09 April 2010

KL? Where Is It?

If you may have noticed, I don’t really blog about KL. But one thing I gotta tell you about KL is that, I used to spend too many of my precious years there back in my younger days. It was actually getting too long I HAD to go back to Sabah when I was beginning to call myself a KLian instead of Sabahan.
If truth is to be told, I hadn’t been to KL for quite awhile until my job required me to go there recently. Staying at this hotel, it was the only hotel that I could think of that offers me a little escapade from the dizzyingly crowded streets of KL.
For one thing, it is located so much near to the Taman Jaya LRT Station.
And I could drag my bag off along the smooth pavement right to the hotel’s kaki lima.
Welcoming you is this beautiful lobby with its ‘well-hung’ classic decoration.
And further inside the building is a swimming pool looking so family-friendly during the day.. 
and quite errrr, dimly romantic at night..
And the room is actually quite spacey and comfortable for the price that I paid it for.
Yupp, spacey it is.
And the toilet is just so spotlessly immaculate it took some courage to bring myself into doing my little business inside it. I really didn’t want to spoil it with my errr… disposed little thingy..
And most importantly, they have this.
Somehow, the existence of a safety box has become so relevant to me ever since I lost my camera at a hotel room in Hanoi. And I could name at least a dozen of hotels in KK that don’t provide this thing here for their costumer.
Oh well, this is probably the only hotel whose room serviceman comes to your room and call out ‘WRONG SERVICE! WRONG SERVICE!’.
Of course what he meant was 'ROOM SERVICE'. DUH. To the Shah's Village Hotel management, don't say I haven't done my part, OK?
One thing that I miss most about KL is its food. I actually went to this place to recollect some of my memories back in my Uni years.
It used to be some kind of playground to me. And before I knew, I managed to finish this.
Prawn mee! And later this.
Penang Laksa! Jeez. Those are the foods that I can never get to taste anywhere in KK, let alone in Sandakan. Those prawn mee and Penang Laksa in KK can never taste as good. Ohh, and did I mention I had had this earlier on..?
Burppp! Crazy. Being in KL means you gotta wake up early. Life begins very early in KL. For once, I felt like I was thrown back to my daily workday routine when I was still working in KL long long time ago.
Deprived of some sleeping hours, they’d rather retrieve some of them by sleeping whenever they’ve got a chance.
For those who haven’t mastered the art of sleeping in a standing mode, they would just read to keep their eyes awake.
Upon reaching the intended destination, this thing here had come as quite of a relief to me.
It was sending some kind of message that says…YOU’RE NOT ALONE DUDE.. LOL! Doing what I was there for, I couldn’t remember when was the last time I felt so bored. Seriously, I could have slept the whole session through.
And when it was finally over, a wave of relief had come over to me almost like a painkiller I actually found myself half-running to the adjacent SOGO to buy something I had always wanted to buy.
Playboy Innerwear! I already had like half a dozen of it and I thought I still needed another half.  
If you may have noticed, I actually wear them in most of my travelling trips. Made out of bamboo and cotton combined, it is probably the only outfit that I can wear for days unwashed and still feel comfortable in it. LOL!
Having done with this little shopping of mine, it was time to hit the food again. Oh well, I just love Malay food.
They are probably the closest you can get to the incomparable Thai street cuisine in Malaysia. Close, but not quite there. But close.
Quite close. But not quite there. But close... :-P
And as much as I had wanted to stay away from Miss Cholesterol, this thing here was just too sexy to say no to.
In the end, I gave up saying no and said.. WTH.
Oh well, KL certainly has nothing much to offer to people like me but this.
I had not been to Hard Rock Café for so many years.
Errrr, unless this one here DOES count. :-P
The last time I went to KL’s Hard Rock Café was when I was still a broke damn student I had to borrow some money from one of my then girlfriends to pay for the cover charge.
Erkkkkk! Of course that was a joke. In fact, I fished some of my PTPTN fund out to pay for it. THERE WAS NO WAY I could have afforded for it if I didn't. Ahaks.
Coming back this time, I felt so much like another person. I, errr, we ordered like crazy.
Well, needless to say, musical groups are CRAZY about getting a contract of performing here..
Well, talking about some sumptuos deal. If you’re not good enough, don’t don’t and don’t even think about getting a contract of singing here..They’ll audition you like you’ve just started singing yesterday..
How I wished I could be a REAL singer with REAL fans..
Even those unties here seem to be so ready to give out EVERYTHING to the male singer.
And I’m so ready to give out everything to the female singer.
Hehe. Oh well, one thing I hate about drinking beer is, I tend to go to the toilet every now and then. My bladder(s?) is not so beer-friendly. Being inside the toilet of Hard Rock Café, I couldn’t help but remembering how a couple was caught red-handedly and packed directly off to jail for HAVING SEX INSIDE THE TOILET OF HARD ROCK CAFÉ. Yupp, this was the exact location.
From what I read, they actually got caught because they were making NOICES.. Errrrr, looking at the so sound-proof-less walls, I would just say they must be the most idiotic couple.
If I were them, I would have done something like this...

