27 April 2010

BIM 2010 : I Am Running NUDE

Despite my lack of training, I made it to the finishing line and awarded a finisher medal.  
AT LEAST. Kenny Sia told me how he managed to finish his 42km run but later confessed in his blog that he actually didn't.. (did he?)

22 April 2010

Lumix Workshop : Didn't Know What I Didn't Know

I was recently invited to attend a workshop at the one and only official Lumix Shop in Sabah where an officer from Panasonic itself had come all the way from KL to do a Q&A session.

I had been with my gurlget for quite awhile but I still didn't know a thing about her. I was quite sure she had been giving me a satisfaction but I knew SHE COULD DO BETTER.
Oh well, attended by some 'real' photographers, there were times when I felt like they were using some kind of alien language.
Seriously, I tried my best not to look dumb-struck.
The problem with(most of) us was, WE DON’T KNOW WHAT WE DON’T KNOW. It was such a big waste considering that the opportunity wouldn't come down to KK quite that often.
Despite the brief session, I actually got to learn a lot of things. While I was so interested in knowing how this fellow blogger of mine did with her LX3, I took the opportunity to ask. Oh well, it isn't quite THERE yet but at least I've got the leads. :-P
Something about LX3 that I really don't like is its [original] casing. It really suxx big time. It's kinda overly protective; too hardened up it feels like a piece of wood thumping on my chest when I am bringing it around my neck.
So, coming back to where I bought my LX3 this time, I was quite excited to see that Lumix had come up with a new casing accessory.
But I had almost bumped my head on the display glass when I took note of the price.. Holy shit! Can you spot it??? It's RM fuckin' 399!!!!

21 April 2010

Autumn in Kota Kinabalu

So, everybody is talking about this rare autumn season in Kota Kinabalu. I’d rather say it is spring.

There are all over facebook, friendster etc. These trees seem to be offering what they have got to offer and showing to the people why they deserve to be in the city's landscape. They don't come quite that often and in fact everybody seem to agree that these wonderful trees have never looked like the way they do now anytime ever before.
Some locals would rather liken them with the famed Sakura in Japan.
But then, while those flowery trees are drawing in an added beauty to the city landscape, I feel so sorry for those DBKK people who have to clear the abundant fallen petals every day.
Ohh well, you guys do your job and let us enjoy them while they are still there, OK?

18 April 2010

Stupid Baby-Throwing Bitches

Oh well, at least Mr. Gov has finally gathered some senses by doing this.
Campaigning against the inhuman acts of abandoning babies. Placed strategically in the middle of the pedestrian walk routes at KL Sentral, one wouldn't just walk by without noticing these eye-catching pictures.
I don't have children, errr, yet, but letting yourself impregnated and later getting rid of the baby that you have kept in your belly for 9 month, you people sure have the brain of an animal. But then, an animal? Even animals don't throw their babies just like that! So, what are you?
My own opinion of these inhuman baby-throwing acts is that, they live in a very closely-knitted family where everything has got to be strictly done in perfectly religous way.
You see, they were raised in a very alim family, highly devoted to their religion, being a good daughter to a religous daddy ON THE OUTSIDE, but there is only one problem - their bodies. Their bodies are every inch human it is only a matter of time before they finally blow up the barrier and let somebody come through when they are actually mentally (or financially) unprepared.
They might be prepared for anything, except for the bitter inacceptance by their family and the community around them. They can’t bring themselves into coming home and saying ‘Daddy, I am pregnant’. A daddy’s (or mother's) heart might get shattered to pieces but a sober parent wouldn’t eat you alive. Sooner or later they'd come to their senses and things will eventually pass by. It might take time but it'll pass.
And they don’t even want to imagine how their family or relatives or friends and even the whole society are going to react. You know how the word ‘hypocrite’ is just so synonym among the Malaysian community.
While letting somebody impregnated them in the first place is already a stupidity, then, tucking their babies somewhere among the pile of trash is another stupidity. I can only assume that, they were born stupid. So, spare them your cursing and swearing and spitting or shitting because they were meant to be just that..... Stupid bitches.  
OK, let me be less harsh to you. To those ladies who are pregnant out of their will, you can actually come out open about it, because getting impregnated before marriage is actually not uncommon nowadays. Say ‘fuck you’ to those hypocrites and continued living as a mother because in the end, it’s how you raise your kid that matters most.
Stay away from the statistics. And to all gentlemen out there, don’t even think about doing it if you don’t know how to do it safely.

13 April 2010

STOP Deforestation!

I have nothing against people who are generating money out of oil plantation.
But what I am worried about is how they set the line accordingly. I’ve been travelling all over the oil plantation areas in many parts of Sabah and I am so sure they are expanding quite extensively. Very extensively actually.
It gets me worried how closely the relevant authorities monitor them because it is just so obvious how they drag the line further and further into the so called reserved forest areas.
Estate companies might be the giants. They mow everything away without mercy. But then, quite in many kampongs that I went to, most of the villagers seemed to take their share of irresponsibility by pushing the line almost ferociously so that they’ll get more land to plant down more sawit.
We gotta bear in mind that people don’t come to Sabah for its sprawling lands of $$$ no matter how wide they are or how scenic the scenery they make.
NO. They come for those little pieces of forest and their apparently declining number of inhabitants – the only ones that we have got left.
People, IT IS REAL and it really is happening. Our precious forests are diminishing hectare by hectare, day by day.
And yet some people look at it as something to be proud of. Seriously, I can never understand how things work in the heads of these people.
We can’t just sit down and watch how our inherited natural fauna and flora be taken away from us. No, we didn’t inherit them actually; we BORROWED them.
How would we explain to our children how stupid we were to have let those things slip away just for the sake of putting extra $$ to the pockets of some people?
No, I don’t want to be part of the stupidity. We all should not. We should at least make some noises, and that’s exactly what I’m doing right now…

I am making noises… STOP DEFORESTATION you freaks!!

