07 March 2010

Things That Never Fail to ANNOY Me On Flight

I’ve been constantly taking flights for quite so many years now that I’m supposedly so used to just about anything on-flight. But somehow, there are still things that never FAIL to annoy me.
1. The rush of getting off the plane like it is going to explode in a minute
I mean, seriously. What’s with the rush? Some of the people would get up and scramble their way through to get a hold of their bags in the overhead compartment even when the plane is still moving. Crazy people. Can’t they just wait for the plane to stop to a thorough halt? I had an experience on a flight to Sibu where a girl pushed her way through to get a grab of her bag she put like 6 rows behind to where she was sitting. And all the passengers had to push against each other just to give way to this ignorant little pussy.

2. Picking the wrong seat
I don’t understand some people at times. I mean, the seat number is clearly stated on the ticket but they still take the wrong seat. Some of them keep insisting on sitting next to their friends as if sitting somewhere else would suffocate them to death. I saw one teenager who tried to play dumb by insistently sitting next to her friend. An old man came to her and said “Excuse me, I think this is my seat”. He had to wait like 10 minutes because the dumb girl tried to ignore him as if ignoring him would make him go away. But no, the man wouldn’t go away and stayed there until one of the stewardesses had to come to her and ask her to go to the right seat. I mean, what the hell? It’s only a 2 and half hours flight. Do they really think the plane is gonna crash and they want to die next to each other? Shitheads!

2. Talking aloud as if the plane belong to their grandpa

There is nothing more suffering than sitting in the middle of loud-speakers INSIDE a plane. They are sitting ear to ear and still they talk to each other like they have just broken their eardrums. They talk like they are at one of their weekend gatherings. Deafening it is and we have our own way of calling people like them in Sabah – mulut macam pantat ayam. OK. Enough said.

3. The rush to switch on their hand phone
I think both MAS and Air Asia have never failed to announce their warning against switching on hand phones inside and before getting off the plane in each of their flight. That means it is no joke that it should be strictly adhered to. But man, some people think that they are more important than Bill Gates. Well, if they really think that they are rich enough, that every miss call would cost them a fortune, then why would they take low-cost flights and put poor people like me in danger?

4. Sticking to the window
I have nothing against people who would stick to their seats. I mean, it’s in their tickets. But then, it is not like fucking rigid. If you know you’ve got diabetes and need to pee every now and then, why don’t you just ask to take the seat near to the aisle? At least your other two passengers don’t have to get out of their seats every time. I mean, come on. Rules are rules but God has given us brains to think.

5. Kids throwing tantrum
OK, it’s quite understandable that kids do cry anywhere even inside a church. And a plane is a no exception. But then, I would really be happy if I see the parents at least try to do something to stop them. I was on a flight to Saigon when a kid was crying out at the top his lung right behind the scalp of my head. The mother didn’t do thing any better but worse because all I heard was a skin-to- skin slapping sound. I mean, did she really think that slapping and pinching the baby would make him shut up? She should have researched a little before letting herself impregnated in the first place.

So, coming with this topic, I’ve got a confession to make. In one of those crazy days, I went for a walk-in interview held by Malaysia Airlines to recruit new flight attendants. Simply said, I made it through. I was in the middle of 2nd year at the university, I was gonna say good bye to my studies, letting all the money that my parents’ had spent away to fund my studies to go to waste. Oh well, I would have broken their hearts BIG TIME.

I was so close to going for it and how glad I am now that I didn’t. Otherwise, I would have killed somebody by now. LOL!


kenwooi said...

i always take the window seat.. so that i can look outside.. but on a flight.. i will just go twice (1 - when the plane take off, 2 - before the plane land).. or maybe thrice if there is any minor emergency.. haha.. =)


aud said...

That no. 2 'macam p****t ayam', ndaj tahan oh... HAHAHAHA. But all your points are valid. I've ranted about the same especially yang cannot wait to switch on their phones and get out of the plane. GRRRRRRR big time!

reanaclaire said...

hi..coming by via ken's blog, your post is really interesting. Need to suppress my laughter now that im in the office.. i can imagine the scenerio esp the one man who kept standing there for 10 min. that reminded me..when coming back from Japan, me and my daughter was separated by 2 rows.. i waited till the we had our seats and then i approached the man who was sitting beside my girl and asked him humbly whether i can sit with my girl or not.. (actually i wanted the change too, i was seated in the middle of 2 men on my right and 2 on my left! gosh.. imagine my relief when the man willingly gave his seat up for me and i could sit with my girl... phew..
btw, i came from my www.reanaclaire.com blog :)

JIPP said...

hello Reanaclaire. Thanks for visiting my humble blog. Yeah, that is my point. You can always ask. No harm. :-)Kenwoi.. You've got a good bladder. LOL! Aud: U got it just right. It's so Grrrrr. hehe.

Anonymous said...
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YeinJee said...

Last time when I flew back from Hanoi... the Vietnamese folks just couldn't stop themselves from switching on their handphones even when during the flight.

The flight attendants had to patrol constantly to ask again and again for them to switch it off. I guess they couldn't get the seriousness of the act, and it seems like none of the flight attendants could speak in Vietnamese... so there's some communication problem too.

Anonymous said...
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adriansabah said...

dude, the thing about kids is that sometimes there is nothing you can do. In their world, something is either good or bad, and if they decide it's bad, they will make their feelings known. For toddlers, since they don't speak, you really have to have a close bond to realize what the kid is complaining about.


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