03 April 2010

Maliau Basin: Concluding..

THIS is actually my third and last post on my trip to Maliau Basin: The Lost World of Borneo. In case you missed the previous entries, you GOTTA follow me right from the beginning to make reading this one here more interesting. Check them out here and here.

Nothing could be more relaxing than waking up to the sound of chirping birds. I’ve been talking a lot about morning glory in some of my past entries, but it feels much more glorious to be waking up being surrounded by lush green forest. Somehow, I just lurrrrrrv the feeling...

Mr. Dom really knew how to torture me by letting me live without this thing here for 4 days.
Apparently, it had been spared for the very last day. Seriously, with the Dusunic tounge that I had inherited from my parents, I could have died if there was a fifth day WITHOUT that thing. LOL!
It wasn’t our last meal as we were actually provided with a lunch pack - the very last one.
It got me amazed how everybody seemed to have taken a shower when it was actually so brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Answering the nature’s call to start the day with, I felt like I was going into spasm when I splashed my a$$ with the brrrrr water. In the end, I just wetted my hair and declared myself I DID SHOWER READY TO GO. Ahaks!
Knowing that we probably wouldn’t come to Ginseng Camp anytime soon, we took every minute we had to get into a photo-shooting frenzy.
And I was so sorry for this guy here. With so many calendar girls around, one has to be prepared to be victimized..
Ohhh, looking at the T-shirt with Australian flag across it, I was actually hoping that this lady here would never find out about my trip to Australia so so soon from now. I wouldn’t want to spend the whole day roaming the streets of Sydney just to look for some stupid fridge magnet..
Kidding. :-) Saying goodbye to the Ginseng Camp, we were back on the long trek again. The good thing about being on a returning trip was that, you now know what to expect and hence, there was no need to rush.
Whoever had this pair of legs must be every inch worth of the title of 'The Iron Lady of Maliau Basin'. I mean, she wouldn't even bother to crash her a@S down to the ground in any of the stops that we took.
And my biggest sympathy goes out to this lady here. Not because she was in a dire need of a good rest but more like she didn't need one. She had to act up like she was almost dying of exhaustion so that she'd look at least on par with the others. Talking about… stamina supremacy.. LOL!
I was pretty sure she could easily jog her way off back to Agathis Camp without much problem.. hehe..  I had come to realize that PARASITISM is just so prevalent in MB. You know, living off others lives..
And these ladies should know better.
When it comes to food, they really have the eyes of an eagle. NO fruits would ever be safe enough from them.
Even my camouflaged apple had not been spared. They took a big portion of it while I got a very very tiny tiny piece. :-(
Ohh, and talking about some outstanding encounter, selling a piece of this shit to any botanical and gardening shops would actually bring quite of a fortune. Just check out the one at KKIA, something like this is tagged around RM2500. That’s like 5 times the price of the watch itself!
I wondered how much would I be pocketing by selling this one here.
You see, it was actually so big it could even support the whole bag of mine without flattering AT ALL.
I DID actually check if I had enough space in my bag but no. Too bad there was no none. Heyyyyyyyy, I wouldn’t do it even if there was space ahh. Please lah. Ripping something off the beautiful piece of nature is something that I am very much against. :-P
OHhh, and I had the best lunch. The salted fish was definitely the clincher.
It actually tasted very good it took me less than 10 minutes to clear the Tupperware off. Orrrr, was it 5 minutes? LOL!
Well, some of the motivation of getting through all the suffering of jungle-trekking was to expel some of my flab off. And sure enough, I felt much lighter and my pants had loosened up I had to wrap my elastic long-sleeved T-shirt around my waist to avoid it from falling to the ground and turning myself unintendedly into a damn sorry Tarzan.
We would actually stop every now and then to watch whatever there was to watch. The ladies for one thing really knew how to do a good advertisement for Cuti Cuti Malaysia.
Hehe. Kidding. They were actually trying spot a pair of (fornicating?)noisy Hornbills. And ohhhh, you better be careful of getting in contact with something like this.
I got 'stung' by one and it felt like a burning sensation was crawling in my skin, leaving an ugly scar that is still there even as I’m writing this right now. It was just so OUCHH, no kidding.  
I actually put my manhood at risk by putting up a challenge on the ladies by running the remaining 3 km right to Agathis Camp without a single stop. As it was nearing the 3km signage, they were beginning to beg not to go on with it. While I was so ready to do it, I had to show 'em some mercy this time. You see, women can never go any better than men. Haha! Ok, say wateva... :-P don't forget the eye roll.. :-D
OK, I’m gonna stop dawdling… Fast forward… We managed to reach Agathis Camp just about the same time we reached Ginseng Camp when we first covered the same track.
With so much sweating activity going on, you're not gonna believe how instantly had we finished every bottle of these here.
Another photo-shooting marathon and they had one of the rangers to fall victim this time. Taking this picture to the way it is, I LIKE to believe that he must have seen something quite….errrrr, off the range.
Then it was finally time to say good bye to Agathis Camp.
