23 June 2010

Getting Manly in Sydney

Sydney beaching lifestyle is not all about Bondi Beach but there are some other beaches that are worth visiting and one of the most recommended ones is definitely the Manly Beach. Waking up on my second day, I had Arnott’s Scotch Finger and Captain’s Table biscuits for breakfast. Again, thanks to my dear friend Widgie.
Considering I already had a super-long walk yesterday, I decided to take a bus to the Circular Quay from where I’d take a ferry to Manly Beach. Oh well, one is not recommended to buy a bus ticket on board in Sydney. Instead, go find any of the newspapers-selling booths such as this one here.
Jumping off the bus, I headed down to the Wharf 5 to buy a ferry ticket.
Be sure of which Wharf to go to. Each wharf has its own list of destinations.
I actually went to the wrong wharf and missed the very next ferry to depart. It cost me another 45 minutes to wait for the next ferry.
And almost missed it again over camwhoring. LOL!
It was such a surreal experience watching the Sydney Opera house looming away as the ferry made its way across the harbor towards Manly Beach.
Staying on the outside of the ferry while it is dashing across the ocean on an autumn day might earn you the title of ‘another crazy man of Sydney’ amongst the local people on board. Seriously, it is freezing cold but I really didn’t want to miss the view.
And I was glad I wasn’t alone.
Just bear in mind that the ferry wouldn’t take you directly to the beach. Instead, it’d take you to here.
And ferry is always a ferry. First world or third world, things would still go manual.
And first world or not first world, people are still scrambling for the way out. I just followed suit to be part of the trend. :-D
I was later on the outside of the Manly Wharf so ready to begin my series of cam-whoring again. LOL!
You’ll need to walk across the small township of Manly Beach before you can really reach the beach. You’ll just have to follow the crowds and you know you’re heading into the right direction.
Temptation came in the form of this.
And before I knew I already ruined my budget by buying these.
And changed myself into a beachy Australian so ready to hit into the beach.
Good thing about beaches in Australia is that they provide you with drinking stations.
And people, you have no idea how you can save a lot of your hard-earned pennies by choosing to drink from this.
And you are actually contributing something for the environment by not buying the bottled ones.
You’ll just need to be a little careful though. You know how free stuff can be quite dangerous at times. :-P
So, Manly Beach that I discovered later was just so-so to me.
I’d seen more beautiful beaches in Thailand or probably even in Sabah before.
But then, as I found it out later, coming to Manly Beach is not all about the beach. You’ll need to keep walking along the shore to find out what Manly Beach really has to offer.
This is like the Manly Beach version of our very own Tip of Borneo in Kudat, Sabah.
I’d come to notice how the seashore in Manly Beach consists mostly of residential area and private property. How I wished I owned one of them so that I could always go down to the beach anytime, any day.
But rest assured for those who are at Manly Beach as a visitor, anything beyond the walkway is PUBLIC property.
Meaning to say, you are free to strip down naked and take a dip in any of these and nobody would really bother.
Meaning to say again, you can always take a photo and nobody would really bother to stare at you.
And meaning to say again…. You can always hold your camera up and take a picture of yourself anyhow you like. You see, it is a public property and you are free to camwhore as much as you like! Hehe.
One can’t miss but seeing this weirdly shaped sculpture here.
Known as the Shell and Wave Sculpture, it is actually a tribute to the generations of Surf Lifesavers from all the 3 beaches at Manly Beach.
The seaside walkway would lead you to this large patch of sandy beach, probably one of those three beaches altogether that there are in Manly Beach that I was told.
Quite secluded from the rather crowded main beach, it was probably the best spot to lie down and enjoy the view of Manly Beach from a perfect angle.
And I really hated to spoil the beach.
But I just couldn’t help it. I knew, the waves were gonna come back again later and flatten it all back to its softness again. ;-)
Apparently, the walk trail didn’t stop there.
The stairs would lead you up the coastal hill and later to this unpaved trail that would bring you further across an area of dry little jungle.
And later out into this fenced viewing platform. What a beautiful view of Manly Beach seen right from there.
My stupidity of the day was actually : I forgot to bring my tripod. But then, it was probably time to get creative.
And the outcome wasn’t that bad.
Strong winds with strong waves, Manly Beach for one is considered a surfing paradise for some people although it might probably less favored compared to the Bondi Beach or Gold Coast. I could see why.
With the strong waves like that, any floating object would be accelerated to hit into the waiting wall of rocks. It really is so easy to rip your head apart here.
I wondered how many people had actually died doing surfing at the rocky Manly Beach.
The trail would actually lead you through the scenic beauty of the seaside view along the brink of cliffs.
Seriously, I wasn’t prepared for the beauty of the scenic trail at Manly Beach.
The view along the trail was something to die for.
But no, I had nothing or rather nobody to die for. :-D You see the highest peak there? I would be there later.
And sure enough.
And you can see it clearly in this picture here that it wasn’t the highest peak YET.
But it was probably the best spot to challenge your manhood to the fullest.
Being just inches away from death the brink, I knew I had finally gotten manly enough at the Manly Beach.
Hehe.Oh well, the highest peak is actually right here.
Right from there you can see the whole spread of the beautiful bay of Manly Beach and its township.
And yet, the trail didn’t seem to have ended there.
You know you’re at the end of the trail when you see this.
And they really know how to stop you from going anywhere further. All you can see from beyond that point is this wall of view barrier.
Getting back down to the beach later, I returned to the town of Manly Beach by walking the same way I came before. The beautiful residential area that overlooking the bay.
The tempting but no thanks swimming pool.
Getting back to the main beach, I knew it was time to get down to the beach.
And I instantly heard myself muttering ‘HOLY SHIT!’. OH yeah, despite the intensity of the sun, the sand was actually so cold that walking on it was like walking on a piece of iceberg.
Now I know why beach towels DO sell like hot cakes in Australia.
For the first time ever since I came to Australia, I really wished I had the cold-resistant feet of a seagull. It was actually so good to walk on the sandy beach of Manly Beach bare-footed.
You see, it really is so easy to fall in love with Australia and this guy here should know better.
This guy from Finland was spending his last three days after working in Australia for the past 9 months. He told me how it was soooooooooooooooooo hard to say good bye to this well-gifted country. I believed him.
By then, it was time to say good bye to the beauty of Manly Beach.
Walking back to the jetty, the temptation of buying stuff struck on me again. This time even harder.
Before I knew, I already spent some RM200 for a stack of these petty stuffs. I’ll tell you how I regretted it later in my next post. :-)
Knowing that my budget was spoiled YET again, I knew I had to make up for that little stupidity of mine. No fancy dinner for me tonight. :-(
I knew I had to get outta there before I made things even worse.
Hopping onto the ferry back to Sydney Harbour, I defied the oddity by choosing to sit on the outside again.
And I couldn’t help but getting amused to see how the seagulls would never leave me alone.
They kept hovering around even after the ferry had sailed many miles away.
I especially got amused at how this OKU seagull kept staring at me I actually found myself singing Adam Lambert's 'What da'ya from me..?'.
I had a feeling that she liked me beacuse she kept showing to me how she too could keep herself well-balanced on the cruising boat just like the others.
OK, I'll cut the crap. LOL! Oh well, the sun was diminishing down the horizon in Sydney when the ferry was nearing the harbor and I was glad to be there to see the breath-taking sunset view of Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.
And it was probably the only one time when I got to put all the three Sydney’s most iconic structures in one picture.
Looking at the whole span of Harbor Bridge from the ferry, I was beginning to reconsider my plan of walking across it later. I knew, it could break my legs.
But I was determined. I would be up there later.
And I didn’t want to miss taking a photo of the Sydney Opera House from the ferry. Somehow, the sky looked pinkish in the background. Australia could dazzle me with unexpected oddities at times.
Out of the wharf later, the view of Sydney Harbor seemed even more captivating at night.
Walking towards the Harbor Bridge, I couldn’t help but visually captivated by this thing here.  
If you don’t already know, one end of the Harbour Bridge is ‘pegged’ to an area called The Rocks while the other end is on a Milson Point.
And The Rocks is actually one of the must-see places in Sydney. I couldn’t help but thinking how it is heavily English with all the bricked buildings all over the area.
After what appeared to be an unending climb of stairs, I finally managed to get to the starting point from where I’d start my ‘mission’ to walk across the world renowned bridge.
The Harbor Bridge Climb begins right from one of these and it is quite amusing how it is known more for its expensive fare than the fun that it might offer.
Oh well, AUD200 for a single climb and you’re strictly not allowed to bring a camera with you. NO camwhoring no nothing. Ohh, and you have to pay for another AUD50 for 2 pieces of pictures that they took.
NO thanks but I REFUSED to be part of the lucrative business. :-P 
Oh well, walking across the bridge has proved to be not that easy. Sydney Harbor for one has been designed to break your legs.
But it was worth it considering the night view of Sydney that could be seen from there.
I was just hoping that there was one spot of the bridge where I could get rid of the fenced rail and take in the full view of Sydney unobstructed.
You know you’ve reached the midpoint of the bridge when you see this small wooden bench placed against the rail here.
Taking a seat to catch my breath, I took the chance of doing a little bit of twittering. My family and friends deserved to know how I was doing in a country thousands miles away from home.
Wondering why there were quite so many people running back and forth across the bridge, I should have known what I would be missing later over the weekend. Saying goodbye to Sydney on that Sunday, I knew there was no way I could join the marathon.
Uhuks. Probably next time. So, another day to remember, it was the day when I walked across the Harbor Bridge of Sydney. No licking this time though. :-P
Considering how passing out would be so likely if I walked my way back to The Rocks, I decided to take a train back to my hostel.

