08 June 2010

Good Bye Melbourne, Hello Sydney!

It was a smooth flight with the JetStar from Melbourne to Sydney.
It wasn’t my first time flying with JetStar as the first one was in a domestic flight from HCMC to Hanoi in Vietnam. I was glad how this time, nobody was whistling, laughing and singing at the top of their lungs, and jumping from one row to another as it was in the Vietnam Domestic flight and most importantly I was glad that the in-flight magazine was all in English.
After claiming my luggage, I promptly headed down to the basement to catch a train.
The ticket fare from the Domestic Terminal to the Central Station in the heart of Sydney City Centre is AUD15.
If the Flinders Street Station is like the epicenter of public transports in Melbourne, it is definitely the Central Station in Sydney. Getting out of the train, I was suddenly caught out in the heavy flows of humans rushing to wherever hell they were heading to.
Out into the streets without a map in my hand (stupid me!), I had to drag my luggage around in search for this.
AUD 32 per night for a 4-bed room, I’d be glad to recommend The Mountbatten Hotel to anybody who is in Sydney on a budget trip. For one thing it is strategically located in St. George’s Street which is one of the most crowded streets in Sydney and definitely offers a lot of interesting things to see.
Then it is located very much nearby to the famous City Market (will talk more about it in my next blog post).
And then unlike the Green House Backpackers in Melbourne whose staff would keep saying ‘I’m sorry, I’m not sure..’ to just about any of your enquiries, the staff here were all friendly and helpful.
Then the room!
Immaculately clean with well-positioned beds, it actually provided such a comfortable space to me especially when I had the room all to myself! Whohoooo! I loike!!
Hehe. Ohh and you know how badly I needed this for a peace of mind.
A little bit of an extra job for me over putting down the mattress covers but it was OK considering how lucky I was to ‘own’ the whole space for a little privacy of mine.
Then they had quite a way of getting the wireless connection like we have to key in something and copy something to be given to the receptionist at the counter. But then, it was FOC so I couldn’t ask for more.
They have just about everything for a kitchen.
You’ll just need to know where to find things.
And out from the kitchen is my favorite corner of the hostel. It reminded me very much of some back alley café in Paris.
Except that they didn’t have this on the table back in Paris.
It was a book of, OK, please don’t read this.
I said don’t read! He he. The book was such a curse. I suddenly felt like itching all over my body. I suddenly remembered how I hadn’t taken a single drop of shower since in Melbourne. Stupid me, I should have checked the bathroom where they provided an aromatic shower soap and saved my AUD5 over buying this. (The smallest I could find around). Grrrrr!
My hunger had brought me down to the street and my nostrils had brought me over to this Vietnamese Restaurant.
Mountbatten Hostel for one thing is surrounded by Asian cuisine restaurants and every time I opened the window, the smell of Thai Basils would come flooding into my nose and instantly making me crave for this.
Pho Bho. Coming in big serving, a young Vietnamese couple at the next table was staring and actually whispering to each other as I put the whole of it inside my hungry stomach. I wondered if whatever in their heads had anything to do with Bill Clinton’s 2 balls bowls. :-D
And true enough I suddenly became aware of things such as this as I was returning to the hostel later.
I’d come to realize that they were everywhere though.
But no thanks, apart from the fact that I don’t want to bore you with all the details of my first day’s remeh temeh encounters, I needed to get a good decent sleep to re-charge and be prepared to find out what the hell this fuss over Sydney is all about.
Oh yeah, I knew, it was gonna be an interesting day the next dayZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ


Kelvin said...

lol, it an adults world out there~

JIPP said...

haha. ya, AUD15 per video if u're curious. :-D

aud said...

Were you staying in a red-light zone? haha..just kidding.

The book is ... er, very , er, explicit.

JIPP said...

Unfortunately no. the red zone is in King's Cross area, I was in St. George's. Hehe. Probably next time. :-D

Spicy Mother said...

AUD 32 sounds like a good deal if you are on a tight budget. Fortunately, you have the room all the yourself, else it can be cramped.

BTW, how does the Pho Bho taste?

kenwooi said...

yeah adult world out there! but not in msia.. lol =P

Lizeewong said...

The Vietnamese restaurant made it look like you were in Asia hehehe...Did you see any Malaysian restaurant? Just curious :)

Anonymous said...

wow.. kaya la kau.. kalau lah aku banyak duit.. aku pun mau pergi melancong...

JIPP said...

Spicy Mother: Yeah, I was lucky. The Pho Bho was great. I even tasted better then those I had had in its country of origin Vietnam. :-D
Kenwooi: Open an adult centre like that in Msia and it'd sure b closed in 1 week. Hehe. Reminds me of the malay word 'akhlak'. Find out. hehe.
Liz: Yupp, Sydney is so Asian. Yupp, I've seen some Msian restaurants there.
Any: Budget trip sja mahh.. :-P

**~Pu-3~** said...

Mmm~ i wonder why is it called a hotel when its actually a hostel? :P Anyway~ those are the reasons why i always prefer living in a cheap shared hostel :P everything's usually provided. (although they dont usually provide soap and shampoo tho~ which is why i understand why u bought the shampoo in the 1st place)

JIPP said...

yupp, me too. I still call it 'hostel' though. hehe. It is a hostel. ANd you've got it just right about the shower soap. hostels usually don't provide.. :-)

Anonymous said...

I like the kitchen.. it looks really nice.. all equipped.. :D

JIPP said...

yupp, I even wished I could have a kitchen like that back at home. :-)


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