And they kept insisting on doing another stupid safari. Kidding. In fact, some of us had to be transported to Maliau Basin Studies Centre on a jeep because the road condition wouldn’t permit the van to be brought over to Agathis Camp.
There was one spot along the road that Dom wanted us to stop to check out something.
Monkey pitchers! They seemed to be growing at the most unlikely spot. And most importantly they survived the long drought!
We later continued joyriding over to the Studies Centre but not before we dropped by one of the places that everybody should go to in any of their visit to Maliau Basin.
The observation tower! ! It is probably the best spot to see the fantastic bombastic mr lova2 view of Maliau Basin from a high elevation. But there was one problem.
I thought the torturing part was over. But no. It wasn’t.
I actually found myself dragging my legs up the stairs to the top deck and people… people…people… I wasn’t disappointed AT ALL.
Watching the sprawling green forest of MB from there is like watching thousands of virgins the City of Paris from the top deck of Eiffel Tower. I mean, the beauty was simply mesmerizing.
Pulling out from the Observation Tower, we were set to go to another highlight of the whole trip – the Sky Bridges of Maliau Basin! We had this Sunspension Bridge here to welcome us.
And this view of Maliau River to get WOWed with..
Then this to later make me go WHAT???
You see, they would never let you go easy in MB. I would really recommend anybody to go to the Observation Tower and Sky Bridges BEFORE hitting into the long and agonizing trek to Maliau Falls.
They really know how to make you suffer.
But then, it doesn’t really matter which one to go first for  those people here.
And every time I say...........................................................ACTION!
They instantly took position as if they'd been acting their entire lives.. LOL!
In one of those kiddo days, I really wanted to be a squirrel. Being on the canopy walk was the closest I could be to one.
Good thing about being at the Sky Bridges is that, it has a line coverage! I suddenly realized I had not updated my FB for quite awhile. Being an FB and twitter freak, I knew so many people were getting crazy to know where the hell I had had been for the past few days.
Oh well, rest assured. :-D
While all the while at the jungle trekking I had been staring at trees from the ground with sight-range limitations, being on this canopy walk offered me the opportunity of being much closer to whatever there was to watch up there.
Oh well, dragging myself back to the car, we wheeled off to the Studies Centre to get what I had been imagining of getting when I was still jungle-trekking.
Coke! The ladies almost screamed at the sight of it.
Mannn, after making do with all the weirdly tasted mineral-enriched water back at the MB trekking, I was so glad to finally get to drink something with carbonate. Cheers!
Mind to tell you that despite those rather fancy looks, the restaurant at the MB Studies Centre is nothing more than just another waste of money by the Yayasan Sabah. They wouldn’t cook for you on a walk-in. They’d rather watch you die starving. The best they can serve you is the ridiculously priced red water.
You see, the whole platform area is more or less the size of a futsal court. It is at least 2 times bigger than the viewing platform for the Urang Utans in Sepilok. The thing is, the viewing platform in Sepilok is always overcrowded with people because they can always be guaranteed of close-range sightings of those hairy and furry relatives of ours.
Of course here at the MB Centre Viewing Platform, you’re actually guaranteed of catching a sight of...
Errkkkk, wrong picture..
Nothingness actually.. But if you're lucky, you've got your own shadow to watch..
Pulling out of the MB Studies Centre, we headed back to the main gate where we were required to fill in the sign-out book.
Being so far away from the so-called urbanization, I was amused to see how the rangers really know how to make their evenings less, err, bowring...They actually play.... Badminton!
And before I knew the girls were already all over the court grabbing the rackets away from the those rangers and took charge.. Whoaaa!!
As if that wasn’t enough, they even took over the gatehouse counter. I had nothing but deep sympathy for all the dumb-struck rangers.
They even checked around to make sure everything was in good order. You see, KENINGAU is the right spelling, not KENINGGAU and they made sure the misspelling was made known. OK, I did that one anyway. After all, Keningau is my hometown :-P
SOoooooooooooo, it wasn’t long before it was finally time say good-bye to the wondrous Maliau Basin – The Lost World they say, of which I’m still wondering why it is called so when it had never been found before it was actually, errr, found. Thanks to the stupid no-walk-in-restaurant at the MB Studies Centre, we all had to get through the 3 hours of riding all the way to Keningau with a croaking stomach. With all the agony of starving, we knew exactly where we were heading to.
KFC! He he he.
Well, to conclude my posts on MB, you know there are so many places in Sabah that are so worth visiting but MB seems like a few levels up the league. You see, describing my trip to MB has been one of the most difficult blogging tasks that I’ve ever done so far, not because there wasn’t nothing much to write about but THERE WERE JUST SO MANY THINGS to write about. I can think of every word to describe how it was there but I can’t never convey everything of MB to you unless you go there and experience it for yourself.
You see, we actually switched to it over another plan which was to conquer Mount Trus Madi, the country's second highest mountain after Mount Kinabalu, and how glad I am now that we took up MB first. But now that it is over, my focus seems to be getting back to……Mount Trus Madi! Errrrrr, anyone? ;-)


