13 July 2010

Rainforest World Music Festival 2010

So, one of my most awaited events this year actually happened just last weekend at a place called Sarawak Cultural Village, about 35 km from the Sarawak capital city of Kuching.
The Rainforest World Music Festival as I found out was obviously designed to generate money. If you’re a nobody, you wouldn’t be able to reach the cultural village right away.
Instead, you’d be required to park your car at the Sentubong Resort from where you’d have to take a shuttle bus at RM 5 for a 5-minute trip to the venue (RM10 for a return).
Errr, not really right to the venue but at the last junction from where you’d have to walk for another 1 km or so to really really get to the entrance.
And this is me looking so rainforest in a green T-shirt so ready to hit into the party!
And generating money it is, in addition to the already not-so-cheap entry tickets, they would force you to spend more of your money by buying some of their not-so-cheap foods and drinks.
Ohhh, and they would actually search every bag out and take whatever element of food from it to stop people from turning the RWMF into some kind of picnic.
Errr, just in case you’re curious, you can burn RM4 out of your wallet by having a chicken wing char-burnt exclusively for you like this. LOL!
But then, the RM110 ticket price for a one-day pass is actually well-justified considering how an entry to Sarawak Cultural Village on any normal day would already cost you at least RM45. So, by attending the RMWF, you actually buy yourself an exclusive pass to this extravagant big party PLUS a tour to this world renowned cultural village.
And without a doubt, the RWMF is the best celebration that Malaysia has ever offered to me so far probably because Malaysia doesn’t really have a celebration, I mean, a real celebration where things were not really tied down to those ridiculous ‘ice-lamb laws’.
And sure enough, no other place can be more perfect to hold this celebration then right here at the Sarawak Cultural Village.
Situated right at the foothill of the mystical Sontubong Mountain, Sarawak Cultural Village has such a scenic beauty and the relaxing lush GREENery of a rainforest to offer to its visitors.
Just take a tour around this village and you’ll know pretty much about everything of this gifted state of Sarawak and its wonderful ethnic people.
Touring from one house to another, the houses are actually so reflective to the diversity of cultures and ethnicities in Sarawak and how they eventually adapted modern elements into their everyday lives.
There were times when I felt the whole village was more like a gigantic exhibition or probably a museum or something because there were just so many things to get amazed by including the traditional arts and decors and a vast number of handicrafts and hand-made gadgets.
Looking at the existence of so many traditional items in each of the houses, I just wished that there were more info provided of them so that a dumb-headed like me wouldn’t try too much to figure out what each of them was for and end up doing something stupid like this along the process. Hehe.
Apparently, some of the wooden structures were built to test your guts for height.
And some for imbalance.
Musical concerts actually began much earlier than the scheduled 7pm but they all took place at some of the houses so it really was something extra for just about every visitor who was there to really appreciate music.
And I felt so sorry for these elderly people who had to keep up watching nothing but the rows of asses’ waka-waka-ing along with the music performed by a group from South Africa.
So, as it was nearing 7pm, we went to the concert venue where decent seats were being fast occupied. WE were lucky to have managed to get some space on the wooden seats.
But it wasn’t the most comfortable seat to be on. The most comfortable seats were these.
I was so envied by them somehow for the fact that they looked more like being on a beach than being at a concert. I would definitely bring one of those next year. Quite true to its name, the concerts at the Rainforest World Music Festival took place at a gigantic set of stage with the greenery of a lush rainforest as the backdrop. So so cool!
A heavy downpour the night before had turned the audience field into a bloody muddy piece of land.
You see how people seem to ewwww away from the muddy field before the concert actually took off.
And quite true to my prediction, it wouldn’t be long before somebody ignites somebody else before that somebody else ignites somebody else to ignite somebody else with another somebody to get into the mud.
OK, what I mean is – people would eventually hit into the mud. All we need is somebody or some people to start it. And true enough,
The first group to perform had consisted of three super-talented brothers from Iran.
Ohh, and the singer really knew how to send the ladies screaming for mercy by stripping down to his waist. LOL!
By the time the second group from Japan had performed, the muddy field was almost fully-occupied by the crowds.
Then there came a group from French whose plays were so heavily Irish to me. They really made me wanna dance.
My favorite performer of the night was actually this combination of musicians from a number of different countries whose singer looked every bit like Diana Ross to me. This Diana Ross really nailed it with her killer vocal (not her kangkangness OK? :-P)
OH jeez, it really was such an adrenaline-pumping experience to be in such a great concert with such a great audience. The madness, the vibrancy, the flow of energy that was swirling around– wohoooo. It was crazily fun to be a part of it all. o.O
What I like about the concert was that, while the music was so fantastically performed, the musicians would actually dance along to the music they played, even in the most erractic and actually funniest ways of dancing possible at times, without a specifically choreographed movement.
They seemed to be enjoying the moment as much as us the audience was.
You see, it wasn’t really about obliging to performing but more like enjoying doing it.
I was having so much fun, perhaps too much of it that quite in a few times that I felt like peeing, I would hold it because I didn’t want to miss every moment of it! Hehe.
And as the night continued, things began to get really muddy that it was beginning to turn into a mud celebration, errr, literally.
And I gotta tell you, the mud didn’t smell good. IN fact, it had that smothering pigsty smell. Still, people seemed to enjoy being pigs. Hehe.
So, being quite unprepared and dumb-struck, I spared myself from the mud this year. (yeah, I changed my cloth)
But I am gonna go all out next year and dive into the mud stark naked. Remind me to do it, will ya? At least that was my promise to Kenny Sia who was stinking with mud all over him himself. LOL!
And as the night continued again, I saw how the people in the fold-up chairs were being stripped off their beachy comfort and forced to leave one by one. Pity them. :-(
And I have nothing but sympathy for all the volunteers who would have to clear off all the things that would be left behind later in the aftermath of the celebration.
And especially to those who were to clean up the bloody muddy toilets. LOL!
Oh well, apparently not everybody was enjoying the RWMF I actually overheard somebody who was leaving with a pouty face while saying ‘I can’t believe Rainforest World Music Festival can be so boring!’

