year, I made my time to drive over to Simpang Mengayau in Kudat last weekend.
I was glad to see the road had been asphalted to provide such a smooth ride to what is known as the Tip of Borneo for being the furthest North tip of this third largest island in the world.  

Welcoming us at the junction was this hilarious bunch of kids who kept waving at just about everybody that comes to be part of this yearly event.
OMG, looking at how happy they were, I wished I could be a kid again where all the worries are far far out of sight. Huhu.  
I was quite surprised and somehow delighted to see what a big turn-up the event was receiving when I got there. 
But we were probably there quite too early. 

And being there too early means everybody had to get through a little bit of BBQ-ing session except that it was us who were being BBQ-ed. 
Apparently, they didn’t give this pamphlet out to just about every guest for nothing.  
I wondered what it would take for you to get invited to this event. Wasn’t everybody invited? 
Being one of those uninvited ones, I had to set for somewhere from where I could see everything 360 degrees. 
I don’t know why they suggested in the website that visitors should bring their own mats for the reason that ‘seats are limited’ when the make-shift stage and the stand were set up on a slope area. 
Mark my words for this but you really don’t have to. You wouldn’t want to end up rolling down to the cliff and becoming an unintended highlight of the event.
The dramatic Orange Netherland’s sending the yellow Brazil home in the World Cup the night before might have gotten too much into the Sabah Tourism Board director that he promptly directed his officers to wear orange T-shirts to the event. LOL! 
Errrrr, I actually went to ask one of the officers just exactly what time the event would begin when a Roger Wang and his band group had already performed at least a few songs. I didn’t know he was part of the program. Opps! Roger who again? 
So, it really started when all the 70 musicians from the Jesselton Philharmonic Orchestra took to the stage and performed a series of instrumentals ranging from the lesser known to some of the greatest instrumentals of all time including masterpieces by the legendary Mr. Mozart.
I was actually surprised to see how the Jesselton Philharmonic Orchestra consisted mostly of young musicians.
Some of them couldn’t be older than 13 years old and already playing so much like a pro. Imagine how better can they play in 10 years time from now? o.O

Watching, or rather listening, to the great performances while looking at the sun making its way down to the horizon of the South China Sea, it gotta be a beautiful evening for everybody who was there to capture the blissful moment.
Ohh, and the organizers really knew how to surprise the attendees by bringing the local songbird Clare Petrus Edwin on stage to sing Rindu Bayangan – a beautifully ‘orchestrated’ song made popular by Jay Jay back in the 80’s. It wasn’t even in the program list.  
But it was her second song ‘You Raise Me Up’ that had brought the audience down into an almost complete silence. IN fact, she sang it very beautifully.  
And it certainly brought more of the ‘big L’ into the air of Simpang Mengayau that evening.
Yeahh..big big L indeed. Hehe.  
What a perfect song to end the evening with. I was quite amused how the MC actually forced the audience to give them a standing ovation (Com’on guys. Don’ you want to give them a standing ovation??) LOL! 
But then I’d say they deserved it. I personally enjoyed every moment of it. 
And of course the super-talented Miss Claire was more than ready to take a picture with the sunburnt me after I assured her I would be the first to buy her album once it is released. 
Hehe. Kidding. I didn’t promise her anything. :-P So, another musical event was attended. I’m now looking forward to much a bigger scale of music fest this week– the one and only Rainforest World Music Festival! 
See you there guys!


chegu carol said...

Was it really worth going Jipp? Like seriously? Cos I might consider it in my list for next year.

Anyways, have fun at the RWMF? Are you going to spend the whole three nights event? I hope so cos I only went for one night last year and obviously I had only enjoy a quarter of the music fun there.

thomas said...

Nice place to have a musical event
right at the tip of Borneo,
hope to visit the place once.

Ellen said...

This looked incredible, great opportunity to some cultural exposure for the people of the state and also more state-related exposure for the visitors. Seeing this makes me long for home ever so much!

JIPP said...

Yeah, you've got it just right Ellen. Being somebody who is very much into music, I am glad they do organize events such as this to expose our people with the idea of reuniting through music or music events. On the other hand, this event can promote some of the places that we can offer to our visitors. :-) Longing for home? yeah, there's nothing like home. :-)

chegu carol said...

Eiii macam sa rasa sdh kasi comment tadi...tapi MIA pula sdh.

Anyways, enjoy yourself at RWMF. Are you going for the whole three nights event? I only went for one night last year and I was clearly missed so much of the most-talk-about fun at the event.

JIPP said...

something went wrong with the comment system since yesterday. Many comments missing. Hope it is OK now. Nway, thanks Carol. I will enjoy definitely enjoy it. I had planned to get a 3-day pass but the tickets were sold out b4 I managed to buy any. I've already bought for the Sat night, still considering I should go for the Friday. Will see. :-)

JIPP said...

Thomas : yupp, eye for the next year's Sunset Music Fest. It's the best reason to go all the way to the Tip of Borneo coz it is quite far from KK. ;-)

Ellen said...

For sure I miss home! Particularly Kudat - both my parent's birthplace! I miss seeing the kelapa sawit, kelapa tua, the stray kerbaus hanging 'round in Kota Belud!

On a different note though, did Widgie tell you? We're going to a few music events ourselves - Bon Jovi and Metallica!! XD

JIPP said...

I knew it! I knew it! I read somehwere that Bon Jovi would be heading to Melbourne to do a concert! OH NO. I can't believe you two are going to attend it while I've been waiting my entire life for this group to come over to Malaysia. Huhuhu. Anyway, u two have fun. Let me deal with my frustration. Uhuks uhuks.

Jingle said...

One of the impressive place you can say that it is to have the music concert.

JIPP said...

You're right Jingle. I'm glad it has now become an annual event. :-)


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