Murphy said...

Thanks for sharing. I really enjoy reading your blog on Maliau Basin.

I always want to climb Terus Mati, hmm.. I mean Mt. Trusmadi. But I hesitate to follow your girls lah. It'll be a nightmare to try to catch up with them when I carry heavy camera bag and tripod, and I am not young, haha... :-)

After Trusmadi, I believe you all will be interested in Salt Trail of Crocker Range Park?

Murphy said...

BTW, what was the green thing that stung you? Was it a plant or animal?

In jungle trekking, I find deer fly is the most annoying. If got stung, the itch can last for week.

Kelvin said...

This is the nicest post on "adventures" i seen so far^^
Hope to see more of it. I am full of envy as i can't be like u.

JIPP said...

Thanks Kelvin. Nice having u here. You can be adventurous too. :-) Murpy: Haha. I definitely one to try out Salt Trail and Crocker Range Park. Heard a lot of them too. But my target now is Mt Terus Mati. hehe. I got stung by a plant. Still trying to figure out what it was.

**~Pu-3~** said...

Looks like fun :D Owh is that monkey's pitchers for monkeys to drink water? LOL, i donno la, i remmber the illustration from LAT book. :D

JIPP said...

Yupp, it really was fun. Tiring, but fun. Ohh, didn't know about monkeys drinking out of monkey pitchers but then the name kinda justifies it. LOL!

Murphy said...

How pitcher plant got the name "Monkey Cup" is - someone saw a group of monkey sitting next to pitcher plant, looked like the cup of the monkey. though possible, it is quite unlikely that monkey drinks water out of it, coz the fluid is acidic or full of bacteria, which can make them very sick..

JIPP said...

OH wow. Thanks for the info Murpy. Really appreciate it. :-)

Anee Jamal said...

...uhh.. I know u're leaving for Australia this May..kahkahkah..tp,sy ada suda Australia fridge magnet..ko punya fridge magnet yg susah sa mau cri..nsb jmpa..phew!

JIPP said...

he he he. it's ok. I'll get another one for u. If the one u've got now is Australia's map, i'll get a kangaroo. hehe. Btw, Vietnam fridge sa pass sma ko ni minggu. Harap2 sa ingat. :-P

chegu carol said...

Very interesting!

Itu kinoring lunch bah yg paling menawan hati hahaha.
Btw, what actually is that green thingy that stung you? Looks like some kind of leaves to me.

JIPP said...

I am not sure what it really was but it was one of those grassy plants that sticks out to the trail. I should have changed the focus setting of my camera to the close-up scn.

Mel said...

Just stumbled across your blog and I was, OMG,it's Jipp's blog. I gotta see this! By the way, the Maliau Basin is awesome. Hopefully can go there one day when my son is older so I can drag him with me rather than 'bobo' him.

JIPP said...

Hi Mel. You found my blog! I do it all for fun. I've got too much time to kill. hehe. Oh yeah, you wouldn't want to 'bobo' your kid or anyone else in Maliau Basin. It's not a trail that you can cat-walk ur way along. hehe. I'm sure you'd like it there. :-)


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