Hehe. Until next post guys.. :-D


chegu carol said...

Yg dari form 4 lagi kah tu u went to kl Jipp? i remember we were only classmate for just a brief moment. :)

ive only been to KL HRC once and I was 15 and had to dress up like an 18 yo. Hahahaha! nasib ndak kenapatan.

aud said...

Jipp - Hahaha, odoi..this is a hilarious post! The 2 years+ I was in KL I was always almost broke too, living on monthly allowance. Those were the days :)

The band in HRC - that's DB8 right? The lead vocalist is crazy Bien, but the lady singer is different, not Paula. They were contracted twice with Rumba at LMKK, I hope they return one day!! Do you know how long they'll be in HRC?

Lizeewong said...

Yadada 15 Kay??? Hehehehe..I was 19 when I first set foot on HRC. Had heavy make up on to 'blend in' kunun! :D

What kind of work did you do in KL Jipp?

kenwooi said...

i also rare blog about KL.. because i've never lived there before... visits got lah.. haha..

and the food, well i think those in malacca and penang will be much better than KL's..

hard rock cafe.. never been in one either as well.. almost got a chance in dublin but didnt coz that's not a place of attraction.. lol..

and the last one.. haha. shut up bitch! i like! =P

JIPP said...

Chegu: Ya, form 4. still budak2. Hehe. Thats mean you went there wayyyyyy earlier than me. :-D
AUd: Really? They played at Rumba before? Wow. They are really good. I first thought they were Sabahan. The female singer looked so much like a sumdk from, errr, Tambunan may be. hehe.
Liz: Can't really tell here. MY bosses are reading. hehe.
Ken: Thanks. hehe. Heard food in Malacca and Penang are better than in KL too. Intending to go to these two places sometime soon.

**~Pu-3~** said...

When my friends suggested a KL trip, I proudly said , "Nyeh, I've been to KL already" :P Now I just realized that the last time I went there was 10 years ago! LOL, must have changed a lot since.

JIPP said...

Oh yeah, you should go there again Pu3. It has changed a lot. There were times when I thought the buildings didn't seem to be where they were when I went there recently. :-P

Anonymous said...

shah village hotel... waikiki is just next door.

JIPP said...

you mean the live band/disco right? Heard it banging right thru the window. LOL!

Anonymous said...

hardly a disco. a pretty laid back drinking place.
different act each nite. acoustic nite is the best.

chegu carol said...

Yabah, was given free tix from joining one unduk ngadau contest organized by the Umno of Keningau. Hahaha...you know how active i was in that 'area' dulu kan....

JIPP said...

Yupp. I was there to cheer on you when you won Keningau's unduk. :-)


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