13 April 2010

STOP Deforestation!

I have nothing against people who are generating money out of oil plantation.
But what I am worried about is how they set the line accordingly. I’ve been travelling all over the oil plantation areas in many parts of Sabah and I am so sure they are expanding quite extensively. Very extensively actually.
It gets me worried how closely the relevant authorities monitor them because it is just so obvious how they drag the line further and further into the so called reserved forest areas.
Estate companies might be the giants. They mow everything away without mercy. But then, quite in many kampongs that I went to, most of the villagers seemed to take their share of irresponsibility by pushing the line almost ferociously so that they’ll get more land to plant down more sawit.
We gotta bear in mind that people don’t come to Sabah for its sprawling lands of $$$ no matter how wide they are or how scenic the scenery they make.
NO. They come for those little pieces of forest and their apparently declining number of inhabitants – the only ones that we have got left.
People, IT IS REAL and it really is happening. Our precious forests are diminishing hectare by hectare, day by day.
And yet some people look at it as something to be proud of. Seriously, I can never understand how things work in the heads of these people.
We can’t just sit down and watch how our inherited natural fauna and flora be taken away from us. No, we didn’t inherit them actually; we BORROWED them.
How would we explain to our children how stupid we were to have let those things slip away just for the sake of putting extra $$ to the pockets of some people?
No, I don’t want to be part of the stupidity. We all should not. We should at least make some noises, and that’s exactly what I’m doing right now…

I am making noises… STOP DEFORESTATION you freaks!!


Murphy said...

YES! STOP Deforestation!!!

just come here to make noise to support, hehe..

JIPP said...

Yeahh!!! Show em our K9 teeth. GRRRRRR. hehe. Thanks Murphy.

kenwooi said...

save the forest, save the world! =)

JIPP said...

Thank U Ken. Your 'noise' sure speaks louder.. :-D

A Kumar said...
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