01 July 2010

Singapore The Lion City!

My latest travel trip actually happenend a few days ago. This time I went to The Lion City of Singapore!
IT was more like a weekend getaway of some sort for me. I know I have quite a number of Singaporean readers so I’ll try not to be too harsh. :-D
But then, I actually thought Singapore was quite boring at first, that it was just another city in the central stage of battle in gaining architectural superiority.
Yes, I might get wowed but I just thought Singapore lacked the element that I looked forward to in every country that I'd come to - the uniqueness of culture.
May be because Singapore was part of Malaysia once ago and that it is still very much Malaysian or rather Malaysian too much Singaporean – either way.
Unless you've come to see streets flooded up with people in summer dress, there really is nothing much to see in Singapore. Errr, or so I thought.  
But may be I was wrong. Modern, convenient, vibrant and lively, Singapore is probably the kind of city that each of us want our city to be. 
It really is amazing to see what they've got on an island. 
And Singapore is probably the only city where you don't really need a map unless you have to go somewhere really really in particular. 
Singapore is just so convenient, probably too much a convenient city for a South East Asian country.
And I don’t have to tell you how clean Singapore is. Years ago a group singer from Malaysia had caused a uproar when he described Singaporeans as the people who eat sampah (trashes). Coming to see it for myself, I really don’t blame him. He only needed to know how to put it in better words. 
With a location so much near to the equator, Singapore is a one damn hot country. By midday you'll see how most of the streets would be scarce of people you'll tend to wonder where they are hiding. 
Of course they are still there. They just stay away from the intensity of the burning sun by going underground.
Oh yeah, the whole city is full of underground walk links and even underground shopping malls.
And  I was amazed to see how their underground world is actually full of energy.. 
..and amusement for your ever-curious eyes.  
If you live in Kota Kinabalu where prices of food are more expensive than they are in most other cities in Malaysia, then you'd think food prices for standard meals here in Singapore are quite OK.  
Good thing is that they are not cincai when it comes to food. 
Seriously, I'd rather come to Singapore for their food than anything else. 
I don’t know you guys but while I ran into quite a number of beggars in London, Paris and Sydney, Singapore is the only place where I didn’t see any beggars in my whole stay there. Weirdos, yes, but never a beggar. It indicates how well Singaporeans are doing. o.O
I was too late to know that the place that I stayed in was located in the red district of Singapore, which was not good for me because I tend to get curious with anything red.  
Just head down to this area here and you’ll see hookers lining up along the street so ready to give you the best of bargain. 
My T-shirt was almost torn off when one of them pulled at it so hard I actually almost fell to the drain no kidding. 
I couldn’t help but noticing the existence of so many Indonesians in Singapore but the ones that they’ve got here seem to be so well-off and somehow better looking. It made me wonder, what kind of Indonesians do we have here in Malaysia? 
Calling out to the ladies, IT IS worth to come to Singapore for shopping. At least they don't give one of those stupid tourist pricings. 
Whoever says Singaporeans speak English in their casual conversations is a liar. They still use their mother tongue language all the time. 
Chinese speaking Chinese to another Chinese, Malay amongst Malays, Indian amongst Indians.
The only ones that you’d see talking like Phua Chu Kang are probably the teenagers.
Ohhh, and Sentosa Island is worth a visit.
It offers such a real beach lifestyle with a fake beach. Hehe.
And just as I was so ready to burn at least SYD60 out of my wallet just to get on a cable car, I was told that it was currently not operational to give way to some maintenance work. I was disappointed but of course, there is always next time.
And I wonder why Singapore would splash too much of their water when they keep accusing Malaysia of being too hard on them over the pricing of water supply.
And Singapore is smart. Almost each main attraction that I went to, there was no way I could avoid going through a shopping mall. They really know how to seduce the shopaholic devils out of everyone.
So, the best way to avoid falling for this scheme is by doing this.
Hehe. So… Singapore is not that boring after all. It has its ‘own things’.
I’m glad I’m gonna be heading back to this wonderful city later this year to join the much coveted Standard Chartered Marathon 2010. Now looking foward..Looking foward...Looking foward to it :-)))


kenwooi said...

nice entry.. the last time i was there was in 2008.. someone only one day in orchard road.. lol..

one day must explore the island more =)

JIPP said...

ochard road was so damn crowded when I was there, I couldn't wait to get out of it. LOL! Yupp, amazing how so many things a little island can offer.:-)

Ellen said...

Surprisingly, Sg being Malaysia's neighbour, I've never visited it until my dad needed medical attention there but I must say that I have been most impressed by how nice, civilised and respectful the country has been! I think growing up, the rivalry between Sg and Msia has always been ripe and I went through my Uni days with a slight anti-Sg sentiment, but I must admit I have been proven very wrong! The people have been friendly, helpful and just really down to earth. Plus in my time, I've also made very good friends with Singaporeans. All in all, a very recommendable little island of a country!

Kelvin said...

Lucky u did not post any bad things...if not i will spam u XD

Lizeewong said...

Very interesting post Jipp...As usual, you make me want to visit the place too :)

JIPP said...

Ellen: Yupp, agree with you. WE've got a lot to learn from this neighbour of ours. :-)
Kelvin: Haha. I know. I was just being nice. :-D
Liz: Thanks. You should go there Liz. Convenient even if you bring your kids with you. ;-)

chegu carol said...

I think I should put Spore in my travel wish list. The nearest lagi tu. Spore Great Sale is in July bah tu kan? :D

JIPP said...

ya Carol. Heard Sales in Spore are crazy. hehe. KK-Singapore direct flights are so appealing. It only takes 2hours15mins. ;-)

aud said...

I'd like my next Singapore trip to be during Xmas season when Orchard Street is all lighted up. Gahhhh, again kicking myself for missing the SCSM registration this year.

JIPP said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JIPP said...

Orchard road was so damn packed with people when I was there. I don't even want to imagine how worse it would be when it is nearing a big celebration like Xmas. Never mind about the Spore Run. There's always next year. Spore probably can't accomodate too many ppl. :-)


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