09 April 2010

KL? Where Is It?

If you may have noticed, I don’t really blog about KL. But one thing I gotta tell you about KL is that, I used to spend too many of my precious years there back in my younger days. It was actually getting too long I HAD to go back to Sabah when I was beginning to call myself a KLian instead of Sabahan.
If truth is to be told, I hadn’t been to KL for quite awhile until my job required me to go there recently. Staying at this hotel, it was the only hotel that I could think of that offers me a little escapade from the dizzyingly crowded streets of KL.
For one thing, it is located so much near to the Taman Jaya LRT Station.
And I could drag my bag off along the smooth pavement right to the hotel’s kaki lima.
Welcoming you is this beautiful lobby with its ‘well-hung’ classic decoration.
And further inside the building is a swimming pool looking so family-friendly during the day.. 
and quite errrr, dimly romantic at night..
And the room is actually quite spacey and comfortable for the price that I paid it for.
Yupp, spacey it is.
And the toilet is just so spotlessly immaculate it took some courage to bring myself into doing my little business inside it. I really didn’t want to spoil it with my errr… disposed little thingy..
And most importantly, they have this.
Somehow, the existence of a safety box has become so relevant to me ever since I lost my camera at a hotel room in Hanoi. And I could name at least a dozen of hotels in KK that don’t provide this thing here for their costumer.
Oh well, this is probably the only hotel whose room serviceman comes to your room and call out ‘WRONG SERVICE! WRONG SERVICE!’.
Of course what he meant was 'ROOM SERVICE'. DUH. To the Shah's Village Hotel management, don't say I haven't done my part, OK?
One thing that I miss most about KL is its food. I actually went to this place to recollect some of my memories back in my Uni years.
It used to be some kind of playground to me. And before I knew, I managed to finish this.
Prawn mee! And later this.
Penang Laksa! Jeez. Those are the foods that I can never get to taste anywhere in KK, let alone in Sandakan. Those prawn mee and Penang Laksa in KK can never taste as good. Ohh, and did I mention I had had this earlier on..?
Burppp! Crazy. Being in KL means you gotta wake up early. Life begins very early in KL. For once, I felt like I was thrown back to my daily workday routine when I was still working in KL long long time ago.
Deprived of some sleeping hours, they’d rather retrieve some of them by sleeping whenever they’ve got a chance.
For those who haven’t mastered the art of sleeping in a standing mode, they would just read to keep their eyes awake.
Upon reaching the intended destination, this thing here had come as quite of a relief to me.
It was sending some kind of message that says…YOU’RE NOT ALONE DUDE.. LOL! Doing what I was there for, I couldn’t remember when was the last time I felt so bored. Seriously, I could have slept the whole session through.
And when it was finally over, a wave of relief had come over to me almost like a painkiller I actually found myself half-running to the adjacent SOGO to buy something I had always wanted to buy.
Playboy Innerwear! I already had like half a dozen of it and I thought I still needed another half.  
If you may have noticed, I actually wear them in most of my travelling trips. Made out of bamboo and cotton combined, it is probably the only outfit that I can wear for days unwashed and still feel comfortable in it. LOL!
Having done with this little shopping of mine, it was time to hit the food again. Oh well, I just love Malay food.
They are probably the closest you can get to the incomparable Thai street cuisine in Malaysia. Close, but not quite there. But close.
Quite close. But not quite there. But close... :-P
And as much as I had wanted to stay away from Miss Cholesterol, this thing here was just too sexy to say no to.
In the end, I gave up saying no and said.. WTH.
Oh well, KL certainly has nothing much to offer to people like me but this.
I had not been to Hard Rock Café for so many years.
Errrr, unless this one here DOES count. :-P
The last time I went to KL’s Hard Rock Café was when I was still a broke damn student I had to borrow some money from one of my then girlfriends to pay for the cover charge.
Erkkkkk! Of course that was a joke. In fact, I fished some of my PTPTN fund out to pay for it. THERE WAS NO WAY I could have afforded for it if I didn't. Ahaks.
Coming back this time, I felt so much like another person. I, errr, we ordered like crazy.
Well, needless to say, musical groups are CRAZY about getting a contract of performing here..
Well, talking about some sumptuos deal. If you’re not good enough, don’t don’t and don’t even think about getting a contract of singing here..They’ll audition you like you’ve just started singing yesterday..
How I wished I could be a REAL singer with REAL fans..
Even those unties here seem to be so ready to give out EVERYTHING to the male singer.
And I’m so ready to give out everything to the female singer.
Hehe. Oh well, one thing I hate about drinking beer is, I tend to go to the toilet every now and then. My bladder(s?) is not so beer-friendly. Being inside the toilet of Hard Rock Café, I couldn’t help but remembering how a couple was caught red-handedly and packed directly off to jail for HAVING SEX INSIDE THE TOILET OF HARD ROCK CAFÉ. Yupp, this was the exact location.
From what I read, they actually got caught because they were making NOICES.. Errrrr, looking at the so sound-proof-less walls, I would just say they must be the most idiotic couple.
If I were them, I would have done something like this...

Hehe. Until next post guys.. :-D


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