27 April 2010

BIM 2010 : I Am Running NUDE

Despite my lack of training, I made it to the finishing line and awarded a finisher medal.  
AT LEAST. Kenny Sia told me how he managed to finish his 42km run but later confessed in his blog that he actually didn't.. (did he?)
Being my very first participation in any of its kind, it actually opened my eyes up to consider taking marathon more seriously in the future.
It is probably the only way that I can prove to myself that I’ve still got the energy and I am not that old…. yet! :-P
I'm supposed to be more prepared this year. At least I now know what to do when I feel like my bladder is letting up. Simple. Just stop and shoot it.
And I now know how to be more dramatic in front of the people.
I am actually planning to create a scene this year, something that would be remembered by each and every one of the participants for as long as they live, something that would make the organizers feel so sorry for ever letting me taking part in the first place..
I am going to run without a single piece of cloth on me. Yeah, you heard me right, I am gonna run NUDE.
Sadly though, after much thought and consideration, with deepest regret and wounded and bleeding heart, I would have to announce that I am not running in the Borneo International Marathon this year. :-(
So, the nude run has got to be called off.
No, I am not going to give you any lame excuses so stop calling me coward or chicken or mouse or what the hell ever.
As much as I’m dying to take part, I’ll have to say no this time because the BIM falls just three days before I’m set to embark on my 2-week journey to the far doooooooooooown……. under!
It would be journey covering 3 of the major cities across three different states on the eastern part of Australia. Touching down in Melbourne and later off to Sydney before returning to Malaysia via Gold Coast, it's gonna be a very long journey.
With a very long journey like that, it's sure gonna involve a lot of walking and probably running so the journey itself is already a marathon in its own right.
See, marathon after a marathon is not really a good idea. It would be too risky. I don't want to end up dragging myself across Australia with a pair of half-paralyzed legs.
Oh well, I was actually thinking of ending this entry by simply putting up Kris Allen's vid on No Boundaries, but as an afterthought, I decided to sing it myself. I mean, why not? I am doing this for all my friends out there. So, I might not be there for you but let's me sing this song to spur your spirits high up. In case you're very much on the verge of giving up, just close your eyes for a few seconds and put this video on in your mind. Believe me, you'll be alright to keep going. :-P
Be warned though, get me off your head IMMEDIATELY if you suddenly feel like puking.. He he he

To all the participants, now that the nude run is most likely off the shelf, I have nothing more to offer but….
*of course I'm not running nude! I can be crazy but I am not that crazy! LOL!


chegu carol said...

cant wait to read your down under travel stories jipp.
the marathon, ala next year masi ada ba tu hehehe...jadi next year lah ko run nude ah...

anee said...

..Jgn lupa,PBIM..janji harus ditunaikan..

JIPP said...

Haha. OK, tapi sa tida janji running nude sana ah. Carol, me as excited too. Will try my best. :=)

tradewind said...

how could you man??? boleh bah, lari... u naik kapal tidak guna kaki punya bah

JIPP said...

really sorry mann.. Inter-city flights sure duduk one but getting around each of the cities, have to walk a lot wohh. Walking can save a lot on the budget. Huhu. Wish u luck bos. I know how u r really looking forward to it.. ;-)

aud said...

I am so envious you're going to Melbourne, and Sydney; Brisbane is not so enticing for me. Remember to try Tiger's pie at Harry's Cafe De Wheels in Sydney (yes I watch too much TV). Have fun and report is due when you are back! Are you doing the Sydney Bridge?

See you at PBIM (or next year's BIM)!

Kelvin said...

Haha, i rather go Australia >.<
Wats ur time for finishing the marathon?

JIPP said...

LOL Kelvin. I'd rather not say it but I could hv missed the medal if I arrived like 15 mins later. hehe. Aud, thanks. I'll definitely wanna try this Tiger's pie. Hopefully I will be able to to locate the restaurant. Will see. Errr, u mean Sydney Bridge Climb? O.o AUD200 (RM600) plus AUD40 per pic, err, I don't think so. Hehe.

Lizeewong said...

Wow!! That's so exciting Jipp! Ala, like Carol said, the marathon is an annual thing. No big deal...A trip like this is too good to miss! looking forward to reading ur stories :)

JIPP said...

sure Liz. Thanks. :-)

Anonymous said...

cool.. I like how you play the keyboard and sing.. lots of passion and into the music.. :)

JIPP said...

Thank U Shirleen. Yeah, I'm very much into music. It's my passion,apart from travelling. :-)

A Kumar said...

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