Well, here is the thing.

1. You hate crowds.

2. You are disgusted by alcohol or anything associated by it.

3. You are disgusted by drunk people.

4. You hate mud.

5. You can’t stand seeing people baring much of their flesh.

6. You are too diva to sit on a rock solid ground.

7. You are not really into music, not to the extent that you can appreciate it.

If you fall into any of those categories, stay away from RWMF. It is just not for you. Otherwise, you'll end up sleeping THROUGH it.  
For me, Rainforest World Music Festival is probably the only big celebration in Malaysia that I don’t mind attending again and again every year.
I am so glad how a place like Kuching can organize such a big event, not to mention – keraaazi, and I am even more impressed how they can handle such a big stack of madness in such a big number of people.
Next year? For the love of music or simply to enjoy the moment, it is definitely a big YES.


Kelvin said...

Dunno why ppl just can't take the rubbish away~

Did u secretly pee in the mud? XD

aud said...

Hey I didn't see you! We were on the hillslope on the left of the stage ..plenty of space on our 'picnic blanket' :-)

The Iranians were awesome, eh? The percussions were CRAZY.

chegu carol said...

no maori people this time?
by the way, last year they had two stages, one was the big main stage and another one on the right side, built much higher. when performers on the main stage rest, the other performers performed on the other stage. but it was more on traditional instruments performance (still rocks tho).

my bro's gf's mom was there as well and she complained about those ppl who had fun with the mud party. she said, kena potong stim dia mau tingu good music. :)

my gf who went with me last year, she had the same spot we had last year. Right in front of the stage. Berdiri la... but when you start to have fun dancing...there's no need for sitting anymore, right?

JIPP said...

Carol: I think they did the same operating concept at it had been last year. If you look closely you'd see there is a smaller stage apart from the big one. The mud was part of the fun la. In fact I was so ready to join the mud celebration but I wasn't prepared to sacrifice my kasut. Hehe.
Aud: Hehe. Most of the lady friends liked the Iranians above all. Quite understandable tho. Hehe. With a crowd that big it was impossible to spot anybody. Hope you enjoyed as much as I did. :-)
Kelvin: Haha. I'll keep it to myself. :-P

Lizeewong said...

Jipp, you should wear those black gum boots next year. Baru sinang ko menari hehehe..Aramaiti terus :P

Abdulkadar said...

This is a really great way to give out Talent and work for a Noble Cause.Different People from Different Places coming and getting together to help the needy.People performing on Multiple Stages,when some take rest,other performers start performing;working on traditional instruments,it is really fabulous.When working for a Noble Cause the Real Talent comes out and nothing is more than that.I really love this site.

JIPP said...

Thanks Addulkadar. I didn't know that RWMF was organized to help the needy but if it is true that we all have more reason to attend it every year. :-)

MTTJ said...

Uouuuuuu, what a coincidence! We were at the RWMF the same day than you !!!
I'd like to meet you, what's a pity.
In fact I can recognize my daughter and myself in your picture number 23, just on the right sitting down at the first row.
A great Festival, I enjoyed it a lot!

Maria Teresa

JIPP said...

Maria: WOw, u were there too? It was my very first time attending it and I enjoyed it very very much. Yeah, it could hv been fun meeting you there. Probably next time. :-)

MASWings said...

Gearing up for the next RWMF 2014? You can fly MASWings to Kuching! :) http://on.fb.me/13tQGIH


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