Stopping at the Town Hall station, I took a little stroll around at the China Town.

China Town is something that you might probably want to check out if you were not from Malaysia. I mean, isn’t the whole of Penang is China Town? :-D

Dominating the landscape of China Town in Sydney is this golden plaque that takes the shape of a tree.Weirdly called The Golden Water Mouth, incorporated in the design is the 5 Natural Elements of gold, wood, water, fire and earth to encourage positive energy and good fortune.
Oh well, getting back to the hostel later, I knew exactly how I was going to celebrate the day.


Kelvin said...

Australia was the number 1 country among my friends for migrating~

Anonymous said...

wow.. really really nice pictures especially the pictures of the seashores.. really different from the ones in malaysia..

kenwooi said...

beautiful place, beautiful view, beautiful blue sky and beach, beautiful photos! =)

JIPP said...

Kelvin: Yupp, it's true. So many Malaysians 'flee' to Australia every year and it doesn't suprise me.:-)
Shirleen: Thanks. Yupp, they've got nice seashores there but we've got our own beauty too.
Kenwooi: Yupp, I was lucky I wasn't there when the red dust enclaved Sydney. :-)

aud said...

I'm guessing you ate more Maggi there than at home? ;P

AUD200 for the bridge walk is crazy, but I'd still like to try it to cure my fear of heights (does it work?). Safer than a bungy jump (which is also on my list!!)

Nice pictures as usual from your LX3; I wouldn't dare to balance it precariously like that though! :)

JIPP said...

yupp, though overpriced, we'll never know how worth it is until we try it. heard you'll be anchored to a guide so it really is not that adventurous. :-)oh, I really wanna try bungy jumping!! :-D


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