01 May 2010

The Worse Owner

I must be the worse person in the history of ownership. I bought my baby a few years ago only to be abandoned to dust in the garage for many many months.
Many many months ago, she never failed to satisfy me. Now that I need her more than I ever did before, she seems to be so reluctant in giving me a good service as she used to. Instead, she gives me problems.
She is so easy to get hot and angry. I don’t blame her considering all the promises that I had thrusted into her and my failure to fulfill them.
Yepp, it says 'Soon Darling' and I wrote it like 2 months ago. 2 MONTHS ago!!! You see, not using her for sooooo long had caused some damages to her so much so that some of her vital parts had to be replaced.
Poor baby. Not servicing her that long either has left her rusting. She has to be lubricated accordingly to make sure everything goes smoothly in her again.
Now I have to do all I can to mend the pieces of her broken heart. Of course, winning her heart back is not an easy task. She wouldn't go easy about it. NO NO.. 
Mannnn, she really is giving me a hard time.
Thanks God, after doing all I can to shower her with words of love and touching and caressing, she finally begin to show some signs of opening up for me again. But not before she gave me a one hard blow. She sucked me dry!
UHUKS! But never mind laling. I promise you solemnly this time, I'm gonna love and care for you deeeeeeeply and thoroughly from now on...
Seriously, I don't care if they are 4WD or Pajero or Ferrari, nothing is gonna change my love for you laling....NOTHING!!!XOXOXOXO


chegu carol said...

u bought a car a tidak pakai? wow, that's the first time i heard of this hehehe

JIPP said...

hehe. I did use it but not for at least the last six or eight months. Sampai rosak bah. Poor her.

Shirleen said...

awww.. such deep love for her.. :)

Kelvin said...

Must treat ur wife well XD

kenwooi said...

haha.. car must be started almost everyday to prevent problems.. too bad you werent around right? =P

**~Pu-3~** said...

Aaaahhhh you make me miss my 'sayang' also T_T I haven't met my lancer for so long..more than half a year already!

My brother is taking care of her while im gone X( but i dont trust him! Last year when i came back, she was filled with wounds and bruises. Maigawd what did my brother do to her?! T_T

JIPP said...

Thanks guys. I'll take what happened as a lesson. Will love 'my wife' unconditionally from now on. :-P p/s: Pu3, don't ever trust a guy on taking a good care of someth that doesn't really 'belong' to him. LOL! Look at what I've done even to my own car. :-)

Gallivanter said...

Haha! This is the most loving post anyone has ever made for a car, well, at least from what I have read so far on the net. :-P

JIPP said...

hehe. thanks buddy. Imagine if I were to write for a girl. :-P :-D

Trickwood said...

Ii liked the bit about the place being haunted, i've never heard of this place at all but i'm going to feature it now on my site as your story has inspired me.
The page on it should be up by tomorrow, you can see it at http://www.hauntedhovel.com

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