22 April 2010

Lumix Workshop : Didn't Know What I Didn't Know

I was recently invited to attend a workshop at the one and only official Lumix Shop in Sabah where an officer from Panasonic itself had come all the way from KL to do a Q&A session.

I had been with my gurlget for quite awhile but I still didn't know a thing about her. I was quite sure she had been giving me a satisfaction but I knew SHE COULD DO BETTER.
Oh well, attended by some 'real' photographers, there were times when I felt like they were using some kind of alien language.
Seriously, I tried my best not to look dumb-struck.
The problem with(most of) us was, WE DON’T KNOW WHAT WE DON’T KNOW. It was such a big waste considering that the opportunity wouldn't come down to KK quite that often.
Despite the brief session, I actually got to learn a lot of things. While I was so interested in knowing how this fellow blogger of mine did with her LX3, I took the opportunity to ask. Oh well, it isn't quite THERE yet but at least I've got the leads. :-P
Something about LX3 that I really don't like is its [original] casing. It really suxx big time. It's kinda overly protective; too hardened up it feels like a piece of wood thumping on my chest when I am bringing it around my neck.
So, coming back to where I bought my LX3 this time, I was quite excited to see that Lumix had come up with a new casing accessory.
But I had almost bumped my head on the display glass when I took note of the price.. Holy shit! Can you spot it??? It's RM fuckin' 399!!!!


aud said...

Wah! That's bloody pricey! Can buy one simple digital camera! What is it made of; soft lambskin or something like that? Did you get it?

p.s. where is this Lumix station?

JIPP said...

yaa, so so pricey Audrey. I spent a week in KL trying to find a suitable casing for my LX3 but I couldn't find one. And when I finally found this, urghh! :-) Oh, I shud hv mentioned it. Lumix Station is on the 2nd floor of Wisma Merdeka.

**~Pu-3~** said...

Owh no. I apologize for not telling you how I did the multiexposure effect. :P
You see, you have to use flash in a fairly dark place, this way the person or item your wanted to show would give a very clear stand out! :) Give it a try, and and tell me whether it works.

kenwooi said...

399.. yeah.. costly =/

JIPP said...

Yupp. Costly it is. I was told that it might be cheaper to order it online. ;-) Pu3: Thanks for the info. Will definitley try it later. :-D

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